Conflict Free Diamond

conflict free diamonds by fascinating diamonds

  • Our Promise

    Diamonds which are not attained or are in union with child labor, unlawful practices, questionable sources, human rights violence, or any kind of environmental hazards are said to be conflict-free diamonds. We at Fascinating Diamonds, along with the world diamond industry, have no tolerance particularly for conflict diamonds or also called “Blood Diamonds”. In order to guarantee that diamonds reaching the market are free from conflict and mined under ethical conditions from government controlled areas, certain policies have been put forward by various governments and recognized organizations.
    In 2003, the United Nations introduced an international certification program called the "Kimberley Process Certification System" (KPCS). This process maintains a constant vigilance against blood diamonds by tracking the source of every diamond that is being traded. Now, almost 99% of the diamonds available, comply with the Kimberley Process.
    Fascinating Diamonds assures all our customers that every diamond that we sell is certified conflict-free and is procured from legal sources. We strictly follow and pompously adhere to the standards set up by the Kimberley Process. We only deal with diamonds that have been obtained legally from reliable sources and which have not been implicated in funding wars, conflicts or other illegal activities.

  • Fascinating Diamonds an Ethical Foundation

    At Fascinating Diamonds we are doing are bit to make sure that our prized customers buy from us with total reliability and a peaceful mind. As a conscientious member of the jewelry and diamond industry we hold fast all ethical standards and make conscious efforts to ensure that our diamonds are acquired from reliable sources and for that we abide by thorough and stringent procurement procedures. We value our buyers concern that they hold regarding their precious diamonds and we share the same concern with you. We stick to our promise of being a genuine online diamond company, one that sources diamonds from an ethical source and for that matter keeps on reviewing our diamonds authenticity from time to time.