10 most romantic date ideas for a unique and unforgettable Valentine’s Day

February 8, 2017, Alyssa Bruni

Since ages, right after the day when Saint Valentine sacrificed his life in the name of love, the Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year as the carnival of love. In spite of its repetition every year, we still plan to make it as special as we could, but mostly we end up giving chocolates or other regular Valentine’s day gifts and go on a dinner or brunch, may be following the same old traditional ways. Don’t you want add a little zing in the age-old process of Valentine Dates?

As it is true that we spend half of our life searching for that one person who is perfect for us, but when we find them, slowly, we forget to appreciate them. Why? Don’t let that passion extinguish with time, put some efforts and nurture your relationship in this exclusive time of love. Here, are a few suggestions on the romantic dates that you can plan and make your beloved feel very special. Read through and get ideas for creating your own version of perfect Valentine’s Day.

  Food For Romance:

Cooking delicious food in kitchen does not only increase the appetite for food but it also brings romance in life. The act of chopping veggies or making dough or any other kitchen chore when done together, it brings rhythm and harmony in relation making you two a team, helping each other to prepare something very delicious. The delectable aroma of exquisite sauces and spices and herbs creates a magical ambience and at that time along with delightful cuisines, explore the taste of love.

Open-Air Cinema


A touching and heartfelt love story brings out the truest of emotions from heart. I remember that old couple from movie Valentine’s Day, “Edgar and Estelle”, their tradition was to watch an outdoor movie on each Valentine’s Day. Similarly, you and your partner can watch a movie and cuddle while enjoying cool night breeze in the open.

Bucket List

Everyone has a long list of wishes that one wants to fulfill before their demise. So, what is your list? Make a bucket list with your partner and implement those in this Valentine’s Day. It will be fun and adventurous and I always believe that a little thrill is always very good for romance.

A Trail To Remember

Follow a secluded trail in the lap of nature, holding hands in a pair of cycles or on foot and let the passion of love bloom in fresh air. Feel the cool and crisp ambience of a bright morning and share your thoughts and feelings while traversing in the track. Such a date is very helpful in knowing your partner better and connecting to him/her, if you guys have just started dating.

   Sunset In Vineyard


Watch the golden sky with a tint of crimson spread all over along with a sip of rich wine, while you resting your head on your dearest’s shoulder. Couples can stamp the grapes with their feet or taste some best wines of vinery, all the while building up the romance. So, if you want a cozy date with breathtaking views of a vineyard, then head on for it without wasting a second.

  A Picnic Basket

You can select a lovely destination like sea beach or a plateau covered in greenery and pack a hearty basket of food like fresh picked fruits like berries, plums, etc., chicken, cheese, wine, and of course sweetest of deserts or chocolates to end the meal with extra sweetness. So, reach your destination and celebrate love via appetizing food.

A Musical Journey

Music always replenishes our souls, so embark on a musical journey on that special day. A couple can go and watch a live romantic musicale or maybe tap feet to the rhythm of music that will re-energize you and your heart.  A close waltz at your backyard along with your Valentine may also intensify the passion and romance in your relation.

Visit To A Place Of Memories

The places where your romance bloomed slowly with time or destinations where a couple had once shared most cherishing time together always linger in your sweetest memories. So, why not revisit those special moments again? Set a date on a place that is locked with the reminiscence of your lovely times spent together and rekindle your passionate love once again.

  A Long Ride

Even though long drive sounds very casual but trust me it can be very romantic. Select a faraway destination where the roads are less crowded and offer spectacular sights of nature on the way. You can go to less frequented sea beaches or islands, while holding hands all the way and cherishing the lovely moments shared together. And, don’t forget to carry a mini- picnic basket and some wine with you, so while you reach the spot you can toast to your many more happy Valentine’s Days that are yet to come.

A Paddleboat Ride In Lake

Imagine yourself with your Valentine under the bluest sky and above the sparkling water of a blue lake, basking in the warmth of sun, whereas the soft breeze of air blows bringing in the springy smell of nature with it. Feels like paradise…isn’t it? So, if you can manage, take your partner, spend some precious time in solitude where just you and your partner can rediscover the liveliness of your relationship amidst nature.

Whether you have just started dating or have passed many joyous years together, a little out-of- the- box concept on date is sure to amaze your dearest. So, take him/her on a date that he/she will never forget. Place and ambience adds a romantic touch but it’s the love and care that you shower on each other that builds and strengthens the bond. So, put extra efforts to appreciate and show care for your partner. And of course, don’t forget to buy him/her an exquisite gift also not the regular chocolates or flowers. Something brilliant like diamond promise rings, or matching bands for him and her that will keep reminding your love, commitment and faith in each other forever.

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