14.6 Carat Blue Diamond Is All Set for Auction at Christie’s!

April 15, 2016, Alyssa Bruni


Blue Diamond Auction at Christie’s!

An ultra-rare 14.6 carat blue diamond is all set to go on sale at Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels Auction on May 18th, 2016. It is expected to sell at $38 million to $45 million being the largest fancy vivid blue diamond. Experts say that it can go higher than $45 million, setting a new high for a blue stone in an auction.

This diamond is called the “Oppenheimer’s Blue” as it was owned by the late chairman of the De Beers diamond marketing cartel which is also a reason for the increase in the value of the rock, plus it has the highest color rating of “vivid.”. In this context, Christie’s Jewelry Head, Rahul Kadakia said, “Here’s a man who could have any diamond in the world and this is the blue diamond he chose to have.”

Blue is one of the rarest and the most demanded color in the diamond industry. A very minute percentage of the total diamonds discovered are blue. Blue is a color sought after by both men and women and especially in the middle east which has one of the highest consumers of diamond jewelry.

The high expectations from “Philip Oppenheimer’s” diamond auction are also because of the recently sold 12.03 carat “Blue Moon Diamond” by Sotheby’s in November for a massive amount of $48.3 million. Since the “Blue Moon” sold for $4 million a carat, “Oppenheimer’s Blue” may even sell for more than $45 million, as estimated by experts. It is by all means, be it color, clarity or cut, a truly exceptional piece of work.

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