30 Styles Of Engagement Rings That Are Meant To Impress Any Female

March 29, 2016, Alyssa Bruni

A sacred promise- to love and cherish forever, and the bearer of that everlasting love is an engagement ring. Every love story is imbibed with unique essence, and thus each engagement ring comes with a tale to relate-a tale of romance, love and passion. Hence, with selection of a specific ring, certain deep emotions are related, so from the variant styles and options available, pick up the one “circle of commitment” that connects with you. Scroll down to know all the latest trends on engagement rings and then opt for or customize the specific ring of your dreams.

Engagement Ring Settings: If you have got the perfect rock to grace your finger, then you need excellent engagement ring settings only to garner the one diamond ring that you can flaunt to all. Elevate an unblemished diamond of preferred shape or royal gemstones like sapphires, emeralds and rubies in the ring mountings to witness the glory of the ring you have dreaming about. For enhancing the grandeur of the semi mount settings, you can select the settings decorated with colorful accent stones or engraved with ornate sequences.


Rose Gold Engagement Rings: What more can add a soft feminine touch to the brides-to-be than the lush peach hue of rose gold rings? You can opt for the rose gold diamond engagement rings that are carved in delicate floral patterns, milgrain patterns, etc. or you can select rose gold halo rings featuring morganite or other similar gems at the center. The combination of rose gold with black diamonds is also immensely popular.


White Gold Engagement Rings: If the serene glow of white gold fascinates you, then go for the remarkable designs of white gold rings. As the white gold wedding bands are extensively adored, similarly, white gold diamond rings deal in large ensemble of admirers. Specifically, the seekers of vintage style rings or side stone rings can look for the patterns in flawless white gold texture.


 Yellow Gold Engagement Rings: The brightness of the yellow gold diamond engagement rings is perfectly suited for the lively females who adore sparkles.  Crafted in classic patterns or the swanky styles, these yellow engagement rings are always delightful. When decorated with opulent gemstones like the red rubies or blue sapphires, the beauty of yellow gold is truly unfolded.


Platinum Engagement Rings: If you want to go with the traditional and classic way of engagement rings, then platinum diamond rings stand in the peak of all other choices. A magnificent solitaire pattern or trendy split shank will look dulcet patina of platinum rings. The sturdiness and the white sheen of platinum make it the perfect metal for the jewelry that will last forever, making your promise of love eternal.


Oval Engagement Rings: For the true admirers of classical beauty, oval cut engagement rings are the ideal match. Its elliptical shape provides an impression of larger size than any other shapes and the shimmering brilliance enhances the popularity of this shape. An oval diamond ring in double halo patterns crafted in rose gold or yellow gold actually looks breathtaking. So, jewelry lovers, this might be the perfect choice for you.


Cushion Cut Engagement Rings: Preserving the artistic beauty of ancient cuts for years, the collection of cushion engagement rings looks enticing with its unique cut, which is the hybridization of round and princess cut shapes. A cushion cut diamond ring in solitaire sequences, three stone sequences, etc. looks absolutely regal. Metals like white gold and platinum can be used to proclaim the delightful ring of your fantasy.


Unique Engagement Rings: Highlighting the best of handcrafted motifs and arrangements, adorned with colorful gemstones and sparkling diamonds, the specially created range of unique rings are extraordinary in every sense. Equally exquisite unique wedding rings can be matched along with the rings to obtain the most appealing wedding ring set. Such intricate designs looks good on any metal starting from yellow gold to rose gold.


Asscher Cut Engagement Rings: Without creating the shimmering flashes, an asscher cut engagement ring reveals the clarity of diamond. An asscher cut diamond looks brilliant in solitaire engagement ring styles or three stone ring patterns studded with trillion cut or baguette cut diamonds. An asscher cut diamond ring looks enchanting when platinum or white gold is used to give the ring its shape.


Pear Shaped Engagement Rings: Glistening like a pristine teardrop, the tiny and delicate pear shaped engagement ring collection is very much adored by the females. The glorifying pear engagement rings when crafted in the designs of solitaire rings or milgrain patterns, they lure all hearts. Generally, these rings look brighter when created in yellow gold.


Round Engagement Rings: Featuring the legendary cut, whose popularity has not diminished a bit over the span of years, round cut engagement rings are the first choice of every bride-to-be. Cut diligently to proffer maximized brilliance, the round diamond ring can be worn in versatile patterns of solitaire rings, halo rings, side stone rings, etc.


Beautiful Engagement Rings: An epitome of art and beauty, the collection of beautiful rings are created to grace any occasion with their unmatched sparkle. The splendid patterns of filigree style, art deco patterns and many such ethereal designs are adapted to make this extraordinary batch of artistic jewelry. Beautiful wedding rings are also offered to match up with these rings. Precious gems and diamonds are embedded in this jewelry to magnify their elegance.



Heart Shaped Engagement Rings: Studded with the most romantic diamond shape, the heart cut engagement rings are the best gift that can be given while professing the never-ending love. Carved to perfection, the heart shaped ring can be obtained in endearing halo ring patterns, side stone styles, etc. that leaves every spellbound with its bright dazzle.


Marquise Engagement Rings: Bringing forth the royal heritage of the delicately carved marquise cut diamond, the range of marquise ring collection comprises of diverse designs molded in a number of metals starting from yellow gold to white gold. Marquise engagement ring can be embellished with blue sapphires or other Victorian gemstones to augment the grandeur of the ring. Cut in football shape, this diamond shape complements fingers by adding a delicate feminine touch to it.


Emerald Cut Engagement Rings: With parallel cut facets, the emerald cut ring styles are immensely sought after by the stylish crowd of females. Several custom-made sequences of emerald shaped engagement rings have graced the slender fingers of charming celebrities. Baguette cut diamonds, trillion cut diamonds, round cut diamonds, etc. can be used as accent stones to incorporate more magnificence in the refined creation of rings.


Wedding and Engagement Rings: Comprised of ever-charming designs on engagement rings and wedding rings, the wedding ring sets are preferred by most. Enclosing adorable milgrain and floral patterns, these bridal sets are crafted to steal hearts, but the opulent gemstones like sapphires, rubies, emeralds and many more add a delightful glint to the these ring sets. Flawless metals including platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, white gold and yellow gold adds a metallic sheen that charms all the beholders.


Vintage Engagement Rings: Fetching the unforgettable classic designs of various past eras, the inspiring collection of vintage style rings are highly endearing. Gold vintage engagement rings composed of diverse gold alloys like rose gold, white gold or yellow gold, are extricated in exotic milgrain patterns, filigree patterns, etc. Vivacious gemstones can be infused to increase the allure in the rings but the sparkling diamond vintage engagement rings have its own matchless charm.


Solitaire Engagement Rings: Drawing all attention to the iridescent sparkle of the sole diamond placed at the center, the collection of solitaire rings emanates elegance and panache. Various motifs are engraved in the shanks of these diamond rings, which excel the appeal of them. Any diamond shape starting from the round cut to princess cut, can be emblazoned at the center of the solitaire diamond ring. All metal can be regarded as the suitable one for this pattern of rings, but platinum is the idealistic choice of metal for solitaires.


Three Stone Engagement Rings: Unifying the gems of past, present and future, the astounding range of three stone rings are perfect for you if you are looking for some design that is simple yet extremely elegant. Three luminous diamonds of same shape can be placed in a row, revealing the elite three stone diamond ring collection. 3 Stone engagement rings constructed in any metal looks extraordinary but the fine texture of yellow gold very well suits the glittering gemstones casting an alluring charm on the three stone rings.


Halo Engagement Rings: If you are in the lookout for a grand piece of jewelry that will make you feel like a true princess, then the most definite choice is a halo diamond ring. Accentuating the beauty of the center diamond, the string of tiny diamonds and gemstones create a spell-binding vista. Not only diamonds, but many mesmerizing gemstones like sapphires, morganites, etc. are also showcased at the center that is equally appreciated by the jewelry lovers. Double halo engagement ring offered with two glinting rims of diamonds and gemstones truly lace an aristocratic feel, no matter in which metal it is created.


Radiant Cut Engagement Rings: Entrapping impressive brilliance in the most desired rectangular shape, the collection of radiant engagement rings is one of the favorites for the females who desire uniqueness in cut. When carved in the exquisite designs of milgrain patterns or vintage style jewelry patterns, these radiant diamond engagement rings look mesmeric. Both yellow gold and white gold do proper justice in aggravating the flawless beauty of these beguiling jewelry.


Princess Cut Engagement Rings: Square shaped diamond with brilliant dazzle in the collection of princess engagement rings is what has caught the genuine attention of all the women over the globe. The amazing glitter of this cut can be adorned in any style of rings starting from the elegant solitaire rings to the splendid side stone engagement rings. Platinum, yellow gold or other metals and their alloys could be used to shape the unique princess cut engagement rings.


Channel Set Engagement Rings: Setting defines the beauty of a ring, and to display the undiminished glitter of string of diamonds, channel setting is the perfect option as it holds the stones in between two metallic sheets forming a channel. Channel set diamond rings particularly portrays the latest trends on side stone rings, vintage rings, etc. that are tremendously admired for creating such stunning vision. Any gold alloy in 14k or 18k is suitable to carry on with this setting or platinum can also be used to make the channel set engagement rings.


Pave Set Engagement Rings: With the assurance to provide secured setting, pave engagement rings have secured a permanent place in the hearts of all jewelry lovers. The collaboration of diamonds with gemstones looks more radiant when arranged in the setting of pavement. Starting from spectacular halo rings to side stone rings, all these wonderful pave rings in intricate designs are bound to grab everyone’s attention.


½ Carat Engagement Rings: Carat weight determines the weight of the diamond, although the size of the stone varies with the shape. Embellished rings of vintage style, halo patterns, solitaire patterns, etc. are created in the ½ carat diamond rings section. If you are searching for the diamond rings that are affordable in cost, yet extraordinary in design, then the range of ½ carat rings is the sure answer to your search.



1 Carat Engagement Rings: A perfect one ct diamond ring in the swanky tones of solitaire rings is what every girl desire to be proposed with. Bringing forth exclusive designs of vintage patterns as well as halo ring sequences, these marvelous 1 carat engagement rings offer wide varieties of styles to select from. Be it any occasion, 1 carat diamond engagement ring as gift can blossom happiness and joy of the moments manifold.


1.5 Carat Engagement Rings: The shine of a 1.5 carat diamond ring is truly matchless, so, if you are planning on making your girl extremely happy, this is the right choice after all who can resist the blink of 1.5 carat diamond. A diamond that big looks mesmeric when elevated in solitaire pattern. Also a range of side stone rings, vintage rings, halo rings, etc., can be obtained in total carat weight of 1.50 in a wide variation of metals starting from yellow gold to rose gold.


2 Carat Engagement Rings: A flawless 2 carat diamond engagement ring can be the most perfect gift that one can give to the most special person in life. Several other bravura patterns of rings can also be created, adorned with tiny sparkling diamonds totaling to a carat weight of 2.00. A 2 carat round diamond ring like this can be presented while proposing to your girl or as an anniversary gift for spending the most beautiful years of life together.


Colored Engagement Rings: Equipped with blazing flash of color, the gemstone engagement rings are for the females who want something out of ordinary and traditional. These colored stone engagement rings are most brilliant when arranged in the luminous patterns of halo rings, or double halo rings. Any hued metal suits impeccably the bright colored stones and they are available at much lower price than the anticipated one.


Antique Wedding Rings: Wrapping the beauty of classic times, the range of antique rings is very enticing. Featuring the historical engravings of filigree patterns, art deco jewelry, and many such artistic motifs, the jewelry in antique ring settings are universally liked for the royal look it bestows upon wearing. Particularly, cushion cut, oval cut, etc. of diamonds complement such styles and the antique diamond ring collection looks resplendent when welded in yellow gold or white gold.




Though there are numerous rings available at a place but still only ring fits right just like the unique person you picked for yourself from the crowd of millions. These ever-charming ring styles will surely guide you in your venture to select the one perfect diamond engagement ring for your sweetheart.

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