$400K Diamonds Stolen From Jewelry Store Owner In San Diego

December 4, 2014, Senior Editior

$400 K Diamonds Stolen From Jewelry Store Owner In San Diego

Reportedly, robbers stole loose diamonds of a whopping worth $400k from a renowned diamond jewelry store owner on last Wednesday evening in San Diego.  According to the diamond dealer, the incident occurred while he was walking to his car in the parking lot when all of a sudden the robber forcefully pointed some weapon at the back of the dealer’s head and asked for the bag of loose diamonds which the latter had with him. According, to the police officials the victim handed approximately $240 in cash, but the robber bugged him, to give away his jacket and the jacket contained a leather sack with $400,000 worth of loose diamonds. The jeweler also added that, he was asked to be seated in his car and not move until the suspect escaped and so the former had no idea how the robber exactly looked like.

Since the surveillance cameras were not working at the time of the theft, no description of the suspect could be made which further makes the case more complicated. Condolences to the diamond dealer from us and we hope  the diamonds would be found pretty soon.

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