5 Free Emerging Social Media Platforms To Facilitate Brand Excellence

July 18, 2014, Senior Editior

Whenever a company seeks to construct a business domain online, it is of vital importance to be conscious and responsive about the social media’s impact on the company’s profile. That is the very reason why social media channels are powering the world today in more ways than one.

With an ample of profile integration it’s imperative for a brand to figure out how to manage its digital persona. Creating a significant brand name and connecting directly with your target audience or customer’s has always been an essential facet of using social media channels online.

In today’s time the power or influence of social media channels is such that it has become a vital decision-making source for customers who are on the verge of making a purchase. That is the core reason why social networking websites have become the most viable resource of information exchange for scores of people around the globe.


Benefits of using these channels:

  1. Free of cost
  2. Generates more business exposure
  3. Real-time consumer association and satisfaction
  4. Immediate feedback and effective response
  5. Potential lead generation
  6. Multiple target marketing
  7. Instant Brand Recognition
  8. Benefits consumer focused companies B2C
  9. More scope of creativity
  10. Wider platform for advertising

Social networking sites today not only hold the maximum amount of member’s or followers, but also get a wide attention span and provide absolute access to a large segment of viewers. Social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter though have innumerable amount of user profiles but they could also not stand the ever-evolving nature of the internet.

With the upsurge of new tools of social media the user base or the follower list is now transcending from the old social networks to the new ones. Big and small businesses from clothing and beauty brands to lifestyle and jewelry firms like Tony Bianco, ASOS, Fascinating Diamonds,BEAUTYBAY have all changed course and acclimatized themselves to these updated social media channels to target new consumers.

The 5 most recent and known channels which many companies are now banking on to build their brand are:

google-plus#1 Google Plus

One of the most recent inventions in the world of social media today is Google Plus and is believed to hold tons of potential to be a powerful branding tool for businesses. Google Plus has more than 1 billion registered and about 359 million active users along with some of the most user friendly features that any other networking website can offer.

The Unique Selling Points of Google Plus that can facilitate companies to create a brand are:

  1. Google’s capability to classify inward bound and outgoing information effortlessly.
  2. Google Circle component, which permits to filter your wall and categorize your group list, so as to choose what updates, pictures, and videos to be shared with a particular set of people.
  3. With the Hangout feature firms can engage in a one-to-one basis with their customers.
  4. Using Google Sparks effectively to create news feed of updates concerning a specific genre. It’s a means of getting Google news, but with a hint of personalization.
  5. Google Plus collates Twitter’s potency with Facebook’s usability and interface.
  6. Google+ Ripples feature allows one to measure how well is your brands content relating with the target audience. As firms can use this feature to see who is sharing their post and how far is its reach.
  7. The built-in Photo Editing option of this medium lets you perfect your picture on the web and thus products can be showcased in an enhanced style.


#2 Pinterest

Pinterest is yet another novel online forum for eloquence and is popular for its virtual pinboards and curation potential. This visual social media site lets users to share their interest through a series of online boards where they can share and pin pictures for their collection and classify things that they love. Pinterest has a massive collection of 70 million users to date and is indeed an ultimate wish list website for the users.

With its distinctive features Pinterest can make your brand grow in many ways, the essential highlights of this website being:

  1. Make use of Pinterest “Rich Pin” option which lets the firms include additional details about their pinned article such as author name, title, brief description, and links.
  2. Pinterest operates as your “virtual pinboard” and lets you accumulate, classify, and distribute content from around the web and pinning them into one page. This helps the customer’s get a better picture of diverse range that the company has to offer.
  3. The Pinterest “Place Pins” feature allows brands to associate their pins with any given geographic location, also one can add a location if it does not show up in the result.
  4. Pinterest “Guided Search” facet is designed to facilitate browsing your interest in a more effective manner, as it tiles the search that is popular among the masses and showcases a list of trending items for the respective search.
  5. With the Pinterest “Analytics Tool” brands can get detailed information about website pin generation, repins, impressions, reach, and most clicked pins from the website.

we-heart-it#3 We heart it

It is said to be the next big thing on the social networking block and has an interesting new take on the concept of collating images in specific galleries that can be shared with the masses or can be kept for inspirations. With user base of around 25 million, We Heart It is cited as an immensely lucrative social media channel to perk up businesses.

The exclusive features are said to be as:

  1. The image based facet of this media channel, makes it easier for the users to get a visual extravaganza of the product and bond with the brand.
  2. The “bully proof” design of this channel provides a positive tone for a brand as there is no scope of trolling and unenthusiastic remarking.
  3. The We Heart It “Goodies” option lets you customize share button, provides live widget, and facilitates image badge for a particular site.
  4. The “Friends” icon on this medium displays how many unseen images that are newly hearted by the brand and thus the friends from their list can stay updated.

instagram#4 Instagram

A social platform that has revolutionized photography, as it lets you take photos or videos from your smart phones, add instant artiness to it, include creative filters and share them with people.

Currently there are about 130 million active Instagram users that make immense use of this modernized application.  Firms can step up their marketing by incorporating this innovative social medium for their brand.

It offers ample of features that can heighten up a company’s brand name:

  1. The option of using hashtags to the brands portfolio, businesses can connect with the interested users, also the brand gets highlighted on the search engines and many can find about your online presence too.
  2. Instagram’s Lux feature enhances the picture to provide a distinct visual appeal and hence a brand can showcase their products from innumerable angles for a better view.
  3. Instagram Direct feature, is a boon for the brands as it lets you share photos and videos with individuals or groups of up to 15 people. Also filters can be added to the messages and recipients can respond with a text message, video or an image.
  4. With Instagram’s 15-second video clips firms can explain an entire procedure, pass relevant information, narrate brands story, or highlight a products unique selling point through the video ads.


#5 Vine

This smart phone application has exploded in popularity in a short span of time with its effortless design, creative possibilities, and easy to use functionality. It enables users to create and post instant video clips with maximum length of 6 seconds.

With a user strength of about 40 million and counting this social network can promote brands with its exceptional features in so many ways:

  1. The two new Editing features of vine named Sessions (lets one save up to 10 vines in progress) and Time Travel (lets you rearrange individual clips) provides for a better video to showcase a product accordingly.
  2.  It has an amazing “quick capture widget” feature, that appears like a video camera with which one can instantly record videos for vine of things in action.
  3. The “Revining” option on Vine can help brands to share their favorite posts with all their followers in one go.
  4. The novel “Camera tool” in this medium offers a grid view and a focus button to shoot videos and brands can showcase their products in a germane way for a perfect visual extravaganza.

The ever-budding nature of social media conveys new changes in the ways of presenting a basic idea in an ostentatious manner. It brings into focus the effectiveness of these channels and the way they help unite a brand with scores of people and also increase their reach. Each of these fresh and ground-breaking social media networks instigates a sense of creativity in the businesses and how they should excite their customers time and again to get utmost attention and perk up their brand name.

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