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5 Most Exciting Things To Do In LA


5 Most Exciting Things To Do In LA

May 30T00:00:00.000Z, 2016

Alyssa Bruni

LOS ANGELES LONG BANNER - 795 X 300 A land of fantasy and dreams cradling in the lap of captivating hills and greenery, the city of Los Angeles truly deserves the name ‘the city of angels’. Not only the scenic beauty of LA will trap your eyes but also this city offers a broad spectrum of fascinations and amusements for the tourists to enjoy full heartedly. From the food lovers to nature lovers and from fashion lovers to art lovers, this place appeases all. So, all the travelers around the world, don’t miss out this lovely destination, grab your bags and hit the road to witness the charming home of ‘Hollywood’. And here is a list of five things to do that will help to experience the culture and beauty of the place even better. One can also purchase resplendent engagement rings los angeles or la diamond jewelry and other in-vogue fashion accessories here. Read through and know all about the incredible sites and the fun activities you can participate in.
  1. Universal Studios And Paramount Pictures:
            Get Lost In The Realm Of Fiction.... The make-belief world of romance, mystery and thrill excites and enchants all starting from kids      to adults. Witness those whimsical scenes from your favorite movie turn into reality right before your eyes by visiting the Universal Studios or The Paramount Pictures Studios. The magical land of Harry potter or the thrilling adventures with dinosaurs and many such other euphoric experiences can be felt here in Universal Studios, whereas, the rich history of Hollywood movies can be explored and lived in Paramount Pictures Studio. So, while in LA, these places should be included in your must-see list.
  1. Venice Beach And Santa Monica Pier:
          Sand, Ocean and Breeze..... Allure of a walk along the sea-beach with cold breeze blowing from the sea and warm sand beneath feet is enough to fetch crowd of travelers but LA has much more to offer. The Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier offers diverse attractions that call numerous ocean-lovers to this place. In Venice Beach, many street performers blessed with exceptional talents can be seen, also many street vendors selling various items can be found there. This place is indeed very fascinating with the mixing of various cultures and breathtaking ocean sidewalk. Santa Monica Pier will offer you eclectic water adventures like the surfing events, riding water bikes, etc. Aquarium filled with colorful sea-creatures and Pacific park with a gigantic Ferris Wheel are also some of the many appealing attractions for the tourists.
  1. Disneyland:
          Land Of Unlimited Fun.... Age really doesn’t matter when you get to meet Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy…isn’t it? Disneyland is indeed an amazing place where whole family can enjoy whole heartedly. The adventurous rides and other versatile beguiling events are arranged there that never lacks swarm of admirers. So, if you are looking for a grand experience, don’t forget to tap at the door of Disneyland, a place to let out your inner child out.
  1. Getty Center And Los Angeles County Museum Of Art:
         Haven Of Art And Culture.... Apart from all the fun and escapades, Los Angeles also can be regarded as the hub of various creative arts. Music, acting, dance, and many other forms of creative talents are showcased and appreciated genuinely in this city. If you also have a knack in scrutinizing the art and culture, then you will be besotted by the Getty Center, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and many other intriguing museums available here. Getty Museums can be referred to as a doorway to the hypnotizing world of classic and modern art forms fused together. With fabulous architecture and awesome view, this place is worth visiting. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art displays preserved art forms since ancient periods till present time duration. This museum will transport you back in time with its rare collection. A visit to these places will create an impression never to be erased, so include them in your list.
  1. Rodeo Drive And Third Street Promenade:
         Indulge In Wild Shopping Spree..... Without proper shopping, the travelling seems to be a bit incomplete, isn’t it? Well, nothing to worry about, as Los Angeles provides lavish destinations for all the shopaholics. Rodeo Drive, Third Street Promenade, etc. are some of the most popular sites to squander money on LA jewelry and designer clothes. The jewelry district los angeles name can also be given to these places for the exquisite collection of LA engagement rings and other Diamond jewelry in los angeles. Housing highly famed fashion brands in clothing, beauty products and los angeles jewelry designers, the place honestly answers to every woman’s pray. The ostentatious los angeles jewelry can be found in other la jewelry district as well.So, while planning your grand trip, also go through the collection of clothing and jewelry, without a doubt, you will be highly impressed.   With all the marvelous destinations to go and invigorating stuffs to do, Los Angeles is surely a place one must look forward to explore. This trip, take your list of five things to do in LA and most definitely you will have the ecstatic time of your life.