5 Reasons Why Even The Best Of Relationships End

September 23, 2014, Senior Editior

Spotlight on Why Even the Best Relationships End

Almost a month back we all got the shocking news of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s “might be” breakup; though the rumors of their relationship seemed to be waning off in the wake of the (unsubstantiated) claims of Beyonce’s second pregnancy. The couple’s tearfully emotional performance at the end of their Paris tour, stirred the dying rumors again and divorce or no divorce still seems to be the big question here? They always seemed to be the perfect couple, whether on stage or off, so what went wrong? Yes, even the best of relationships can come to an end and what seems to be a picture perfect happily ever after or when your wedding vows of with this diamond ring I wed thee,  come to an end the bitter truth of reality bites. We went through a list of all the long-lasted celeb relationships and marriages that have drifted apart after holding on for decades; the list seems to be quite a handful. So what can cause even a fierce stronghold marriage to fall apart? Here are a few of the reasons: Trust Issues: When a marriage which has endured for decades comes to a sudden end, first thing that pops in mind is that one of the partners might have cheated on the other. May be it was just a drunken mistake, a one night stand or just an angry response to a major fight, it doesn’t matter, the years of trust has crumbled and try as you might to hold on to the relationship, it will never be the same again. It can take a very long time to earn back the trust and faith and sometimes breaking up seems to be the best and easiest solution. For, it can be the most difficult task to get back together, but if both are on board to save the drifting relationship, with a lot of effort it is not impossible.   Different priorities: You both want different things; you are at a point in life where you might give more priority to things that do not hold the same importance in your partner’s views. One might give more significance to their career while the other wants to start a family. If that is the case you are headed for a rocky road ahead, unless you sit down and talk it out with your partner beforehand. Make sure that you are on the same page as your partner and with some adjustments and a few compromises it’s not difficult to hold on to your relationship.   Dissimilar lifestyles: Opposites attract, sparks fly an dashboard you are head over heel in love. You complement each other with your contrasting lifestyles and everything is perfect, but for how long? One of you wants to go out and party all night, while the other just wants to stay at home, huddled in the familiar comforts. One likes to spend the big bucks they earn and enjoy the high street lifestyle while the other might be a bit frugal. In those early stages of your courtship or marriage you might do the compromise and try to fit into each other’s shoes; you even enjoy the new experiences. But eventually one tends to drift towards ones core nature and there might come a point in your life, when trying to live up to your partner’s lifestyle and expectations becomes a sheer agitation. If such is the case, try to work out the difference; may be even set out time for self-indulgence and a separate time with your spouse and acknowledge each other’s differences.   Life changing events: Life, as you already might have inkling, is unpredictable and might put you in the eye of the storm when you least expect it. An unfortunate accident; loss of your child, news of cancer, such incidences tests the stronghold of your marriage. Episodes like these bring a stress on the relationship; it might either bring you both together more than ever before or might totally destroy the marriage as it drifts apart due to lack of sharing your feelings with each other. If you are in a relationship you have to be ready to stand by your spouse and stick around when things get tough. A relationship can only steady if you are persistent enough to hold on it come what may.   “You are not the one”: These words hurt like hell when you hear it. Saying it might even be more difficult because you don’t want to hurt the person you care about and even love. One day you wake up and realize the person sleeping at your side, however great, is not the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. You both love each other’s company and things are great; it might be a great friendship but she might not be the right person. It is better to realize it early than late in relationship when you might be married with kids. Starting anew after this juncture is just painful. It sucks hell, yes, but it better to rip off the bandages at an early stage of your liaison than to endure much hurt later.   There will be someone somewhere out there who is made to compliment you and you sure would make a great couple; be it good, bad, ugly, the whole package along with all the skeletons in your closet, the right person will still think you’re the sunshine. If that person is standing beside you right now, do everything possible, with every ounce of effort you can put in, to keep him/her in your life. Life gives you an opportunity to start fresh; it is up to you how you stir your way. With communication and willingness to endure distress when times are tough you just might get your happily ever after.