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5 Reasons Why Brides Are Saying Yes To A Non-Traditional Engagement Ring?


5 Reasons Why Brides Are Saying Yes To A Non-Traditional Engagement Ring?

November 10T00:00:00.000Z, 2015

Donna Klaus

Non Traditional Engagement Rings   Like every different flower has its own unique blend of fragrance, similarly each girl is distinctive with her own share of funny, silly, complicated, quirky, adorable and charming characteristics that constitutes the irresistible her from whom you cannot stay apart even for a moment. So why not express your everlasting love with unique jewelry gifts , say a non-traditional engagement ring that complements her… defines her all the way? Rather than blindly following the tradition bandwagon and pick a ring adorned with ostentatious diamonds, peep deep inside your heart and visualize her, then may be choose a pink sapphire engagement ring like the color of her smiling lips or other non-traditional rings that remind of her warmth and love. Purchasing an engagement ring is not an easy task…just ask the guys who have been surfing through many catalogs and sites, just to pick the right ring that would make his love say YES! In present scenario most of the girls want to have something unique, not that usual bling of a flashy diamond in a halo pattern or vintage style. Seen the Art Deco ring of Scarlett Johansson or the big emerald engagement ring of Halle Berry? Even the celebrities seem to be quite blown away by the trend of non-traditional rings, so why not your girl? A girl with the desire to have something varied would like to possess something rare and gorgeous. So here we are to guide you through that rough patch, helping you to retrieve the one ring that is truly destined to be hers.

Floral Beauty For Femina:

  Blue sapphire halo engagement rings
Image Credit: Fascinating Diamonds & Amandacastleberryphotography
Curvy filigree patterns in floral motives could always capture the heart of a lady. Imagine the enchantment, a ring embedded with a resplendent gemstone like blue or pink sapphire would create. Also, if it is emblazoned by floral curves at the shank or at the center halo, undoubtedly, it will elicit the big Yes from your lady love, for which you have been impatiently waiting…after all it reveals the ethereal beauty of a woman hidden in depths.  

Beauty In Subtlety:

  Gemstone engagement rings
Image Credit: Fascinating Diamonds &  Apracticalwedding
For some females, the elegance imbibed in the simplicity attracts the most. Hence, for them a classy design with simplistic pattern is the answer.Each significant gemstone has particular properties and conceals a story of love, loyalty and commitment in its glint. Blue Sapphire for instance, is a very royal kind of gem that casts a magical spell with its enigmatic hue and it symbolizes nobility, truth, sincerity and faithfulness. Doesn’t it make this precious gem an ideal stone to be on an engagement ring? So, why not break the traditional ways this time, and pop the question with a supreme halo blue sapphire engagement ring in unconventional princess cut or round cut matching the blue color of her eyes, or a dazzling pink sapphire enacting the romantic story of your love?  

Twist In Tale:

  Pink sapphire halo engagement rings
Image Credit: Fascinating Diamonds & Stylemepretty
A little splash of color on a ring adds a spark of joy that emphasizes the happiness of the soon to-be-bride. So, it might be the time to shift your gaze from the traditional splendor and lay your eyes on something unique, say non-traditional engagement rings perhaps… with a vivacious gemstone in the center, definitely unique as well as stupendous. Especially blue and pink sapphires clawed in prong setting, whereas the shank is crafted in either twisted pattern or split pattern giving it a voguish vibe. A modern blue or pink sapphire halo ring with flair of twisted rope like design is distinct and will surely charm your love to become your fiancé.  

Time For Tangle:

  Halo engagement rings
Image Credit: Fascinating Diamonds &  Huffingtonpost
Think a little out of the box and roam your gazes through the rings that are not focused in diamonds and who knows, maybe you will find the ring you have been searching for. Halo rings with sparkling gemstones at the center, and really unique entwined pattern at the shank adds panache to the classic halo pattern. Hence, if you want to please a girl with taste for out of ordinary things, then the ring with interweaved design covering the shank would see to that.  

Bow To Royalty:

  Emerald engagement rings
Image Credit: Fascinating Diamonds & Kaboodle
Green Emerald with its blazing green aura suffuse a regal look, and when such mesmeric emerald cut stone is studded in a octagonal frame fusing yellow and white gold, adorned with petite diamonds, imagine the imperial look it would reflect. A perfect emerald engagement ring, for a lady who adores vintage style magnified by modern touches, don’t you think? This ring really does present the larger than life picture.

Do The Deed:

In-vogue currently is the trend to customize your own ring, so why not give it a try as well? Turn your imagination into reality, there must be a vague idea about how the ring must look like, so based on that, select the gemstone, pattern, metal and craft your own customized non-traditional engagement ring. It may be the subtle rose gold or pristine white gold or classy platinum or classic yellow gold or any other metal that you opt for… be it any metal or design it must be the replica of the pattern imprinted in your mind and soul. So, the ring of your vision can relate the message of love, from one soul to another. Fascinating Diamonds is one such remarkable place where you can appease your mind with the plethora of collection on non-traditional as well as typical style rings. You can plunge into an entrancing world of exotic engagement rings and jewelry in the new arrival section, where along with diamonds, sumptuous gemstones are also used to emblazon the magnificent non-traditional rings and other jewelry. All the  latest non-traditional engagement rings are priced under USD 1500 only and our collection consists of enthralling halo rings with vibrant gemstones like blue sapphire and pink sapphire as the center gem which is sure to captivate you. You can replace the gemstones in the ring with a fiery white diamond if you wish. So if you are looking for resplendent as well as affordable engagement rings, you can opt for a vibrant gemstone ring that is elegant and radiates a rare charm as well. You can also craft your own ring, selecting from gemstones to metals and have your own customized ring. Be it any juncture of life, when a partner is there to share your joy as well as woes, life becomes gleeful. Meeting that special one does not mean all the pebbles in the road of life will vanish in a snap but it ensures that whether you stumble in all those pebbles or not, a hand will be there to hold you, support you, and comfort you. And when you meet that someone, why not include her in life by giving her the very best that your money can buy? Choose a non-traditional engagement ring that is marvelous and rare and also affordable which is sure to enchant your lady love and take your buggy of life to next level.