6 Easy Steps To Get Customized Engagement Ring Of Your Dreams

May 18, 2016, Alyssa Bruni

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An engagement ring portrays the beginning of a happily ever after tale, and in your story, only you can add the colors of happiness and joy. So, why not add your magical touch to the symbol of love and commitment, the engagement ring? You can either personalize the ring with carved vows, initials or names, to fuse your essence with the ring. Also after selecting a design, you can customize the ornament in preferred settings, gems and metal, to acquire the piece as you desire or revealing your creativity, you can design the whole ring following your imagination. Thus, your customized engagement ring will carry an unfading mark of your love and devotion in the coming years. But, the task is not as simple as it seems. Often one gets confused with all the details and options, so providing a helping hand here, the complicated process have been illustrated in just six easy steps. Read through and craft the jewelry of your dreams without any hustle.

Diamond Shapes: In order to design an engagement ring perfectly, the undivided effort must be invested in selecting the right diamond. If you adore circular shape, round cut diamond or oval cut diamond will do. But for those who like edges and corners, princess cut, asscher cut, emerald cut, radiant cut or unique cushion diamonds must be the first preference. Again, accentuating the feminine side, marquise cut, pear cut and heart shaped diamonds are also existent that pleases every woman. So, which is the perfect rock for you?

Firm Ring Settings: Once you have chosen the diamond, the next step is to select the setting. Setting not only provides sturdy grip but it also affects the presentation of ring. So first imagine how you want your piece of jewelry to look like, and then choose the setting. Generally, for center stone, prong setting or bezel setting is preferred, whereas, for accent stone, pave setting, prong setting and channel setting are mostly used.

Luster Of Metal: It is very essential to pick a metal that suits your skin tone as well as your personality. Yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, 950 Platinum and sterling silver; each metal has exceptional sheen and beauty that is captivating. But, select the metal that complements you most. 14K or 18K of the gold alloys is suitable for the creation of any fine jewelry, whereas 22k is too soft to hold diamonds. So, now it is your turn to make the pick.

Patterns And Motifs: The shank of the ring can be decorated with enchanting filigree patterns or milgrain patterns if you wish. Refined engravings can also be embossed in the shanks to enhance the beauty of the ring. Still confused which pattern to opt for? Try to visualize the ring you want to wear and the answer will come to you without any forced efforts or you can also consult the jewelry designers to have your doubts resolved.

Glow Of Gemstones: If you want a solitaire engagement ring, then accent stones are not required, otherwise, you can add the vibrancy of the gemstones in the rings to aggravate its elegance. Intensely hued sapphires, rubies, emeralds and many such colored gems blend a majestic aura in the jewelry.

Perfect Finish Mens Band: To give the rings a voguish touch, different textures and finishes can be applied in the jewels. Satin finish, matte finish, gloss finish, hammered finish, etc. can be used to revolutionize the rings with flair. In simple bands and rings, these kinds of finishes launch a special effect but in the highly adorned rings, it is not required.

Now, that you have learned the basic steps to craft the perfect ring for you, so without much ado, create your masterpiece and dazzle the world with your exceptional bling. And don’t forget to pay attention to the four C’s of the diamonds– cut, color, clarity and carat, to pick the right diamond according to your wish.