7 Tips for an Amazing Bachelor Party

November 28, 2014, Alyssa Bruni


If you are the best man, you and your fellow groomsmen have to shoulder the ultimate responsibility. It’s not just to make sure the groom arrives in time for the wedding and doesn’t make a run for it due to cold feet. So, here are 7 tips for an amazing bachelor bash, to make sure the groom gets the best Bachelor Party before relinquishing his bachelor-hood badge forever.

You don’t want to make a debacle, the likes of which portrayed in the movie Hangover and it is absolutely not a teenage frat party. It is simply a night where men get to be men, without a female influence. So let’s make a memorable night for the groom-to-be, with the following list of do’s and don’ts.

1. Who will be included (the guest list): There are some relatives and friends you wouldn’t want to miss out and some that shouldn’t make the list at all, to ensure that the groom has a great time without an awkward moment. Include the groom while preparing the guest list. Who will be on this list? The close buddies and relatives, and a few of those, you just might have to invite out of courtesy.

2. What are you planning to do? Typically a bachelor’s party has the cliched traits; the booze, the strippers, the music, the gambling, and the smoking. But you can beat this tradition and just have a men’s night out without the young ladies, as per the groom’s preference. If he is feeling particularly adventurous; camping, sky diving, White River rafting are some of the innumerable options from his bucket list which he always wanted to do as a bachelor.

3. Where to go? If it’s an adventure thrill trip, pick a place and plan the event that can be done over the weekend. Also make sure, nothing too dangerous. You have to bring back the groom-to-be intact for his big day. If it’s the traditional or vintage ride, then the location can be any; Strip club, gentleman’s club, penthouse or a hotel suite on hire or the most popular The Vegas (after what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Vegas right?).

4. When to go? You might want to rethink if you are planning the party a day before the wedding ceremony. Do you really think the poor man who is already at his nerves-end, would want to suffer a hangover on his wedding day? Plan the event at least a week before the big day, if not further.

5. How to go? (The transportation): Now that we have covered the what, where and when, you need to decide and how to get all the guests to the event. Keep contact and send reminders to the entire guest crew, arrange the transportation. Your responsibility does not just end with getting everyone to the party but also make sure they get back home properly. You wouldn’t want drunk guests driving back home.

6. What to do? Yes, these parties tend to go loud and wild (remember Hangover!). So you would have to be vigil enough to save the day. There is always that one relative or a friends or bunch of them who, after getting drunk, might try embarrassing the groom by rattling the skeletons in his closet. If it’s not avoidable, you would have to try keeping it to the limit. It’s your best buddy’s big day after all. Let’s make it special!

7. Split the Expenses: Make sure you are not the only few bunch of people to bear the expenses. Split the expense of the party amongst all the party-goers (with the exception of the groom of course). There is always a possibility of extra expenses considering how untamed the party might be. And last but not the least, this advice is for all the Best men to keep the unique wedding ring safe as you might want to avoid any kind of risks of losing it.

With all the responsibility that you will be handling, don’t forget to have some fun yourself. After all the whole party is for close friends and family to get together to have fun, a night for the groom to have that last taste of single life that he will bid adieu to.

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