8 Hottest Hair Color Trends

September 19, 2014, Senior Editior

Hottest Hair Color Trends

Whether you have a luminous blonde, chocolaty brown or vivacious red hair, there are a dozen of hot new hair color stylesand trends for all you gorgeous women to experiment with this year.

Along with vamping up your hair color it is always important to take care of your hair to prevent it from looking dull and lifeless. Gloss or oil treatments are a great way for some added shine to hair that has been made dull due to constant coloring. To give your hair a boost in between colors, ask for a gloss and a trim from your stylist. Nourish your hair at home constantly with natural oils and other hair care products.

Although some of you feel comfortable in your au natural color and trust us, your natural hue isn’t boring. There ain’t any harm in giving it a slight boost with a few multi-toned highlights to lift your color and also give you a subtle glow by brightening up your face. We have compiled some of the color trends this year below to help making your decision a bit easier.


Golden Hair Color

Golden Hues are In: It is said blondes definitely have more fun! Take the risk and experiment with the new trending shades in for your beautiful golden locks. For a more natural look like Blake Lively or Jennifer Lawrence check for colors like Buttery Blondes and Medium Honey Blondes.

While for a more contemporary twist in your color take a risk with Rose Gold and Apricot color hues that are two of the most coveted shades in the market today. Don’t be afraid to pair them up with your natural hair color or darker shades of the same.

P.S. Let just a hint of roots peek through for cool finish to your new color trends.

choclate brown hair color
Coco Brunettes: Rich brown tones are gorgeous at any time of year. Add a few warmer lowlights throughout locks to lift dark colors. Although it may seem a bit boring but Kate Middleton has definitely made the innate looking color look hotter than ever. An increasing number of women are embracing their natural brown hair color vamping it up with flawless combinations of soft caramel and chestnut brown shades to the bold golden and red highlights.
Sun-Kissed hair

Sun-Kissed Blondes: The new color trend that is a fusion with a perfect balance between the two shades of brown and blonde hair colors. The perfect cross over between the colors, will suit almost all skin tones. This color was made famous by the Brazilian bombshell Gisele Bundchen which is also sported by the beautiful Kate Hudson and still remains a hot trend this year.

Red Hair color

Bold Red Hues: Red hair colors are an increasingly big trend this year and the color shades range anywhere from soft cinnamon and champagne reds to deep fiery auburn and mahogany colors. Often people think the strong dark auburn colors are suitable just for the fall. Although the bright summer sun will definitely lift the copper tints in this color and make it shine. There are so many more different shades of red in the market today that you will have no worries whatsoever in picking the precise shades for your skin tone.

Ombre hair color
The Ombre: The ombre hair color trend is bigger than ever and is definitely here to stay. If you want to lighten up your locks but don’t want to deal with the root re-growth ombre is your way to go. It is also a great color option for brunettes who want to add a pop to their natural hair color.
dipdye hair color

Dip-Dye: Dip dye hair color is a more bold form of the subtle ombre. For those who aren’t afraid to take that jump and try something new and exciting the dip dye trend is just the thing for you as seen on the likes of Dakota Fanning and Jessie J the color fade will help you get in line with the current trends.

Balayage Highlighted hair

Balayage Highlights: Balayage meaning “sweep” in the French language isn’t a new trend as such. However in the past year many celebrities are opting for Balayage highlights to showcase a bright summery look to their hair. It gives a more natural sun-kissed look to your hair color, done by naturally sweeping the color on the hair vertically without using foil or any kind of brushing technique. Balayage highlights always look and feel completely natural, classy, and not overdone. Also this technique of hair color looks great for both straight and naturally curly hair.

spotlight hair

Spotlighting: The new hair color style that is said to be over taking the ombre look is the spotlight also known as splashlight trend. It is a streak of highlights that is done horizontally across the hair giving it an impression of being under a spotlight. It highlights the areas of hair around your cheekbones giving it a natural look of the sun shining on your hair. The result turns out to be glorious sun-kissed beach babe look.

The big question here is which of the above trends do you wish to see more in the coming year?? Of what we believe spotlighting, dip-dye, and balayage hair color trends have been on the rise and are preferred by ample of people globally. So wait no more match up your ensemble or for that matter your glittering diamond and gemstone ring with your glossy tendrils, But our personal recommendation for each one of you is that go for colors that match up to your skin tone and check out the fresh hair inspiration guidelines before you take the big step.