9 Ways To Get A Classic Smoky Eye Look

November 17, 2014, Senior Editior

9 ways to get smoky eyes

It all lies in the eyes of the beholder…

Want to make your smoldering eyes your best feature? Adding a little bit of drama to your look is always fun. Who doesn’t love a bit of extra oomph and who wouldn’t want to don a celeb style look? A smoky eye will help you go unnoticed. A classic and a sophisticated smoky eye gives you the perfect sophistication for any fancy occasion be it a dinner date  or when you bat those smoky lashes at your guy when he proposes with a stunning black and white diamond ring to match up your style quo.

Smoky eye is always associated with the black color. However, smoky actually means the shape and not the color. Once you have mastered the classic smoky eye, you can experiment with other colors too. All you need is the correct tools. Mastering the art of a smoky eye is actually quite simple if you know your tools well. So don’t be afraid to look like a bozo and rock the smoky eye with these tips:

Things needed: A concealer, blending powder, blending brushes, eyeliner (black for the classic look), three eye-shadow shades (nude, grey, black for the classic look) and a mascara.

  1. First we apply a concealer on the eyelid and sweep a blending powder on the entire eyelid for blending as it gives a neat look.
  2. Taking a black eye pencil, we will trace the lash line from inner corner to outer. We will do the same for the lower lash line.
  3. Now, we smudge the liner using a brush or a finger.
  4. For creating the classic look, we start by sweeping the lightest color (nude color) shadow across the entire eyelid.
  5. Now, we take the medium shade (grey color) and start to blend it halfway across the eyelid. We also add the medium shade in the crease of the eyelid.

TIP – Always blend the shadow upward and outward into the line of the eyelid.

  1. Coming to the main element, we sweep the darkest shade (black color) into the outer corner of the eye and the crease of the eyelid to create a smoky effect.

TIP – Start from the top and work downwards to prevent using too much of the darkest color

  1. Highlighting the brow bone with a pale color gives an added effect.
  2. Final blending. We now blend the eye shadow and also make sure there are no lines.
  3. Lastly, using a mascara (black color) to highlight the eyelashes.

There you go! You can now flaunt those blazing eyes. There is nothing sexier than the smoky eye effect when it comes to eye makeup. The classic smoky eye has always been the celebrities’ favorites. No doubt this smoky eye beauty trend has endured for decades. Master the art of the smoky eye and be the seductress you wish to be with the above tips.

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