Are You In The Right Shoes ?

September 4, 2014, Senior Editior

The Guide To Mens Shoe

MENS SHOES -Something to flaunt for any and every occasion Polyshoesim; the worship of many shoes, this religion is not only followed by women but men are its strong devotees too. One can see men adopting this religion and flaunting those fancy footwears. You walk down the avenue and you see men with fashionable footwear. Men like to keep it stylish. For them it is more about the style than fashion. Men are splurging on customized shoes, vintage boots; dragon winged shoes, ankle high boots, etc. because style matters for them too. One can see men getting creative and making a style statement. So, here is a list of shoes that men are seen sporting on various occasions:-


Casual wear shoes

CASUAL CHARMER- (CASUAL OUTING) Comfortable mens shoes that are used while at leisure. One can see men using these shoes when travelling, going to the movies, shopping, a romantic stroll in the park, etc. They are meant to be easy, convenient and light and are usually preferred when not at work. Popular ones among men for any casual outing are: Sneakers- White sneakers seemed to have gained popularity because of its simplicity and comfort. Many celebrities can be seen sporting the white sneakers trend. Nike and Adidas are the popular favorites with men. Loafers- Nothing trendier than a pair of loafers with chinos and a t-shirt. It gives a very pleasant look and is a favorite amongst men. The best thing that men like about loafers is no laces. Minimalistic attributes always work for men. Giorgio Brutini is a hit when it comes to loafers.


Formal shoes

THE ENCOURAGING FORMALS- (WORK) When working, men want to look sharp and it should be able to draw attention when standing in a conference room and the most popular work shoes till date have been: Oxfords- Oxfords are a classic shoe style with a formal, elegant, and dressy appeal. Oxfords come in any color although black and browns are most popular. Oxfords give the perfect sophistication when at work. Johnston & Murphy oxfords are the most popular ones. Monk Straps- The term monk straps refers to the buckled strap that replaces the shoe laces. Monk straps mens shoes come with one to three straps and are available in any color. They can be seen wearing by those who seek a more unique type of shoe and will draw attention. Cole Han and Louis Vuitton will make you all monastic.


Moccasins the lounging shoes

SOPHISTICATED LOUNGING- (LOUNGING) Moccasins- L.L Bean’s Moccasins are worn by men who want to make a strong first impression. Men usually love to flaunt this pair when lounging or at the brunch, etc. Moccasins will make you a hot trotter when lounging. It has a very neat look with sleek laces and complements any outfit well. Masculinity plus creativity is what a moccasin has.


Rain boots

A REASON TO LOVE RAINS- (MONSOON) Rain boots- Men have gone a step ahead and are maintaining a style quotient even in the monsoons. Puma’s sister company Tretron has come up with shoes to flaunt in the rains. They are loved by men and are on their ‘must have’ list. They keep your feet dry, gives you an edge, and do not let you spoil your good shoes.


Espadrilles shoe for the beach

THE SUN, SAND AND THE SHOES.- (TO THE BEACH) Espadrilles- Men are loving these shoes with fabric uppers and soles made of braided jute rope. Spanish designers have come up with this style for feet pampering. Yes, men too deserve some feet pampering. Precise and unmistakable for a day at the beach.


Duck boots

SNOW GLOW- (IN THE SNOW) Duck shoes- Powerful brand Timberland is known for the duck shoes style. This bad boy is strong to face the snow and keeps your feet dry and toasty. Nothing smarter than rough and rugged duck shoes to glow in the snow. Women love this rugged shoe style. Kudos to men carrying this look with style.


Boat shoes

COOL SUMMER- (WARM WEATHER) Boat shoes- Boat shoes are used by men as an alternative to boots in a warm weather; just like the name, it has the look of a docksider. Boat shoes have a distinguished and a unique look and are sure to charm. Sebago seems to be a crowd pleaser when it comes to boat shoes.


Brogues shoes for winter

FUNKY FALL– (WINTER) Brogues- Kurt Geiger London brogues can be seen in every man’s wardrobe and are considered by men to be urbane and polished. Grab a winter coat and a pair of black or brown brogues and exhibit your suaveness out in the fall.


Dress boots

SOLE MATE- (WEDDINGS) Dress boots- Dress boots are a sleek and minimalistic boot style that are worn by men with jeans, odd trousers, and suits in any weather so attending any wedding in any weather is a piece of cake. If you are planning to wear this for a wedding then you are sure to turn some heads. So go attend a wedding with John Fluevog’s dress boots.


Vinatage shoes

VINTAGE, AN ALL OCCASIONER Vintage shoes- Vintage never goes out of style and men can be seen pairing any vintage shoe with any outfit for any occasion. The antique feature in any vintage shoe makes it an eye catcher. Vintage mens shoes are classic and gives you an individual style statement. They are flawless and every man loves to own one. Go find your pair now. Men are thus creating style statements and yes, they too are evolving when it comes to fashion. It goes like it is said if the shoe fits, wear it and flaunt it and nothing better than a man with a good fashion sense. So follow this guide on mens shoe styles and go get a pair. I am sure there will be room for a pair and also don’t miss out on the ‘must haves’. One can see a transformation from chaos to couture in men’s fashion.