Austin Brannen Proposes Ashley Salter On A Helipad With A Stunning Halo Diamond Ring

September 16, 2015, Senior Editior


Austin Brannen And Ashley Salter Engaged


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The spell of love has enthralled the two love birds, Ashley Salter from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise and Austin Brannen, V.P. of NAI Brannen and Goddard, as they are soon to tie the knot. Beloved of Ashley has proposed to her with an imperial styled halo diamond ring and a bunch of lovely vivid red roses and that also on one knee…how lovely!!!

Ashley Salter and Austin Brannen were college sweethearts while studying together in Auburn University but eventually they broke up. They again started dating in June and instantly the sparks reignited leading to a happy start in their life’s journey…while talking about rekindling the old flame, this is a perfect example. All the heartbreaks that this lady faced with Nick Peterson and Dan Cox were just a means to finally find the love of her life. Seems like, the destiny has been conspiring from a pretty long time to bring these two people under the shade of love to walk a long distance together.

Have to admit that this real estate guy is very romantic from the core of his heart because he popped the question in that ‘wow’ kind of way. During the weekend of Labor Day, he took his gorgeous belle in the helicopter pad of W Hotel where the azure sky adorned with pearly white clouds and gushing wind were held in evidence to this indelible moment. The spot was high and entire downtown Atlanta’s vista can be witnessed from that point, one can only imagine how awestruck Ashley felt standing there, hearing the declaration of love from the one who has her heart as well. He went on one knee with the sparkling sapphire and diamond engagement ring in hand and the most important question on his lips…and of course there were roses…a bundle of sweet scented roses in his hand. On that romantic moment she accepted this man and thus took the next step in their relationship. Ashley Salter commented, “We are very happy and look forward to spending our lives together.” The happiness of this couple is gleaming in their eyes and their smiles, which is the magic of love one would reckon. The family members are equally elated by the news of engagement of this adorable couple.

Every person finds the soul mate he/she is meant to be, eventually in the span of time and Ashley found her mate now after the end of whirlwind phase in the journey of her life. Since past June, the lovely images of this couple have been posted in Instagram, spending romantic time together in their hometown Atlanta with that grin of happiness plastered in both of their faces. True, in search of love however maddening the path may be but the result is always serene and enchanting. Hence, guys and girls never give up on love because you never know when you are going to be swept off your feet.

We offer our heartiest regards to this happy couple and wish that in growing time their love excels like the blooming roses Austin offered Ashley without the part of withered roses. Have a magnificent wedding and let that be the road to felicity for both of you.


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