Customize Your Own Style- For Him

February 18, 2015, Senior Editior

Customize Your Own Style

Add a little spice in life….design your own ideas and customize!
Just the other day I overheard an argument ensued between father and son on the right way to buy clothes, particularly tailored shirts, pants and suit. Dad couldn’t comprehend how the new Gen-Xers rely on internet for shopping. His arguments – how can we get a perfect tailored fitting? There is no personalized touch. How can you buy things without getting the feel of it? To get perfect fitting dress-room session are of utmost importance. Son’s side was – In this fast moving world, time is money and there is not enough time to spend on endless dressing room sessions.

Arguably both sides are right in their place. But what if there was a spectacular solution to this seemingly endless dilemma? To get both sides exactly what they want – a tailored feel and perfect fitting at a click of the button while reclining on the couch sipping cold beer. What more, you can get creative and add your very individual spark to it. Even while buying jewelry you don’t have to personally talk to jewelers, you have websites that allow you to customize jewelry online. It’s as simple as a child’s play. Intrigued are you? Want to know how?

After searching long wide we have complied five exclusive online shops that customize and caters all your personal needs with perfection. All you need to do is to log on to the sites and start styling.

Sets You Apart:

Apliiq clothing

Whether it’s shopping in a mall or online browsing through varied choices, when it come to buying t-shirt your customization only goes as far as selecting the size that best fits you and color. You have no control over patterns and styles. But what if you could customize your t-shirts and design them right from the scratch?

Now you can! Apliiq an online store for customized t-shirts, hoodies, hats and casuals, provides you with a portal to give vent to your creativity. Founded in 2008, Apliiq collects rare, deadstock and recognizable textiles, and applies them to everyday products. Each item is handmade to order within a week at the downtown Los Angeles Workshop.

Here everyone can design their own clothes. But that’s not all you can share your artwork and legacy and tell the world its hand crafted by you. All you need to do is log on the site and start creating your very own t-shirt. So boys, start styling your own prints, because in the sea of mass produced trends, only your custom t-shirt will set you apart.

Style Your Own:

Fascinating Diamonds Jewelry

In today’s equitable world no man is lagging behind when it comes to adding a little zing and a little bling to their ensemble. If anything it is the new pop culture that calls for such cooler additions to your attire. Take a look famous Hollywood glitterati like Johnny Depp, long known for his quirky style. You won’t see him without an odd bling to his outfit. Now, not all men would go so far with adopting his eccentric styles.  However, the recent upsurge of engagement rings for men has lead to a noticeable percentage of men opting to wear Man-Gagement” rings, a concept that has got a lot of attention lately. But cooler yet, men can design the style of ring they can wear.

Fascinating Diamonds are online jewelers who have personalized a pricey product like diamonds according to one’s requirement. They are a prominent name in the world of GIA certified loose diamonds and fine jewelry. They strive hard each day to become an exclusive jewelry store, which endows one with custom made diamond jewelry and statement engagement rings all at affordable pricing.

Their customization feature is immensely wide for any customers to choose from to design a single ring. This “made-to-order” approach has given them an unmatched edge in the dot com world today. What more, their website is so easy traverse that designing mens wedding bands and mens wedding rings seem nothing more than a child’s play. All you need to do is visit the website, select a category, customize your own and start styling.

Be Original:

Vans Shoes

When it comes to getting custom made shoes, you most certainly have a lot of options available for formal foot-wears like loafers and moccasins. But do you, in sports shoes or sneakers, to add a little uptown funk to your sneakers with cool colors and chic patterns? Well you do now.

Vans an established brand for shoes apparels and accessories catering all genders has created a platform to help you create your style footwear. Founded in 1966, the company is renowned for their quality products and hip styles staying upbeat with the latest trends.

Now they have opened a portal for all the time-bound surfers obsessed with online shopping to tailor make your very own sneaker style with multiple hip, cool patterns, colors and styles to start a trend you can call your own.

Personalize It:

Jafferjees Wallets

Thinking about gifting your friends something classy the Brit style? Now get tasteful personalized wallets and bags customized right from your desktop without having to go out and shop.

Jafferjees is an established brand for leather goodies from UK gives you an option to style your very own sophisticated handbags and wallets crafted from finest leather right from the comfort of your home. Over the past 125 years, Jafferejees has transformed the creation of genuine leather products into an art form. Want to make a statement and seek attention? It has never been easier, simply personalize it.

For Your Eyes Only:

Costa Sunglasses

Now that we have customized apparels, shoes and bags, why stop at that? Why leave sunglasses alone. We are sure you love your wayfarers or very Top Gun style aviators but how cool it would be to add a little bit of your flare to your sunglasses and let people wonder where you got them from. If you are an adventure junkie seeking the clearest vision, while cruising over the wilder territory, we have just the shop for you.

Costa Sunglasses provides a wide range of the top notch sunglasses on the planet built for adventures on the water and off. The best part is you can custom design your own sunglasses selecting from the various styles and shapes, best of lenses, design and patterns. All this just at click of the button! But that’s not all they also offer a lifetime warranty.

All these online stores are intuitive, engaging, and present an easy platform for you as a buyer and helps navigate as well as custom design your own according to your special preferences and choices. The concept of Me-commerce, where an individual can label the product as designed by me and created for myself is perhaps the cream of surfing through these websites. It not only gives out a sense of exclusivity to you (the buyer) and makes the product a keepsake for lifetime, but also give the online shops a cutting edge over others in the field. It sure makes for a delightful shopping experience! So boys get started and customize a whole new trend!