Denim Guide 2014

July 22, 2014, Senior Editior


Denim jeans whether dark or distressed, fitted or loose fit is the Holy Grail of fashion and over the last century they are everywhere, worn by every second person. Denim fads are just being reinvented and revamped year after year. One can never expect denims to ever go out from the fashion scene.

Denims or Jeans were invented first in 1853 by a German immigrant named Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis from a strong durable fabric meant for men in extreme work conditions and was originally worn by miners and also by the cowboys. However throughout history denims slowly began to be worn by females and males of different age groups and cultures and have undergone drastic changes gradually over the years.

From pants to shorts and skirts, shirts to jackets and accessories the fashion world has taken denims to a whole different level of fabulousness.


Initially basic denims were made in solely one color of indigo blue using natural indigo dye. However with changing times and evolving technology there are over 50 shades of blue jeans available and about a 100 different types of colors other than the traditional blue.

In the past few years, denim has been tinted, bleached, stone-washed or acid-washed, and even repaired featuring a wide array of shades, colors, finishes, and textures to keep pace with changing customer needs.


The most classy and formal of all the shades of denims, the dark blue or indigo shades are the most adaptable of all. These jeans normally look best with loose shirts or tanks. While on the other hand if your jeans have a boot cut then in that case it is advisable to go for more fitted tops so as to bring out the shape of the jeans. Adding to the above points, dark blue denims give a person a taller and slimmer look and hence are more advisable for those people who are on the heavier side.


This shade of blue denims is normally proffered for a more casual purpose, it also is the most chic and trendy looking of them all. However, one must always be wary when picking out a pair of light denims to make sure they don’t make you look extra curvy.


This shade is somewhat similar to the darker indigo blue shades of jeans and is completely versatile.  However try to completely shun looking like you’ve stepped right out from the nineties and avoid wearing denim on denim.


Colored pair of denims are the best way to transform the look of any outfit with comfort and ease of the denim fabric. If you’re more into the traditional styles then white or black denims would be your ideal pick, while one can also play with the wide array of colored and textured denims that are introduced in the market during the last few years. Opt for colors in relation to the ongoing seasons, such as for a cute and trendy summer look, whites, pastel, and bright shades would be ideal. Whereas for a cooler days of winter and fall, stick to the darker shades of maroon, gray, brown, and other earthy shades.


Nothing can describe American fashion as well as a simple pair of denims. Most of the subcultures throughout history have denim as part of their wardrobe essentials. Whether it is the cowboys, rockers or the hippies, denim jeans were a major part of the said cultural era’s of the nation. However, considering the distinct style statements of the various different cultural phenomenons, we can therefore state that a simple piece of denim clothing, be it a pair of jeans, a jacket or shirt, and even a skirt can be styled according to one’s own personality and choice along with considering the new and chic fashion trends.


A pair or 5 of denim pants is a staple in every wardrobe. There are countless ways to style a simple pair of jeans no matter which style, whether high-waist, boot cut, skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans one prefers.However the points to always keep in mind while styling your denims is always dress according to your personality and in what you are comfortable with. On the other hand, everyone is shaped differently, so what may look good on someone petite may not necessarily look appropriate on someone curvier. A simple and cute white shirt is a staple and therefore the safest option to go for when choosing something to wear with any style of denims. Along with it being a risk-free option, it can also be accessorized in various different ways.


Denim jackets is a staple that should be included in every wardrobe, as it can be worn with absolutely everything and look great on just about any body shape. A jacket can make an ensemble look casual or formal depending on how it has been styled and in some cases it can add just that right amount of oomph factor without making it look overdone. We recommend splurging a bit on this wardrobe necessity, as it is not only an effortless fashion that can be worn throughout the years but also lasts for a long time.


Another fashion favorite, a denim shirt is extremely flexible to wear with almost anything and for any occasion casual or formal. Similar to denim jackets, a simple denim shirt looks absolutely effortless and stylish on just about any body shape. However when picking up a shirt, make sure the fit of the shirt isn’t too tight nor too loose for it to look droopy and sloppy. Pick up a piece with an ideal fit so that it can be tucked into pants or skirts and is still comfy enough as well as you are able to roll up the sleeves with ease.


Denim skirts and overalls that were once a major fashion statement are now making a huge comeback in the market. They are the epitome fashion of casual wear and also can be dressed up a little to match another occasion. However the most important factor to always keep in mind before adorning the above clothing pieces would be the body shape and personality. Even though they look trendy and cool, they aren’t necessarily carried off well by everyone.


 No matter if you’re into a laid back casual style or rather prim and proper chic, there is always a way to style pair of denim shorts for every outing, occasion or season. You can pair them up with almost anything and create a number of different casual and formal looks for either a warm summer day of shopping with the gals, or a night out partying it up in the city! Shorts also have a various number of styles to pick from. Choose the one that suits you best and kick off some crazy style!


While denim clothing is a must have in every wardrobe, accessories of denim can be a wonderful addition to you collection. Wristwatches with denim bands are stylish and chic and can be paired up with any outfit. Add a little bit of a cuteness factor with a small and pretty headband. Take a risk and try a different style by adorning shoes or bags of denim. However when doing so avoid going overboard with too much of the same color and fabric.


From the classic Levi’s 501 to the modern fits, such as boot cut, straight, skinny, boyfriend, and wide legged, regardless your body shape, there is always a pair of jeans perfect for you. Considering the sheer number of styles, colors, and fits of denims that have come into the market in the last few decades, it is probably the only piece of clothing that can be styled in ample of ways.

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