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Which Era Do Your Vintage Rings Belong To?


Which Era Do Your Vintage Rings Belong To?

December 19T00:00:00.000Z, 2014

Donna Klaus

Which Era Does Your Vintage Ring Belong To   Fashion Fades but Style is eternal; nothing can describe vintage rings or jewelry more precisely. These timeless, exquisite pieces of jewelry carry a rich history that takes you back to eras of the magnificence and opulence, grandeur and skillful craftsmanship. Are you bride-to-be looking to make your mark and flaunt your individuality? A vintage ring is your best bet. Why, even Princess Diana eschewed the typical diamond center stone for something more unique and vintage. These rings are discerned by eras in which they were made. Where you are traditional or modern, archetypal or chic, there is one vintage ring that will bring out your very individual nature with a flare. So let us help you find what your vintage rings says about you. Did you know? The first ever recorded account of a diamond vintage enagagement ring goes far back in time in the year 1477 when King Maximilian I, sealed his vow of marriage with Mary of Burgundy. The exclusive style, designs and artistry of a vintage engagement ring is influenced by the very essence of the era in which they were made. We have listed below the eras which influenced these antique style rings. Get to know which era matches your style when buying a perfect vintage diamond ring: The Gregorian Grandeur: If you want to ensure that you have the most unique and one of a kind Vintage engagement ring, then Gregorian era is your best pick. The ring styles of this majestic period, span across the reign of four kings of England (George I - IV). Craftsmanship of this era included intricate jewelry works that were inspired from birds, flowers, leaves singularly handcrafted to give a ring that speaks volume about nature and beauty. So if your fashion is more in sync with nature opt for this style of vintage rings. The Victorian Elegance: Perhaps the most coveted rings by every girl, who loves to display her femininity, are from this period and why not? The designs during the reign of Queen Victoria were heavily stimulated by the love of Her Majesty for her family and portrayed her femininity in elegant works depicting hearts, bows, birds and floral patterns. The Edwardian Eloquence; La Bella Époque: If you are more partial towards delicate platinum work and cosmopolitan designs this is the era to look towards. La Bella Époque, named by the French to illustrate the fashion of this period, was marked by exceedingly high standards of craftsmanship. Introducing a fusion of English and Danish culture, as the period reined with King Edwards and his Danish Princess, the fashion of making vintage wedding rings with fine filigree gained popularity. If delicate design is what you are looking for, then go no further. The Artistic Art Nouveau: If you are particularly biased towards colorful gemstones and symmetrical designs, this is where you’ll find your match. This era encompassed Edwardian period but the designs couldn’t be more different. Art Nouveau age gave vent to creativity and high levels of craftsmanship. Where the Edwardian rings are a delicate fine work on platinum, the gold and rose gold with multihued gemstone prominently features Art Nouveau engagement rings. The Jazzy Art Deco: The style drastically changed with the advent of Art Deco era. Jazz and emerging pop culture that exemplified the modernity, luxuries and leisure strongly influenced the transformation of Art Nouveau in to edgy styles of Art Deco era. Gemstones like emerald, sapphire, and rubies still remained prominent however the designs were much contemporary with bright colors and sharp straight cuts. The infamous fashions of the 1920’s have resurged with movies like The Great Gatsby. If you are drawn towards the opulence and grandeur of the jazzy period, this is age to look towards while choosing vintage rings. The Stylish Retro: The aftermath of the Great Depression and World War II had a grave impact on the designs of this era. With precious metals like platinum resources depleted, the designs became more chunky and square with sharp edgy cuts, giving an illusion of larger stone. This period also saw emergence of the legendary big names in the jewelry industry like Tiffany, Cartier, and Van Cleef & Arpel who quickly picked up the style and designed popular among the Hollywood beauties. If you are running low on budget yet would like something that showed the magnificence of the Hollywood elites of the time, antique rings from this era are just the right choice for you. While choosing antique wedding rings first thing you should know is which era styles you are more inclined towards. Research is the key. But some of the few questions that riddle the minds of those buying vintage rings are: How would I know the vintage heirloom is going to last a few more decades? Vintage ring of different era comes in a range of durability, from super sturdy to most delicate. It depends on wearer, where and how often you intend to wear the ring. Durability is always a question for buyers, so when you are choosing a vintage heirloom, ask all the right questions to your jewelers. Make sure that the diamonds quality complies with the 4 C’s, particularly see your jeweler provides GIA certification and provides with the accurate and complete description of the age, period where it belonged, size and condition. Another thing a buyer should be aware of while buying a vintage ring is, ask the jewelry whether the stones have been replaced or not. If so the vintage ring may not the same value. An authentic vintage ring may not always come in your size and it is near impossible to resize it without damaging the ring. Unlike popular notion vintage rings are quite affordable. Though most buyers are apprehensive about buying vintage engagement rings online, a jeweler who can comply with all the above criteria most certainly can be trusted. Hope we have provided you with ample of details about how to get your much preferred antique engagement ring. Just be sure of the design that matches your style or much better indulge in styling your very own vintage ring for it sure is a keepsake for generations to come.