Essential Tips For Selecting Most Appropriate Wedding Photographer

February 27, 2015, Senior Editior

Most Appropriate Wedding Photographers


Capturing memorable memories that stay forever….is what defines a classic wedding photographer!
Such photographs make unforgettable memories. They give us a chance to relive those amazing moments. When you look at the photos and remember those small instants from your wedding long forgotten. “Oh my God, Didn’t you have the perfect figure?” “Oh look that ol’ Aunt Margo who got drunk as a skunk and went on a tangent about how horrible the piano player was throughout the party?” “Can you believe the terrible hairdos of the time?” Those were some of the high points of your wedding day which were long forgotten until now. Photographs are so much more than just images. They are feelings, emotions and love; passing moments caught on film forever; a sweet reminder of fine little memories long after they have passed.

We, Fascinating Diamonds, a reputed name in jewelry industry know very well the sentiments of our customers while buying engagement rings. We understand how important it is for a girl to adorn the perfect jewelry and for this very reason we craft affordable engagement rings, exclusive wedding rings, and wedding bands for women. More so, it is a privilege to see the excitement and emotions on the faces of those hearty souls about to ask the most significant question of their life. The nervous stares when they ask “Will she love this ring?” If only we could capture such moments on the film and cherish the opportunity to be a part of their happiness!

It is more than obvious you’d want to capture every heartfelt, silly, quirky, hilarious and beautiful second of the most wonderful day of your life. But when it comes to selecting photographers, it’s not like going through other wedding related vendors. There is no pre-tasting of food or selection of flowers and décor; there are no re-dos. You are paying a bulk without really knowing what you are going to get until you have the final product in your hands. You are completely at the mercy of your photographer and yes it is scary!

So it is very important that you chose a right wedding photographer who provides you with what you want. For not only the photographs make you revive the memories but remind you of each and every aspect of the wedding from the wedding cake to the relatives and friends from your wedding gown to ample of sessions for creating your very own custom engagement rings  each time spent together holds emotions that would be cherished forever. But most times than not, we don’t know what to look for when we are hunting for a photographer. Here are a few tips for selecting the most appropriate wedding photographer for your big day:

First of all you have to settle on a style that you most prefer. Here are the five most popular styles in wedding photography:


Portraiture – Paint A Picture


Portraiture Style By Ryan Flynn Photography


Sometimes there is just no breaking the tradition. Take a look back to your parent’s photo album. See those typical photos with them standing at a backdrop of the country house, at the altar or in ceremony with family and friends, all in formal poses. Portraiture makes for the most affordable style if you are tight on your budget. But don’t lose heart we have ample talented photographers with remarkable creativity taking normal photography to the next level. They specialize in creating portraitures with dramatic composition and making your couples shots nothing short of a glamorous affair.

Sure there are many photographers with the right talent and skills and after searching long and hard we have shortlisted Ryan Flynn Photography for the best portraiture style you’d get for your money’s worth. In profession for six years now, Ryan has a rare talent to capture beautiful intimate moments with breathtaking backdrops. To get an idea of his unique style log on to his website Take a tour of through the happy instances of happy couples caught on his camera and take a step towards making your own dream come true.


Documentary – Tell Your Love Story


Documentary Style by Melissa Jill Photography


More popularly known as candid photography, which means that you don’t have to typically stand before the camera and pose for the photographers. Let the photographers do the thing they do best. The pictures are spontaneous, moments captured that narrate a story. With a truly photojournalistic photographer you would hardly find any person from the wedding party filmed starting directly at the camera.

Here you are completely at the mercy of your photographer. Admittedly it’s quite a daunting prospect so it is very important that you select someone very talented, who you can trust to tell your love story. One such skilled wedding photographer is Melissa Jill whose photo gallery says it all, if not the heartfelt testimonials of her happy clients. She and her team of associates help you remember your wedding day as being even better than you experienced it. For wonderful wedding and engagement photography packages that you can customize in any combination of services they offer, log on to her website Leave a legacy for generations to see.


Fine Art – A Better Way To Start


Fine Art Style By Lauren Fair Photography


The photographer is the director and you are his film. Though similar to documentary, here the photographer has carte blanche to infuse his artistic view point and style in your photographs. The pictures have a dreamier quality to it; the focus is on the people or objects with muted and blurred backgrounds. Though these photos are truly dramatic and gorgeous, photographers mostly prefer shooting black and white or capturing motion in lively natural tones. Some might also do a mix of black and white photography and vibrant colored.

Keep in mind, not all photographers who take the Fine Art approach will do portraits too so if you are hiring such a shooter you might also have to hire a second one who does portraits. One of the best in the field that we have come across is Lauren Fair Photography. Though they are experts in all styles their flare for fine art is unique and provides an experience to behold. All you need to do is visit their website and browse through their portfolio to know the best deal you are getting into. The best part is they do colored and portraits too. They provide a whole package of goodies so that you can save a bunch not having to hire a second.


Edgy Bold – For Memories To Hold


Edgy Bold Style By Erich Mcvey Photography


It is thinking out of the box, an unconventional approach taking candid photography to the extreme. Typically the photographers adopt the Dutch angels, in other words tilted angles and unconventional frames. You don’t get your archetypal photographs with straight frame. The shots might be from a blurry fore-ground of a candle stand or flower vase or the focus might be on the bridal bouquet rather than the bride. It might be photos of dressing room capturing the image of bride in the mirror or clicks of wedding rings and such other. This style is an offshoot of a combination of documentary and fine arts that creates rare, unique and stunning photographs.

Not many wedding photographer adopt such approach but amongst those who do Erich Mcvey is one of the best. Erich is a wedding, portrait and editorial film photographer with a love for medium format cameras, natural light and incredible scenery. Using an approach that combines documentary and fine art styles, Erich captures beautiful, honest, and timeless images. For more information on their style, approach and photography packages visit their website


Retro, Vintage & Rustic – Oh So Romantic


Vintage and Rustic by Dream love Photography


This style gives purely an old school feel with muted colors and a lot of natural light; delicate flowers and a lot of green and orange hues. The vintage and rustic style is called romantic for a reason; it pours out loving, sweet, relaxed and friendly feeling. There is no vibrant color play, but rather the tones are soft, fresh and tinted not unlike the country air; sweet and romantic. It is perhaps the best approach for outdoor weddings that are rustic, tranquil, dreamy, and shabby in slow country environment.

To make the best memory of your country wedding there couldn’t be better photographers than DreamLove Photography. They specialize in rustic and vintage wedding photography in New England but also provide services in Mass, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine and beyond. Visit their website and go through the gallery of some of the best moments captured from wedding of other happy couples. Take a wise step to reproduce the beautiful memories and relive the most wonderful, tender moments of your wedding day. Because where words fail, images say it all.


Here are a few other things to do and consider before you settle on any particular wedding photographer. After you have selected the style go through the websites and portfolios of various vendors who specialize in that particular style. Go through the reviews of their customers. It is very important to do your homework properly. Shortlist a few and set up interviews with them. See what packages they are providing and compare them with each prospective photographer. Go through a full album of a single wedding. Before confirming a particular photographer, ask about your rights on the photographs. In most cases the photographer has the exclusive rights which not only means that they can use your photos for promotional purpose but that you have to ask their permission before you post on any site. It is very necessary to be clear on such legal issues. Also get the post production details as regards to when you shall be getting your photo proofs after the wedding.

Having said that, the main thing remains is to see how you get along with your photographer. Are you comfortable working with them? For the best experience it is important that your photographer bonds with you. Here you are putting all eggs in one basket so it goes without saying that you need to choose someone you can trust. This is a once-in-a-life-time experience so make every moment count!

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