The Ex-Factor: 6 Ways to Get Past Your Breakup

May 27, 2014, Senior Editior

The Ex-Factor 6 Ways to Get Past Your Break Up

Relationships start off as a magical saga giving you ample reasons to believe in the aura of love and fight with the butterflies in your stomach.  But a break up can ignore all vows of undying love and shared dreams of the future are shattered in a jiffy when relationships fail leaving us with grief, anxiety and resentment. But a Breakup can never be easy; moreover it is a traumatic phase for the parted ways couple.

There is no instant healing for a heart break just like there is no shortcut to success, but if you follow few of these suggestions, we assure you it will definitely help you get over a break up real soon.



Go Shopping

We suggest you to pamper yourself by getting that particular fancy watch or outfit or even shoes you always longed for. Yes, it obviously won’t get you back your significant other back but it will positively make you feel good.


Don’t rethink your decision

What we would advise you is, never rethink your decision especially if breaking up was your idea. Thinking about good old times may make you forget the very reasons for breaking up. Most of us convince ourselves that bad times weren’t so bad and we could work things through if only we get another shot. Instead just accept the fact that things didn’t work out and move on which is indeed a wise step to take.


Sweat it out

It is better to go catch up a friend for a run, or join a yoga class or hit the gym rather than crying your eyes out or sulking in the corner of a room. Exercising will not only give you a well-toned body but it is also proved as a very good stress buster.


Share your Feelings

It is so believed that there is nothing more therapeutic than talking and letting it out! Talk it out with your best friend or your close set of people. It will undoubtedly help you get it out of your system and feel much lighter.


Delete Memories

As painful as it may seem for you to un-friend you ex or block him from your chat list but it will definitely help you a lot. The point is you never should and or you would never want to be reminded of your ex throughout the entire moving on session until you are completely healed from the breakup.


Go Vacation-ing

Lastly, the best thing to try in order to get over a break up would be to go for a mini vacation and involve yourself to a scenic pictorial landscape location or like places you have always wanted to explore. This will be of immense help as you will find yourself absorbing to the revitalizing atmosphere of a new place.


Is it always mandatory to bid goodbye to a relationship negatively? For that matter why can’t it be a positive indication towards the commencement of a new chapter in once life…Break up and Hook ups are a definite part of life, I guess we all have gone through this critical stage but at the same time stood unshaken and independent after the sunset of prolonged sadness. As it is rightly said “ALL ENDINGS LEAD TO NEW BEGINNINGS”


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