Fascinating You On All Acclaimed Social Media Channels

September 25, 2014, Senior Editior

Fascinating You On All The Acclaimed Social Media Channels


“If you can’t beat them, join them.” There couldn’t be any truer words than these when it comes Social media marketing. Do you have a product you want to sell? Is your good content been recognized? If the answer is “No” then get your stuff going on globally known social media sites like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s a no brainer that all the internet throng flows through and follows these sites. Isn’t it a good enough incentive to shifting focus on advertising on these sites?

If it’s still not getting your attention here are a few fascinating facts about some major social media marketing channels to crunch on:

  • 1 billion registered and about 359 million active users on Google Plus alone.
  • 1 million + small and medium size business are advertising on Facebook.
  • Facebook promotes around 2.5 million advertisement posts.
  • 81% of twitters advertising revenue flow from mobile.
  • 130 million active Instagram users with about 16 billion selfies or product images till date.

As for Fascinating diamonds we are no where behind when it comes to making a mark and gaining a sizable fan-following on the facebook, twitter, googleplus, intagram, imgur, weheartit. We believe in providing our esteemed customers with premium quality diamonds and superior services.  Fascinating Diamonds has become that one stop online jewelry store, which has positioned itself to centre fashionable and chic jewelry for men and women. With our fine collection of statement jewelry, promising engagement rings, classic to contemporary craftsmanship, and affordable pricing, it’s hardly a surprise that we have a considerable following of our valued devotees on the mentioned social media sites. Here’s a gist of our gaining popularity on a few social sites:




Facebook: This established media giant needs no introduction. With thousands new people subscribing and millions of posts every day, this site contributes to a fine percentage of our followers. We are happy to note that our post include exquisite and unique images of diamond jewelry in facebook, attractive promotions, contest, and blog posts, which are liked, followed, and shared by fans also attracting more jewelry aficionados.


Google plus


Google+: Yes facebook has it billion subscribers but Google owns the web-world. Who doesn’t have a Gmail account? With it also comes a Google plus profile which attracts majority of people from jewelry, fashion, styling, lifestyle, relationship, and many such communities. Our jewelry posts and blogs are surfed, liked and shared, and have contributed to majority of our revered customers.





Twitter: Twitter recently announced that it has started adding content to user account. In case you wondering what that is, twitter adds tweets to your timeline which isn’t from profiles you are following. For an enterprise using twitter for advertising this is an immense opportunity to increase the following. We are happy to say that we recently have been getting a good following, comments and retweets for our tweets.




Instagram: This popular photo-sharing site has bestowed us with substantial customers emerging from loving and commenting on our diamonds jewelry collection and following us. We have our satisfied customers sharing pictures of their treasures engagement ring shots with their friends and families in instagram.


we heart it


Weheartit: A place to “Organize and share the things you love.” Weheartit certainly has provided with a loving following of “wehearties” hearting and loving our products and adding it to their collection.




Keep: Like weheartit keep is a photo-sharing site where you can like and keep the product in your collections. The most fascinating and unique feature is that keep also display the product price on the side of product image. Of recent we have experienced an immense increase in keepers following, liking and keeping our fabulous jewelry assortment.


Social media marketing is no more just the “next big thing”. It’s here and it working out for us and many other enterprises like us. Be it big or small, companies have been investing in advertising via social media websites and catching the eye of the web users. It is already in the mainstream and working its way up. Sure it has it learning curve but no matter what the naysayers say, there is money to be made here. We vouch for it.

Now all you hearty readers if you think this is useful or if your eyes wander off from the article to our website, do visit our products and if you like what you see, like, share, tweet, re-tweet, heart it or keep it. We celebrate love and we certainly love you.

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