Get closer in your long distance relationship!!

November 13, 2013, Senior Editior

Get closer in your long distance relationship

Get closer in your long distance relationship


Relationships and its complexities are virtually significant to one another, as every relation is defined by its pros and cons. Two individuals frame their love and togetherness with the right amount of understanding, trust, and compatibility. Whether you are in a live-in or in a long distance relationship (better known as LDR) every couple needs a certain assurance from their partners.

Charlie and Amy were childhood sweethearts and had been dating for four years when for their post graduation they had to move to different states. The separation and the thought of being apart for two years was quite hard for them and their dilemma was how would they keep their so called long distance relationship close?

Here are a few tips that one should keep in mind while adjusting to a long distance relationships:

Initiate to Communicate:

In today’s modern world there are ample of ways to stay connected, but the point of consideration is that, each individual should take the initiative to communicate and try all the probable ways to timely get in touch with one another. A descriptive E-mail, frequent texting, short calls, and chatting online, are all gifts of the 21st century which further help to sort out matters rather than brooding over arguments and misunderstandings. It is advisable to minus the communication gap by sharing every minute significant detail and summary of your daily routine. The art of communication is one mighty tool that keeps the flame of love alive.

Faith in Your Mate:

The most crucial element considered in a relationship is trust and faith, which act as a binding force to unite couples. The only point of concern is how to build and preserve the trust factor, the basic foundation of any long distance relationship. As it is rightly said it takes years to gain one’s trust, but it takes merely a flick of seconds to lose it. In such a relation couples tend to get insecure and unsure, about their partner’s commitment, so it is mandatory to talk things out even if there is a slightest doubt regarding any matter or issue.

Surprise Gifts to End All Tiffs:

The best thing about surprise gifts is that brings a smile on your partners face and ends all misunderstandings. From time to time couples should surprise their partners with gifts that express their love and care towards each other, it could be just flowers or a box of chocolate to extravagant presents like watches or diamond jewelry. It is not the value and volume of the gift that is of any significance, what matters most is the emotion or intention behind the surprise gift, which is what ignites love.

Relating and Understanding:

It is believed that arguments are a significant part of every healthy relationship, but more frequent the arguments in a relation, less understanding between the couples. In order to rekindle your relationship, one should put themselves in the other person’s shoes, to get a clear version of their viewpoint towards any particular situation. It is only then can we get their perspective and act or decide accordingly which actually helps to relate to your loved one so as to keep your bond intact.

Never Lose Hope:

Every couple must have an optimistic approach towards their relationship, for that one must never give up. It is believed “Long Distance Relation is just for the time being, but love and commitment lasts for a lifetime”. Couple should know how to handle this temporary stage of your relation and hope for a better future ahead. In a long distance relationship what matters is not how much you know your partner, but how much you believe in each other.

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