Groomsmen Trends 2014

July 17, 2014, Senior Editior



While bridesmaid’s dress trends have seen ample of evolution over the years, for long our boys have played it safe with grooming the groomsmen. But the year 2014 has definitely seen its share of its gorgeous groomsmen expressing their unique style and trying to make a mark alongside the bridesmaids. Groomsmen are no more lagging behind with the latest fashion and “different” is the word that aptly defines “trends 2014”.

Here are some of the most defining looks that have been witnessed in 2014 so far and are fast catching up as hottest à la mode:

A Formal Affair: Fashion fades but style is eternal; the same is true for art deco and 1920’s styles.In the wake of The Great Gatsby, which was released in 2012, and many thanks to Leonardo Di Caprio for looking so dapper in sharp tuxedos and linen suits, the Art deco and the 1920’s style has re surged since and seems to be going nowhere in 2014. A well fitted three piece suit with a bow-tie, regular tie or a cravat, or top hat and tails, this look is all about opulence and grace.

Beyond the Tux:

If it’s a casual affair, lose the tux and have the guys dressed in  tweeds, herringbones paisleys, plaids or sweater vest in neutral colors or argyle print with tinted or patterned ties or cravat.  Or a smartly selected assortment of suspenders and white, pastels or check button-up shirt and newest trending fedora, trilby or porkpie hats, which not only looks neat, but also adds a fun statement to the attire. Depending solely on the location, khaki linens with white button up and vibrant ties make for subtle yet fabulous outfit. If it’s a beach wedding, why not ditch the formal look totally and have them dressed in lose white shirts and shorts?


Last few seasons have seen a deep inclination towards dressing up the bridesmaids in mismatched styles; now the trend seems to be catching up with the groomsmen as well. The guys will be more than glad to invest in suits they can wear again and it also adds a personal touch of their unique individuality. Have the grooms party suited up in different shades of same color; or different styles suits in contrasting but complimenting shades, which adds in a smart and cohesive look. If you want to maintain the symmetry; same suits but different accessories can also add a funky element to the wedding party.

A Touch of Color:

Age old accepted tradition of grooming the men in similar suits is frankly quite boring and clichéd. Trends 2014 bids adieu to the tradition and say hello to “groovy” by adding eye-popping colors like brighter shades of red, pink, turquoise, yellow, lime to the plain suits. The season has seen all these amazing eye-candy shades being adorned in ties, floral boutonnieres and even vests, shirts and slacks. No more are bridesmaids solely entitled to palettes of pastel or bright shades; this summer the guys have been seen adopting the style and when it comes to color, it can be said that this trend is definitely catching the eye.

It’s all in the Accessories:

Nothing speaks out uniqueness as thoughtfully selected accessories. This year has brought in an array of options and styles with unique designs, colors and patterns are available in accessories like bow ties, long ties, vests and cummerbunds. Preference is varying from traditional bow ties or regular ties to much modern couture of wearing cravat and three button jackets. A smart fusion of ties with suspenders, fedora and colorful boutonnieres give the right amount of chic to our handsome groomsmen to make the heads turn. If it’s a formal affair and your groomsmen are white-collared business types; personalized cufflinks or an  exclusive diamond band makes for an exclusive wedding day wear and also eases off pressure of selecting an appropriate groomsmen gift.

Selecting Groomsmen’s wears had never been a challenging task seeing as the tradition has prevailed so far, but it’s a welcome change to note that men are finally branching out. Bold, bright and daring color, patterns and designs, fabric and accessories that have been introduced in groomsmen décor lets our guys to stand out with a nod to latest couture.



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