Hairstyles for men

June 27, 2014, Senior Editior

Modern Hairstyles for men


Men might not care about their clothes and shoes but they certainly are very particular about their hairstyles. For ages now their first concern about their locks was believed to be low maintenance, cool and trendy is also becoming one of their prime apprehensions today. The gradual evolution of men in the fashion world and their growing interest in trend setting has given a whole new meaning to male grooming. Purely concentrating on the current hairstyle choices and the experiments of modern men have given us a base to study the latest trends in men’s hairstyles.


 Short & Hip Hairstyles for MenShort & Hip

Spiky Short: There can be innumerable ways to get going with a spiky look, it can be messy, neat and all that one can imagine. Become an experimenter with this cut and show off your spunky side.

Buzz Short: Not everyone can carry off a buzz short haircut but it’s one of the most preferred cut for hot sunny summers. A minimalistic yet stylish cut.

Taper Fade Short: This hairstyle is all about personal and artistic choice. It is a very bold way to express oneself and is mostly preferred by artists.

Wavy short: Consider yourself lucky to have wavy hair and a shorter length hairdo adds fullness to your hair.


Long & Messy Hairstyles for Men


Long & Messy

Ponytailed Long: Tired of always having your hair on your face? Pull it back into a smooth and sleek man tail for it suits most of the face types.

Brutish Long: Try this low maintenance messy style as it perfectly describes your “rock star” look.

Mane-like Long: If done right, mane-like long hair gives a very attractive and manly appearance.

Cornrows Long: It is a traditional African style of grooming, where the hair is braided very close to the scalp and are often favored for their easy maintenance.


Curly & Funky Hairstyles for Men


Curly & Funky

Topsy-Turvy Curly: It is a very cool and funky look only if you are a fan of messy hair. It is an easy look just like bed-head.

Slick Back Curly: Slick back hairstyle is very much in trend with super models. It gives a softer look to your curls.

Stringy Curly: This is very classic retro style look. People who are MJ fans would prefer this hairstyle. To get the exact stringy look, hair gel is a must.

Soft Curly: To wear a 60’s style lover boy look this is a way to go. Soft medium length curls gives a romantic appeal to a person.


Straight & Sleek Hairstyles for Men


Straight & Sleek

Side Parted Straight: Straight hair is every guys dream and when parted sideways it gives a very handsome appearance.

Slick back Straight: Straight hair when slick back is a happening and red carpet look. “WOW” is an appropriate expression for this hair do.

Indie Cut Straight: Indie cut is very cool and flattering hairstyle. Along with it being easy to wear the cut gives volume to the straight hair.

Shaggy Straight: As the name suggest this hairstyle gives very messy and shaggy look. It is a very hip style preferably for straight hair.


Casual & Easy  Hairstyles for Men


Casual & Easy

  • Long Bangs: Do men wear bangs? The answer is yes and might I add, they wear it pretty well. It is a point when the hair grows past your eyebrows also it can be worn side parted for an easy to handle hairstyle.
  • Modern Pompadour: The pompadour is an all-time classic Elvis inspired hairstyle. This style has evolved dramatically over the years experimenting with the length, which gives a modern touch to it.
  • Layered:  If cut perfectly the layers fall effortlessly creating a distinct hairstyle. It is better suited with lower curls or wavy hair.
  • Crop Short: It is a very short hairstyle wherein hair is cut very close to the head and thus is known to be unisex hairstyle.


Formal & Sexy  Hairstyles for Men


Formal & Suave

Slick Comb Over: It is one of the sexiest hairstyles and an all-time favorite of the stars for the red carpet. It is a very formal look with medium length hair cleanly slicked back with hair gel.

Undercut Sides:The shaved sides look is a hip yet clean cut and is extremely easy to style.

Crew Cut: Crew cut as the name suggests is a tough guy look just like an army man. It is short but has more style and shape than a buzz cut.

Short Textured: This is a cluttered look, but since it is cut shorter it gives a formal yet modern look. This hairstyle is a perfect example for a maintenance free hair.


We could go on for hours about sporting a look that suits ones personality, because any hairstyle can be given a personal touch making it unique. As it is rightly said, Hairstyle is an expression of an individual’s personality and creativity. So we have tried to put forward an extensive research to help you find a perfect hairstyle that matches your distinctive Identity. Style it right with a chic ensemble of clothes, shoes, and accessories along with a modish hairstyle that would surely give an edge to your overall appearance.


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