Holiday Gift Guide for Him and Her

December 19, 2013, Senior Editior

holiday  gift guide


Christmas Season is just around the corner and there is no better time to make people around you happy. Gift them something special this holiday season, things that they would treasure and love. Here’s our take on what to buy and gifts in trend this year.

 Gift Guide Her:

From your mom to your girl, every woman loves their jewels and so they cherish them for an entire lifetime. Here are some of the things you can get to keep the women in your life happy this holiday season.



  • Jewelry:

Earrings- Diamond & Gemstone Earrings are a wonderful gifting option as they always look right and make every occasion special. It is that essential piece of jewelry, which every woman should own for they can add elegance and sophistication to your look. This Christmas, gift your girl something that adds to her remarkable charm and beauty.

Pendants- Are a chic piece of jewelry which is known to mankind for many years now, one that can add a certain amount of grace and classiness to your overall look. Pendants decked up with diamonds or gemstones enhance the appearance and are a great addition to any women’s jewelry collection. This Christmas, gift her something that add to her sparkle and augments her appeal.

Rings- This symbol of faithfulness and love on your loved one’s finger would make your presence felt all the time and will always be a reminder of your unmatched respect, and faith in one another. This blessed season make her a promise and gift an elegant ring, a sign that you would hold her trust and give your utmost commitment to your relationship.

  • Accessories:

Bags- They say size no bar, a girl would never say no to a bag! Whether it is a small and classy clutch for an evening party to a bigger and casual bag for everyday work, a hand bag is always appreciated and treasured.

Watches- She’ll be so thrilled with a classy and elegant watch that looks great and at the same time also keeps her updated.

Scarves- Scarves are a timeless accessory, along with keeping her warm and cozy in this chilly winter climate it also adds a classy look and a slight dash of color to any outfit.

  • Skin Care and Cosmetics:

There’s no better gift than giving a girl an entire kit of skin care or cosmetic products to keep her feeling pampered and pretty. Find out her preferences in skin products and makeup, and gift an assorted kit with her preferred line of cosmetic range that for sure, would keep her content this fabulous holiday season.

  • Gadgets and Gizmos:

Got a gadget loving girl? Some of the best buys for her this holiday season range from the latest stylish and sleek cameras or a new phone to laptops and tablets. A kindle would be an ideal gift for girls with a love for books, but aren’t too fond of the amount of space they take up. On the other hand, trendy head phones would be a good choice for the music lovers.

Gift Guide for Him

Finding something special for the guys in your life can be tricky and challenging. Here are some of the things that could help make your decision a little easier.


Jchr giftsewelry:

Cuff-links- Cuff-links are a timeless and an extremely stylish choice of a gift for any man. When gifting a pair of cuff-links, it is vital to remember to get one with premium quality and style to make him feel superior and classy at the same time.

Rings- Stylish and elegant men’s rings are a popular choice for those who are about to tie the knot or are recently engaged. This holiday season gift your man a sturdy yet stylish ring that are designed to provide overall comfort and are fit for everyday wear.

Watches- Some men dream to own the finest wrist watches, just as how women dream of getting a diamond. This holiday shopping season, gift him a watch that he will want to wear forever.

  • Accessories:

Bags and wallets- Bags and wallets just add a little something extra to a man’s overall look. They are essential for day to day living and at the same time can be an effortless fashion statement.

Money clips- This holiday season, gift him a way to stash his cash in a luxurious style along with helping him to keep it in an orderly manner especially, for those men who aren’t too fond of carrying wallets to some occasions, money clips are an ideal piece of accessory.

Belts- A belt is not only a necessity for men but also is a vital part of a male ensemble. It adds a certain level of neatness and a suave look. Gift him a smart looking belt this season.

  •   Skin Care

Even men appreciate a little bit of spoiling and pampering, as long as it’s meant for him. Get him a complete skin care regime kit, to moisturize his rugged and tough skin in this cold and chilly winter climate.

  • Gadgets and Gizmos

Boys and their toys, is appropriately said! Do you know any of any man who would resist a chance of getting a new game, a PlayStation or a laptop to even a portable music system? Don’t think so. Get him a gadget he has been waiting to get his hands on, the choices are endless.

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