Jewelry Insurance Is A Must- Know The Companies You Can Trust

February 20, 2015, Senior Editior

Jewelry Insurance

Your personal jewelry insurance a sign of changing times or is it just a smart move?

Admit it girls, isn’t it true that a piece of jewelry can easily take a woman’s mind off her wrinkles? It has value, not just in monetary terms but has a lot more to do with emotions.

We, Fascinating Diamonds, being reputed online jewelers from New York, have that rare privilege and pleasure of seeing the glow on the faces of our customers when they buy a diamond ring from us. Any piece of jewelry be it rare pendants, delicate earrings, wedding rings and exquisite rings in diamonds, gemstones and quality metals like the sauve rose gold enagagement rings, we can see the sentimental values attached to every piece.

 But what we cherish the most is the delight our customer feels when they craft one-of-a-kind jewelry as we let you design your own engagement ring for it gives a feeling of affection and pride to the customers. Through our user-friendly online portal for customizing diamond jewelry, our customers can put everything they feel and love in that prized piece and create a very special unique engagement ring. It is for this very reason we totally understand the emotional feelings attached behind every single jewel and how important it is to safe-guard them from unforeseen losses. For this very reason we would recommend our every customer and readers alike to get your jewelry insured from prominent insurers that specialize in providing insurance policies giving a complete coverage of the priceless jewelry that is so close to your heart. So safety of your precious jewels is of an utmost priority. Even in old times, such was the extent to which people would go to protect their jewelry that, in case a riot or a calamity occurred people would first try to tuck away their valuables in a safe spot and then run for their lives. Take a fine example for this scenario; History enthusiast while exploring the underbelly of a UK store unearthed a treasure trove that dates backs to Roman times. According to them the jewelry and money found belonged to a wealthy noble Roman  woman who buried them during the riot of Boudican Revolt in AD 61. Such must have been the panic that she tried desperately to bury and hide her wealth for safe keeping.

Now in modern times, we don’t have to go that far to protect our valuables. Though, some people still might believe that our precious belongings are much safer ‘under the mattresses’ or tucked away safe in some nooks and crannies at our homes. Of course you have a good option of safe-deposit box facilities provided by many banks and private companies alike. However one of the biggest problems with safe deposit boxes is not all banks provide with such facilities. And the banks that do have limited space so the provision is only on first-come-first-serve basis. The private companies providing such services might charge a wholesome lot to rent the boxes. There is also a likely chance the banks might get robbed. Not unheard of, is it? So what other option do we have? Insure it! No matter where your jewelry is kept, in case of a loss a big part of the value can always be recovered and what better way then to get jewelry insurance from someone you can trust.

Following are four prime insurance companies that provide excellent cover policies to safeguard your precious ornaments and jewelries.



Your personal jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique. It protection therefore is equally important. Your typical homeowner’s insurance policies give only a limited coverage when it comes to insuring your personal jewelry. What you need is a precise coverage for all your personal precious ornaments without the limitations and exclusions that you often face in common insurance.

JIBNA’s standalone personal jewelry insurance enables consumers to insure their valuable jewelry independently and apart from their homeowner’s insurance policy. No more have you to worry about the restricted coverage since they insure only jewelry providing precisely the coverage that you need – no more, no less at attractive rates.


Jewelers Mutual

Your diamond engagement ring is no ordinary piece of jewelry. It signifies the best part of your life with your significant other half; your entire love and life encompassed in that small rock. So why settle for an ordinary insurance to insure something so priceless to you?

Jewelers Mutual provides a comprehensive engagement ring insurance coverage that includes loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearances, to provide that extra protection for the most precious piece of jewelry in your life. Jewelry Insurance by Jewelers Mutual is truly unique because the coverage is built around how you live your life. The best part of the deal is they provide worldwide protection that allows you to travel anywhere with peace of mind and flexibility to work with your own trusted jewelers.

So get your diamond engagement ring and jewelry insured now. There might be countless ways to lose your jewelry but only one easy way to protect it.


Jewelry Insurance Services Inc

When it comes to protecting your valuable ornaments, it includes jewelry studded with precious multihued gemstones like sapphires, ruby, emeralds that forms a large part of your personal wears. To protect them a standalone jewelry insurance policy that provides a thorough and specific coverage for such personal items is required.

Jewelry Insurance Services Inc specializes in providing a right coverage for ever situation. Established since 1972, they have built a reputation in jewelry industry as leaders and trusted partners that offer insurance and loss prevention solutions unmatched with any. They have a highly dedicated team of experts and experience professionals who work towards providing a solution to your every need.


Perfect Circle Insurance Policy

Big girls need big diamonds and big diamonds need big protection. It is very important while selecting a jewelry insurer to see if they cover loose diamonds and stones particularly while they are being set by your jewelers.

Perfect Circle Insurance policy provides such coverage. This is of utmost priority when you are purchasing loose stones separately from a different seller than your own jeweler, then later have to work with your jeweler for mounting the stones. Such coverage is not found with all insurers of jewelry. Perfect circle insurance understands this and provides with a comprehensive coverage that even covers replacing lost jewelry and repairing damages.

While insuring your jewelry here are a few things to keep in mind; if you think your jewelry is comprehensively covered by the existing policy, go through it again thoroughly and evaluate whether or not you are happy with the coverage. Losing a diamonds ring or suffering damages and loss on jewelry is hard enough financially as well as emotionally. It is therefore very necessary that you have an absolute insurance for such precious items. Choosing a good insurer is perhaps the biggest part while shopping for jewelry. The above four insurers have established prominent place in jewelry insurance industry. We certainly hope we could help you to take a step in the right direction in protection all that is of value to you.