Did You Know The 5 Trending Sunglasses Look For Men?

October 6, 2014, Senior Editior


“Look into my eyes and you will come to know that I still love you!  NAA-AAHHH!

For crying out loud, women find it cheesy and they would rather prefer getting charmed by a stylish pair of sunglasses. A wink through those Wayfarers, a raised eyebrow to acknowledge her through the Aviators, Rimless sunglasses placed over ginger hair. Girls dig this and you can totally trust us on this. In today’s era men’s styling has gone to just another level be it classy clothing, stylish shoes or designer diamond jewelry for men. If these add to a mans panache then might we say that a cool pair of sunglasses does the trick alone.

Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, etc. have always used sunglasses more than just a face accessory. Sunglasses were an integral part of their signature style and we think we all agree that they all were charmers when it comes to fashion.

So, here we endow you with a list of sunglasses that are must haves in your wardrobe:

Long known for their stylish edge Aviators have thin wire frames and large dark lenses. The focus is on the lenses rather than the frame and they are usually black or gold in color. Ray Ban aviators are the most popular ones since they were the pioneers who came up with this type of sunglasses. Celebrities like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp can be seen donning the aviators often. They are perfect for a day out and can be styled well with any outfit; also they are just the perfect accessory for a red carpet event as they make you look very stylish.

After Aviators, Wayfarers are cited as the best-selling design of sunglasses in history and have been called a classic of modern design. Robert Pattinson has always looked irresistible in his wayfarers. Wayfarer sunglasses are characterized by their pointed edges, round bottoms, and very subtle top arch. A trendy collection of wayfarer sunglasses for men is available at top notch brand Louis Vuitton

The brand Maui Jim is very well known to have a good collection of wrap sunglasses. Wrap sunglasses are those that curve around the curve of a person’s face fitting close to the head. It is considered more of a star style and pop stars, actors are seen wearing this a lot on and off screen. Tom Cruise seemed to be fascinated about wraparound sunglasses.

Want to wear sunglasses to a party? Rimless is the answer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a house party or a late evening party. If you feel like it then you should do it. Rimless sunglasses have a very sharp and uptown look so it makes you a trend setter. Armani Rimless sunglasses are splendid and flawless. Michael Jackson was spotted wearing Rimless sunglasses often.

Can anyone forget the iconic Round sunglasses worn byJohn Lennon? It was his must accessory and if I am not wrong it became a rage and it is the same even today. If you want to go retro and love vintage fashion then Round sunglasses is the answer. Persol is very popular when it comes to Round sunglasses and nothing better than alluring a woman the classical way.

Why wait, take risk and bring out the designer in you, there is a whole lot of  fashion pieces that one can opt for when it comes to easy styling. So take your pick from the above listed sunglass styles and sway the women around you. Let the sunglasses do the talking and be ready to get a story painted by her. What? You think we are exaggerating?  Not at all! We are just promising the attention you will be getting and hope we did provide you with a complete list of trending and timeless eyewear look that is, was, and would always be in-vogue.