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Know The Least Wasteful And One Of The Best Diamond Cut


Know The Least Wasteful And One Of The Best Diamond Cut

December 17T00:00:00.000Z, 2014

Donna Klaus

Princess Cut The Least Wasteful Diamond Cut

The history of one of the best diamond cut goes back to the 1960s even though it has gained popularity until recently. One of the most popular cut today  it was originally used in connection with another diamond cut, otherwise known as the "profile" cut, designed by Arpad Nagy, a London cutter, in 1961. The same name was later used and made popular by Ygal Perlman, Betzalel Ambar, and Israel Itzkowitz in Israel in 1979. Also, known as the royal cut, the "Princess cut diamond"  is the second best diamond cut which is favored by women after the round diamond because of its beautiful sparkle and its dazling fancy square shape. We would like to jot down a few key facts about the Princess diamond: Princess cut produces a brilliant diamond than the rest: Princess diamond  is said to have the sparkle of a round diamond cut . It is a square cut but sometimes oblong and is known for its brilliant arrangement of facets like found in emerald cut diamonds. The princess cut diamond produces a much more brilliant diamond than the traditional step cut. Princess cuts are the least wasteful diamond cut.  If you are looking for a fancy design keeping in mind the budget then it is one of the best diamond cut to opt for. It is a cheaper cut as compared to round  diamonds because almost 60% of the stone is retained after cutting. A princess cut diamond with the same carat weight as a round cut costs about 20-30% less. So, if you’re shopping for a diamond and you are anxious about the design and the price value, a princess diamond is an excellent choice. Princess cut has almost the same facets as round diamonds We all know that round cut diamond is the standard choice when it comes to diamond engagement rings with its facets reflecting a lot of light. However, many people are unaware that the princess cut has the equal number of facets and the same brilliance as that of a round diamond cut . A diamond manufacturers dream It is a favorite amongst diamond cutters mainly for two reasons; firstly, it is yielded from rough. Secondly, almost 60% of the stone is retained after cutting. And thus you are left with two princess cuts. All that the diamond cutter has to do is add some structure to the top of the stone and some brilliant faceting. The sparkliest of square cuts The intrinsic sparkle of the diamonds, the elegant cut, the facets, etc. of the princess cut diamond all come collectively to accomplish the fire and brilliance of the diamond making it one of the best diamond cut combination of gleaming appearance and one of the most sparkliest one. Most popular cut The princess diamond cut is a very modern choice cut. It is perfect for someone looking for more of a contemporary style.One of the main reasons for the Princess cut gaining popularity is its unique cutting and polishing technique. Celebrities like Star Jones, Penny Lancaster, Kendra Wilkinson and Ali Larter are some of the celebrities who have adorned the Princess cut diamond ring.  The Princess cut diamond became popular until recently and is loved and adored by celebrities, thus, making it a style statement. This spectacular fancy square shaped diamond has been happily opted and embraced by diamond lovers all around the globe. Jewelers have come up with extravagant Princess cut diamond jewelry for the masses and it has been embraced by everyone. And we at Fascinating Diamonds too have strived hard to come up with exceptional Princess cut jewelry only for you. We work towards creating the perfect Princess cut diamond for you. This Princess diamond cut  is indeed the sign of royalty and we help you create one.