Know The Symbolic Meaning Of A Trilogy Diamond Ring


Know The Symbolic Meaning Of A Trilogy Diamond Ring

January 21T00:00:00.000Z, 2015

Donna Klaus

So what makes the three stone ring style so special? Let’s have a look:

The Holy Trilogy:

The past, the present and the future; our whole life contained in these three little words. The three stone ring represents exactly that; each stone signifies a phase of our life; learn from the past, live in the present and hope for a brilliant future. This ring besides having a deep romantic symbolic meaning are also known as the trinity or trilogy diamond ring. A three stone engagement ring is more than just a blend of three perfect stones – it’s a symbol of your relationship, how timeless your relationship to each other will always be. Whether it's an diamond engagement ring or an anniversary ring, this choice is perfect for the sentiments you want to express. This type of ring also has a religious significance attached to it, representing the Holy Trinity with diamonds depicting the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. One ring, so many meanings!

Ever Increasing Popularity:

With such a mesmerizing and symbolic origins who wouldn’t want to possess a trilogy diamond ring. But what make these rings even more drool worthy are the hip, chic and trendy designs and settings that they come in. Listed below are five most trending styles of three stone rings.

The Charismatic Classic:

No one can deny the charisma of the golden classical age; the elegance, grace and brilliance is incomparable and would never go out of style.

Binding a dazzling piece of square shaped diamond at center, the adored collection of three stone princess cut engagement rings divulge spectacular designs carved with precision.

The Upcoming Unusual:

Something different is the new fashion statement. Eschewing the tradition and opting for a new different look is the way of our Gen-Xers. How can we expect jewelry design to say behind?

Covering the splendour of a circular shaped diamond in middle, three stone round cut engagement rings display marvellous rings studded with three conspicuous diamonds or gemstones.

The Magnetic Modern:

Inspiring a luminous curvaceous diamond at the center, the collection of three stone marquise engagement rings brings forth wonderful designs. Presenting a vintage feel, milgrain patterns and filigree patterns are also etched in three stone marquise rings

3 Stone Asscher Cut Engagement Ring:

Shaped with symmetrical facets to expose perfect clarity of the center diamond, three stone asscher cut engagement rings extricate an asscher cut diamond at center accompanied by two dazzling diamonds or gemstones in a line. Expensive gemstones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires and black diamonds cast a bewitching spell on the fine collection of three stone diamond jewelry.

The Sweet and Simplistic:

With the Cushion Cut three-stone engagement ring, you are offered the chance to tell people the story of your love. The stones can mean more things like friendship, love and fidelity. Whatever your story is, you can definitely tell it by customizing your Cushion Cut three-stone engagement ring.

The Glorious and Sparkling:

Three stone emerald cut diamond rings are crafted in numerous designs to represent an outstanding assemble of three stone diamond jewelry. Surfacing in profuse settings like pave setting, prong setting, etc. emerald cut three stone engagement rings are tremendously beautiful.

A Symbol Of Love:

3 stone heart shaped engagement rings are Unique, and boundlessly romantic, and their beauty to its full effect. A modification of 3 stone heart-shaped diamonds Rings are a unique expression of love.

Projecting the inextinguishable flame of love, three stone heart shaped engagement rings collection divulges an impeccably carved heart at the center of the ring in perfect setting.

For Vintage Pattern Followers:

Three stone oval engagement rings are the ideal choice for vintage pattern followers. Three stone oval diamond rings embrace a huge collection of diverse rings in meticulously earned perfect finish.

The oval cut is similar to the round brilliant, but the oval’s elongated shape doesn’t allow light to refract as precisely as in a round stone. However, the length of the cut does give the illusion of a higher carat weight.

The Brilliant Fancy Diamond Shapes

The pear Shaped is a modified Marquise and is an equally bold cut. This is for a unique, fun and adventurous, loving woman. Someone who is an icon of beauty.

Holding a luminous curved diamond, three stone pear cut engagement rings unveil brilliant designs and patterns glorified by perfect finish.

3 Stone Radiant Engagement Rings:

Radiant diamonds bring together the fire of a round brilliant with the shape and shine of an emerald cut. While those numerous facets radiate with vibrant shine and fire, That’s why Brilliance recommends a high color grade for this shape. 3 Stone Radiant Engagement Rings are usually lower in price compared to other type of rings at the same carat weight.

Perks of choosing three stone styles:

If you think these singularly spectacular styles and mystical significance of three stone rings are enough perks to buy the ring, we have a pleasant surprise for you. Here are a few tricks to trade to fit any exquisite trilogy diamond ring right in your budget and win you lady love’s heart all over again. A certain win- win situation for you! Here’s how: Alternative rock: No, it’s not a music genre; it is the best way to reduce the price of the ring and yet making it every bit grand. Instead of using diamonds for all the three stones, use colorful gemstones. These multihued gemstones not only make your ring one of a kind but also make it drastically more affordable. Groovy!

Varying size:

Another way to reduce the price of the engagement ring is to opt for designs with varying size of diamonds used. Like a design that has the center stone big but other two stones smaller, while giving it a crown like feel, it also goes smooth on the wallet. There are many such unique designs in the market; one has to just search to find a perfect piece.

In the end, it drills down to this, no matter what style you choose it is the significance of a three stone diamond engagement ring that matters most. Its true essence is what has made the trilogy diamond ring one of the most popular rings of our time. No matter what the occasion is, this type of ring will always be a timeless piece of beauty. Every time that special woman in your life looks at it, she'll be reminded of the commitment, the two of you have for each other.

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