The Man-gagement Ring Concept: Is it the Future or Just a Passing Fad?

May 15, 2014, Senior Editior

The Man-gagement Concept Is it the Future or Just a Passing Fad

In today’s equitable world no man is lagging behind when it comes to adding a little zing or bling to their ensemble or for that matter adorning a man-gagement ring around their fingers. The recent upsurge of engagement rings for men has lead to a noticeable percentage of men opting to wear “Man-Gagement” rings, a concept that has got a lot of attention lately.
Quick Flashback

The concept of men adorning rings has been far etched in history itself. Time and again diversified cultures believed individual myths for this man ring concept. It has been believed that since 1920’s prominent jewelry and diamond companies introduced rings for men or the groom to be but the idea did not seem to click much at that point of time.

Propose your man in style

Acclaimed worldwide

Over the years the man-gagement ring has been much-admired and eventually settled by being an essential piece of jewelry for men in countries like Brazil and their complementary countries like Argentine and Spain or regions like Scandinavia where it is regarded mandatory for men and women both to adorn an engagement ring. Surprisingly, the Swedish tradition applies for the yet-to-be couple to engrave their names and date of proposal on the inner face of the rings.

It All About Style

When we talk about engagement rings for men, they tend to be thicker and designed mannishly. It is crafted with premium glossy metal and styled with the eternal stone “The Diamonds” or Gemstones. Markets today offer a wide spectrum of rings in ample of designs, textures, and carvings.

mangagement ring trends

Ring Trends for Modern Man

Some of the most eminent engagement ring trends today are:

The Eternal Solitaire crafted in precious metal to hold a sole diamond, reflects elegance and grace.

Charming Princess Ring,which is augmented by princess cut diamonds and gemstones to give it a chic look.

The Alluring Arch that gives a dramatic effect to the ring and supplements to its unique appeal

Flush Square Ring that gives an absolute mannish appeal and is one of the most popular choices in men’s jewelry.

Celebs and their Man-gagement Rings

Lately, the Man-gagement rings have gained much appreciation and are totally a thing after celebs like

  • The versatile Johnny Depp was seen sporting a Signet style Man-gagement Ring on his engagement party with Amber Heard
  • Canadian vocalist and musician Michael Buble flaunts his engagement ring to Argentine origin girlfriend Luisana Lopilato adhering to the Argentines age old tradition.
  • Wrestler David Otunga engaged to Jennifer Hudson is perfectly fine when it came to show off some man bling with a man- gagement ring.
  • Bruce Jenner the eminent TV personality is any day happy to adorn his man-gagement ring without any hesitation.
  • Other legendary celebs including Charlie Sheen and David Beckham are also not lagging behind in promoting the man-gagement trend.

Wrap up

On the basis of a recent survey, a noticeable fraction of women have nodded their heads to the idea to propose their beau with a ring. And, if we look through a guy’s perspective some men might consider it uneven that only women get to wear engagement ring and in view of same-sex marriages the question does not arise of NOT wearing an engagement ring as it appeals to both. Yet there is a lot of natter about the fact that whether a man should or shouldn’t adorn a bling. But in the current scenario the concept and the idea of a man ring has gained popularity and is considered to be a big thing in the jewelry market today. The growth and acceptance by scores of people have paved way for a positive future of Man-gagement Rings, which currently are a fashion statement and a piece of jewelry that is to be treasured.