Which Gold Wedding Ring For Men Would You Prefer?

February 27, 2019, Alyssa Bruni

The traditional yellow gold wedding bands are a classic favorite for all the men with its timeless shine. The pure gold is a soft as well as malleable metal and is hence alloyed with equal proportions of copper and silver to deliver the gleaming yellow color. This comes in two karat measures namely the 14k(with 58% gold) and 18k (with 75% gold) that clearly determines the amount of pure gold in a ring along with its price range. This is a standard choice of metal that does not cause any allergies and is resistant to tarnishing while it can also be shaped easily in a wide variety of designs due to its incredible ductility as well as malleability.

The rose gold wedding bands are a romantic pick and have been spotted on all the trend calendars recently. This is also known as the pink hue metal which is a composition of the gold and copper alloys that exhibit the subtle and lustrous rose hue. This said metal is a durable as well as pocket-friendly choice and complements all skin tones brilliantly. All in all, the rose gold wedding rings add a unique yet stylish touch to your personality for a new-age contemporary look.

The white gold wedding bands have signature silver sheen and are one of the top choices of every man for all the right reasons. This metal is a fusion of the pure gold, nickel, palladium and silver alloys plated with rhodium for a luminous shine. A hypo allergic and durable metal, white gold is an excellent yet affordable version of the platinum metal and as it looks incredible with sparkling diamonds studded on the surface; it is a popular option amongst many men.

The platinum wedding bands are one of the most prestigious options as platinum it is known as the ‘King of all metals’. The said metalis extremely rare and is much more precious than gold along with its durability that is the highest amongst other metals. Platinum wedding bands are naturally heavy as well as dense but showcase a beautiful shine and can be resized easily. This stunning metal is considered very desirable and it is truly an investment of a lifetime.

The two tone wedding bands is one of the modern styles introduced to everyone quite recently and has already secured its position in the trend charts. The multi tone rings surely boasts of creativity and sophistication with an interesting amalgamation of two polished metals set together offering you the elegance as well as comfort of both the colors while also keeping a meticulous balance between them. This design will also pass the test of time with its strong durability and it is sure to turn heads with the unique look it offers.

The black gold wedding bands are a new addition to the gold metal family and hence, its scarce availability can be backdrop too. This pure gold metal is alloyed with different other metals to produce a classic and rich black color offering you a masculine as well as contemporary appeal. This unique wedding band comes with great durability, can also be engraved or resized easily and is completely light to your pockets.

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