Pioneering Websites Paving Way For A Customized Future

July 18, 2014, Senior Editior

The online industry has sure taken the world by a storm; it’s just not anymore about what you cater online, but how you do so. E-commerce websites engage ample of buyers and present a spectacular platform for rewarding outcomes. The intent today is to provide the user a wholesome experience or moreover a site which has a User-Centered Design (UCD), meaning those websites that are crafted from the perspective of how well it will be understood from the buyers point of view. I came across 3 such websites which perfectly followed the AIDA rule book which is to (catch buyers Attention, create Interest, build up the Desire to buy, and finally instigate Action to make a purchase). By far from a users viewpoint these below stated websites can be tagged as pioneers for providing optimal customization and supreme consumer affable experience.

Pioneering websites: Paving Way for a customized future

  • (An online company that is known for creating fabulous and functional custom women’s shoes)
  • (An online business that creates quintessential custom leather handbags)
  • (An online firm that endows one with certified loose diamonds, custom made engagement rings, and fine jewelry)

These above spoken about sites are intuitive, engaging, and present an easy platform for the buyer too navigate as well as design according to their preference or choice. Also all these websites have introduced the concept of Me-commerce, the concept where an individual can label the product as designed by me or created for myself. It gives out a sense of exclusivity to the buyer and makes the product a keepsake for lifetime.

Mentioned below are certain elements which these sites have incorporated in their designs that label them as the most user friendly e-commerce websites.

5 Facets of comprehensive customization:


User focused & visually engaging website design

The key to any flourishing website is to identify who you want to visit and what is that you want them to do once they get there. Always ensure that your website is engaging, easy to navigate, and has clearly laid out rational information structural design. Another point of consideration is the initial design or layout, for if a site doesn’t catch the eye or speaks to the user needs, they won’t stay for long. A visually appealing design appeals the customer in one go, it gives a distinctive edge to a website, and at the same time pulls visitors deeper into the site. Laudi vidni is one such website which showcases a powerful and appealing web design as well as easy navigation. With about 4 broad styles of bags and 21 sub-groups to choose from, this website permits individualist craft to design bags that are unmatched and iconic in style.

Fascinating Diamonds

Optimum Customization: Created for you…by you

It’s the recent fad where the self-designed or “I styled it myself’’ concept has gain popularity as it enhances a customer’s sense of ownership and also the buyer is not just purchasing a product but also crafting something creative. Consumers are progressively looking for custom-made solutions that fit their explicit needs and to slake this desire of custom made products, many websites have expanded their product lines so as to accommodate every consumer taste. Each aspect of the product whether it is the design, the material, the color pattern, or the size for that matter is modified according to the buyer’s preference. Fascinating Diamonds is another website which has personalized a pricey product like diamonds according to one’s requirement. They have 4 broad categories of fine jewelry (engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, and pendants) and about 19 sub-categories. Their customization feature is immensely broad where about 2000 center diamonds, 396 diamond settings, 8 precious metals, and 7 accent stones are available for customers to choose from to design a single ring. This “made-to-order” approach has given them an unmatched edge in the dot com world today.

Persuasive Content: Guiding the user at each step

Content is another vital aspect that persuades the buyer to stick around any website. Users needed to be navigated at each step of customization thus the website content should be easily readable, fresh, and interactive as it makes the user believe in the product and builds up their confidence to go ahead with the purchase. If a customer is not able to stir course to their desired path on a website, they would leave, possibly to never revisit again. Neat layouts and easy styling options that take minimum efforts are the key to satisfactory customization.

Responsive Design

Although there are a myriad of e-commerce web sites at present, but some of them have swiftly adopted to the responsive design model. A responsive website by design reorganizes and resizes itself to fit all screens sizes; basically it is one website for all screens. Today the responsive web design is the crème de la crème for the search engines as one single website appears and works perfectly the same across all devices from laptops, tablets, to Smartphone, or desktops. As most people search for products on their phones and tablets, the need to design a responsive website is more essential than ever. Customization can be done in absolutely the same manner on the mobile phone as one would do it from their desktop, thus the user can avail the option of personalization anywhere and at any time.

shoes of prey

Latest Web Technology:

In the ever-changing world of technology and also being a component of the rapidly proceeding digital era, one should aptly modify their websites technology so as to meet the needs of its users. Web technologies like Bootstrap, Ajax, HTML5, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, Asp.Net, and CSS3 are essential components that provide any e-commerce website a distinctive edge and the ability to offer customers complete customization.

Shoesofprey is one website which has a powerful and appealing web design as well as an incredibly advance technological design. With about 12 styles of shoes to choose from and other diverse components, this website captures the customer’s imagination and permits them to craft their ultimate design.

Any good E-commerce website needs to ponder thoroughly upon these facets of personalization which in turn allures more prospects, perks up the performance, and boosts sales for the business. Websites like Shoesofprey, Fascianting Diamonds, and Laudi vidni are exemplary models of how one should offer customization to cater the needs of each buyer and provide them something that is exclusive and can be labeled as their very own magnum opus.

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