Revealing The Story And First Glimpse Of Female Diamond Jewelry Store Robber

September 18, 2015, Senior Editior


First glimpse of  female jewelry store robber

                                                                         Image Courtesy: CNN

As it is said “A girl can never have too much diamond jewelry seems to be true this time. Three robberies have occurred in three different places, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. Reports suggest they have been accomplished by a female burglar and these three heists were pulled off during the time interval of early August to early September.

This female thief reminds of Patience Phillips aka Catwoman (Halle Berry) who used to rob jewels along with a whip in the night with great flair and panache. Similarly, this bandida appears to be working alone with the aid of a gun. Her procedure of robbery includes terrorizing the employees of the store with a gun, then tying them up and after that collecting all the valuable gold and diamond jewelry from the store.

The first robbery was successfully attempted on August 5 of this year at a Zales store Dawsonville, Georgia, about 60 miles north of Atlanta. At morning time, she set her foot on the store and robbed out dimaond jewelry and other jewels of about $14,000 and then vanished without leaving any trace behind. A narrator for Dawson County Sherriff’s Office, Tony Wooten said, “She forced employees to the back of the store, where she zip-tied their hands before robbing the Zales.” He also stated that the female was of masculine built.

The second robbery was heisted nearly after a week in Reeds store in Panama City Beach, on Gulf Coast of Florida and this time valuables worth $400,000 was robbed from the store. The technique of the robbery coincided with the earlier one in Georgia and so it is believed to be the work of same female thief. Robert Clarkson of Panama City Beach Police Department uttered, “The robber was armed with a small firearm, zip-tied the two female employees and ordered them into the restroom.” He further added that, “The employee stated the suspect had entered one day prior to the robbery and asked about the same items.” The lady with gun seems to have real craze for jewelry.

Again in September 2, this lady burglar got active and a robbery took place in Jared Store in coast of South Carolina, Bluffton. Following the same process, she showed a black handgun and tied the employees at the back of the store. Captain Bob Bromage from Beaufort County Sheriff’s Department related, “The female then fled the store and is believed to have left in a vehicle, although this was not observed by the employees.” The details of this heist point towards the same thief that stole merchandize from previous two stores, still, it is a hypothesis based on credential proofs.

Three days ago FBI offered $10 K reward on giving any information regarding this lady bandida. Hopefully, we do not have to wait much longer for the name of this passionate jewelry lover.

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