Samuel Aaron Chairman Robert J. Wueste Passes Away

January 8, 2015, Senior Editior


 Robert J. Wueste Passes AwayThe diamond market has lost a gem today as Robert J. Wueste dies at the age of 72, the Chairman of the famous Samuel Aaron International. This poignant and sad news came on Tuesday night on the 6th of January at his California home. Even at this age Robert J.Wueste was in good physical shape and did not suffer any aliment. He was the Chairman of the Samuel Aaron International since February 2003, and served as a partner, president and CEO of the Samuel Aaron Group, the firm being one amongst America’s largest and prestigious jewelry manufacturers. Samuel Aaron is the founding division of the Aaron Group, famous for its specialty in colored stone jewelry and further expansions into bridal and diamond fashion. The company’s product categories include diamonds, exclusive bridal jewelry, genuine and semi-precious gemstones, silver, affordable  loose diamonds and branded and private label collections. It is an industry leader in the American market. The Samuel Aaron International group, under the guidance of Robert Wueste catered to mall jewelers, department stores, wholesale clubs, television shopping channels, internet sales, etc. The company has set a benchmark for its jewelry and has become a promising leader in the US marketplace today.

Robert J. Wueste was not just only a man with vision but was an exemplar for his multitasking abilities. His other accomplishments include being the Second Vice Chairman of Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America Inc. He also served as a Director of Evergreen International Aviation. The list just does not stop here as to add to his honors he was also chosen for being the President of the 24 Karat Club of the City of New York. He was known for his skills, hard work, and knowledge in the jewelry business. Robert J. Wueste not only helped the company grow but also set standards for the company that everyone follows today.

He is survived by his daughters Kimberly and Stacey and his beloved grandchildren. It is quite a blow to the jewelry market as he raised the bar when it comes to diamond jewelry trends. The world grieves today as a legend in his genre of work has bid goodbye to the world forever.

We consider that a man as great as Robert J.Wueste has given a lot to the jewelry business not just by his work but by setting the standards high for everyone to witness and he will always be remembered for that.

RIP Robert J. Wueste.



2 thoughts on “Samuel Aaron Chairman Robert J. Wueste Passes Away

  1. Bob Stauss said: I am deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Bob. I am glad that over the past couple of years I was able to enjoy several gatherings with him and other friends. May the love of family and friends comfort you during these difficult days, my most heartfelt condolences. Bob and Maria Stauss we were high school classmates

  2. Lon Fry said: I went to school with Bob. One day in high school we went cloths shopping together. There was also the times we went to the Del Mar races together. We played football on the high school team together and we were on the track team one year. We always had a good time together weather it was going to partys, the school dances or just talking. I was in New York in 1998 and met with him for 15 minutes on a New York sidewalk. Also in the late 90's I bought a diamond ring from Bob. He picked it out himself for me. In the late 90s Bob came to Tampa Florida where I lived for 22 years until I moved back to my home town of Carlsbad in 2014. Bob Came to Tampa to negotiate a large sale at Home Shopping and came to visit my sister Linda and I one day. We all had a great visit talking about our young days and all what we had done. It was a great catch up visit. I was in California from Florida on a visit some time in the mid 90's and I talked to Bob and he told me to stop and go thru the house he had bought in St Malo. It was during the time just after he bought it and it was in progress of being remodeled so I took some good in progress pictures and did a walk-thru and took a picture out of the upstairs small balcony of the ocean . Throughout our lives we were good friends and always had a good time together. Bob was such a good achiever and didnt let anything stand in his way. I will always miss Bob but will keep his memory alive inside me forever. Sincerely, Lon Fry

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