A take on Bridal Bouquets – Make your right choice

August 20, 2014, Senior Editior

A take on Bridal Bouquets  Make your right choice

At the end of every wedding, when the newlyweds are about to exit, you can see a group of all single females huddled together; pushing, pulling and occasionally clawing at each other, desperately awaiting the moment. Throwing of the bouquet by the bride is about to take place followed by a mad dash to catch hold of the bouquet first. It is apparent that this fine assortment of bright beautiful flowers, not only adds a unique stroke of creativity to the whole wedding arrangement, but has deep roots in the tradition. It is believed to bring luck and that one who catches the bouquet first shall be the one to get married next. Keeping traditions aside; a bridal bouquet most certainly adds an exclusive tint, fragrance, and a fresh and natural look to the ceremony, and is perhaps one of the most important choices to make for the big day. Every season has its own shades and diversity in colorful blossoms, so we have put together a hodgepodge of these multihued and brilliant floral arrangements according to the seasons and wedding theme:


spring bouquets

Spectacular Spring: Spring brings forth with it a range of seasonal vibrant flowers and foliage, which could be added to the much preferred flowers in a posy, like roses and tulips. Bright contrasting color combinations put a stunning look to a spring wedding. Frilly edge tulips with muscari, narcissi, ranunculus, and hyacinths, not only add a display of dazzling hues, but also supply a natural fresh fragrance of springtime all day long.


Fantastic fall bouquets

Fantastic Fall:  With summer coming to an end and autumn fast approaching, a fall wedding is a vision to behold with seasonal shades of warm colors in range of yellow, orange and brown. A bouquet need not just consist of warm soft colors like peach, apricot, cream, and lilac but can range to eye-popping and vivid red, burgundy, aubergine purple and even a splash of cerise. Most popular choices are these shades of roses, calla lilies, carnations and gerberas. If you want to add an alternative and a dramatic look to your bouquet add trails of ivy and rubus, croton leaves, twisted twigs, season berries and also feather make it quite unique in itself.


white wedding bouquets

White Wedding: White roses and carnations with icy blue and purple flowers and foliage is always a popular choice for a winter wedding and if you want to put in a touch of wintry glaze add sparkling and sequins diamond pins and ribbons. You could also go for a woodland look with light pink, green and brown shades with sprinkle of artfully pruned and arranged pinecones and twigs or berries.


Rustic bouquets

Rustic Romance:  If it’s rustic affair the colors that dictate will be pale pink and cream roses accentuated with rich purple and burgundy with a sprinkle of dark green shrubbery. Which bride wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle with a posy of peony with fluffy lime of the alchemilla mollis; it give out a soft feminine look yet draws attention to the country cottage feel.


Seaside bouquets

A Seaside Affair: If it’s a beach wedding, the floral arrangement is dominated by white and cream shade with pale blue and lilac or pale shades of yellow or pink and peach. A bouquet of plain white tulips or calla Lillies looks magnificent in its simplicity. If you want to highlight the oceanic glory add sea shells to the posy. An alternate would be to go with sunny yellow, orange and pink flowers to relate with the shades of dusk.


Unconventional  bouquets

Unconventional bride: With more and more brides beating the tradition and going for the unconventional wedding, the trend is carried over to have unconventional bouquets as well. This has brought in a new wave of creativity in bouquet ensemble with artistic use of beads, diamond pins, frills and artificial flowers. Use of feathers and paper or lace flowers in the posies is been seen. If it’s a beach wedding, the bride can have a garland of patterned sea shells and corals. If you are a Goth, there is a wide range of black and purple garlands for just the occasion. Pop star Avril Lavigne at her wedding in all her Goth glory was sighted carrying a garland of black roses.       Undoubtedly, the choice of a bridal bouquet voices the individuality of our exceptional brides and heightens the pristine beauty of the white gown with stroke of color. With creativity budding in every aspect of a wedding, these beautiful brides have ample of variety to add that special touch to the entire ceremonial.