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The Complete Guide To Buying Diamond Stud Earrings

April 14, 2022, Alyssa Bruni

Womens love earrings! And now-a-days even mens are getting into the trend. Diamond stud earrings offer a simple yet striking addition to any outfit and are suitable for a wide variety of occasions.

If you’re on a hunt to buy stud earrings or looking for a shopping guide, we at Fascinating Diamonds are here to help you. Here’s the way to pick out a couple of diamond studs you’ll love.


Set Your Budget

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for your loved one, stud earrings are a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, so you ought to set a good budget. Diamond stud earring can be more or less expensive depending upon metal type, diamond shape, carat weight, and the design which at the end depends upon your budget. At Fascinating Diamonds you can find a variety of affordable stud earrings without making a hole in your wallet.


Quality Matters!

The quality of diamond and its prices depend upon 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat) and when you buy diamond earring, it is no exception.


Diamond Cut:

It is the cut of a diamond that decides how much light is reflected back to the wearer, directly influencing its brilliance and fire.

Diamond Color:

Diamonds naturally come in every color of the rainbow. They are graded based on how flawless or colorless it is. Hence grading is done under restricted lighting and it takes a skilled eye many years of practice for color grading diamonds.

Colorless Comprising Of Grades D, E, AND F

Near Colorless Comprising Of Grades G, H, I, And J

Faint Color Comprising Of Grades K To M

Very Light Color Comprising Of N To Z

Diamond Clarity:

Diamond’s clarity is ascertained by the nature, number, position, dimension, and color of its inner attributes called “inclusions” and surface features called “blemishes”. Clarity is graded by the GIA on the following scale :

Flawless or FL

Internally Flawless or IF

Very Very Slightly Included or VVS1/ VVS2

Very Slightly Included or VS1/ VS2

Slightly Included or SI1/SI2

Included or I1/I2/I3

Tip: If you are tight on budget you can choose VVS1 to VS2 and save your bucks!

Diamond Carat :

A top-notch cutting is what brings blaze to the ice. One of the most important characteristics of a diamond is its cut. They refer to its proportions, evenness and polish. The carat size of a diamond increases, its price also increases at a growing rate.


Style The Setting:

The setting you choose for your diamond stud earrings depends on your style and what diamond shape and cut you choose. Here are some diamond settings to consider.

Prong Setting :

A prong setting offers elegance & timeless appeal. It is one of the most loved styles. We have a diamond setting with three prongs to six prongs and everything in between. A double-prong setting adds a sophisticated style to a simple solitaire

Bezel Setting :

Bezel Setting gives a stylish and modern look. In this setting a diamond is not only secured but holds the stone in place & offers an opportunity to showcase a lustrous metal of choice as well

Halo Setting :

Halo settings are one of the most popular styles for diamond stud earring settings. Smaller diamonds encircling the center gemstone which helps to add more brilliance to the center diamond because it reflects off of the smaller halo stones.


Back It Up:

There are three types of earring backing for stud earrings: push backs, screw backs, and secure lock backs. These clasps help you to secure your studs.

● Friction, Push-Back, or Butterfly Earring Back: These are one of the most popular styles of clasp as they are simple to take on and off, as well as being secure.

● Threaded or Screw Back: This clasp is more secure compared to push backs.

Hope our guide to diamond stud earrings was helpful. Do share your shopping experience with us in the comments section below.

Best Selling Diamond Stud Earrings


5 Carat Princess Cut Stud Earring

These captivating diamond earrings feature a dainty princess cut diamond studded in a basket prong setting on the lustrous precious metal. Secured with push backs, these diamond earrings are perfect for everyday wear.


Asscher Diamond Stud Earring 2 Carat

The Asscher Cut Diamond Earring 2 Carat unleashes a stunning square cut diamond accented in the center in a classic basket prong setting for a chamring and feminine look.


8 Carat Stud Cushion Cut Earring

These alluring 8 ct. diamond stud earrings showcases a pair of cushion cut diamonds studded in a basket prong setting. The post is secured with a friction back, making it an ideal everyday wear.


Emerald Cut 10 Carat Stud Earring

This 10 Ct. stud diamond earrings is encrusted with emerald cut diamonds to make you look perfect in every manner, with this exquisite design of stud earrings.


Womens Heart Stud Earring 4 Carat

The Women’s Heart Stud Earring allures you with excellently cut heart shaped diamonds for an added spark to your look. This is a timeless piece of jewelry and looks eternal.


One Carat Marquise Diamond Earring

The one carat marquise diamond earring pair unveils two marquise cut diamonds implanted firmly in six prong setting. These solitaire diamond studs are provided with butterfly push backs for secured grip.


7 Carat Oval Diamond Stud Basket Earring

A glittering oval shaped diamond studded in basket prong setting for that truly unique look, The post is secured with a push back in these earrings that make the perfect playful everyday look.


1.50 Ct. Pear Shaped Diamond Stud Earring

The 1.50 Ct. Diamond Stud Earring is crafted with a gorgeous pear cut diamond with immense sparkle held in a classic five prong setting adding a bold yet beautiful edge to your look.


One Carat Radiant Diamond Stud Earring

The One Carat Diamond Stud Earring flaunts a beguiling radiant cut diamond with a sparkling shine studded in a classic four prong setting offering you a beautiful look.


Basket 6 Ct. Round Diamond Stud Earring

These 6 ct. stud earring displays a marvelous round cut diamond with a classic sparkle adding an effortless edge to your appeal, securing the post with a push back.


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