Trendy Halo Diamond Ring Styles For 2019

March 19, 2019, Alyssa Bruni

The halo diamond rings are our classic take to flaunt our engagement rings and it is no surprise that this style has filled up all the trend lists in the year 2019. This entrancing setting has always been a universal favorite in the diamond industry and continues to live up to its popularity offering you a bold yet signature look.

This halo ring style features a series of small diamonds or gemstones encompassing the center stone of the engagement ring adding further sparkle to your look. The said style is a brilliant option as it makes the center stone appear even larger that in turn results in an impeccable shimmer without weighing down your pocket. This halo setting is one of the most versatile styles as it complements every diamond shape while also being the traditional pattern that offers you a vintage as well as contemporary look.

The halo ring setting being the most sought after style comes in a wide array of choices such as intricate details that offer you a special individual touch or a fancy shaped halo design which gives a unique appearance. If you also adore the glamorous appeal of the halo setting, just rummage through the various options that are the finest picks for the halo ring styles.

Under Halo Engagement Rings

Under Halo Engagement Rings


The under halo ring style is newly introduced and every one already have their eyes set on this one due to the modern appearance it has. This is also familiarized by the term ‘hidden halo’ as a range of smaller diamonds is set beneath the center stone in an elegant manner. The said style looks captivating with its unique aura and is simply one of the best alternative’s to carry the halo ring style with poise.

The double halo ring style, just as the name suggests, features two halo patterns enveloping the center stone. This is also a classic way to wear the halo diamond rings as it neither looks very extravagant nor very subtle. It has the right amount of elegance as well as shimmer and offers you a royal timeless look at all times.

The floral halo ring style is a truly exquisite creation with smaller diamonds surrounding the center diamond in a beautifully artistic manner showcasing a flower pattern. This setting resembles the beauty of nature with its heavenly designs while adding a delicate and elegant charm to your look.

The vintage halo ring style is an iconic statement with a diversity of designs exhibiting antique motifs, engravings and milgrain border beautified with a halo design capturing the essence of a classic timeless appearance. The traditional halo style enhances the magnificence of the vintage pattern adding sparkle as well as glamour to your look.

The art deco halo ring style is completely eye-catching flaunting vintage as well as contemporary styles as it experiments with captivating and creative patterns adorned with the classic halo. This ring style has a desirable appeal as it showcases the simple traditional style along with a trendy modern touch balancing your entire look in a graceful way.

The split shank halo ring style is a truly voguish design with the ring shank featuring a fancy split pattern. The halo setting adds an element of elegance to the ring with its dazzling radiance as well as sophisticated approach offering an alluring finishing touch to your look.

The square halo ring style is another fashion statement as it a brilliant choice over the classic round shaped halo setting. It offers an extravagant shimmer and style while enclosing the fancy square shaped center diamond making you look exotically beautiful every time you wear it.

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