Uncovering The Story Behind Statement Necklace Crafted From A 507-Carat Diamond

September 11, 2015, Senior Editior

A Heritage in Bloom Necklace

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Diamond that sparkle like a twinkling star are also amaranthine with their never diminishing sheen, as Chow Tai Fook recently disclosed an aesthetic diamond necklace “A Heritage in Bloom” created from Cullinan Diamond heritage found in 1905.

“A Heritage in Bloom” is an enticing necklace that can be worn in 27 different ways and this intricate design is done by Wallace Chan who had received eminence for his Wallace cut that can extend the radiance. A total amount of 383.4 carats of white and pink diamonds are used along with jadeite and mutton fat white jade to make this invaluable piece of jewelry emblazoned with figures of bats and butterflies for good luck and love as per the Chinese beliefs. The center piece of this necklace comprises of a massive 104 carat diamond that has been cut and polished from a 507.55 carat, type IIa rough Cullinan diamond that was purchased by Chow Tai Fook in 2010 at the expense of $ 35.3 million. This diamond stone is of 24 D color and internally flawless.

Cullinan Diamond was a colossal piece of diamond weighing 3106.75 carat and was discovered in 26 January 1905 at Premier No. 2 mine, near Pretonia, South Africa by Captain Frederick Wells. This diamond was named after the name of the owner of that mine, Sir Thomas Cullinan. The whole rough diamond was then gifted to King Edward VII of United Kingdom, later many fragments of the diamond was done and cut and polished to be adorned in imperial belongings. This diamond used in the necklace belongs to that famous genre of Cullinan diamonds. This jewelry is a Forevermark Diamond collection, a brand by De Beers, and the center diamond is regarded as one of the largest of its kind ever, after being cut and polished. “This is a truly extraordinary Forevermark diamond and showcases just how magnificent these treasures of nature can be,” uttered by Stephen Lussier, the CEO of the Chow Tai Fook and her statement is not even a tad away from the truth. The intricate patterns that are used to deliver such an astounding result required craftsmanship of 47,000 hours precisely. Henry Cheng, who is the chairman of Chow Tai Fook, expressed his views as, “Today we complete a journey we began 5 years ago, and we would not be more proud of the exceptional and historic creation that has emerged.” Indeed, a splendid result of all the hard toil over the years.

Instead of creating a contemporary design, Chow Tai Fook focused on ethnic designs that will reflect the culture and heritage of China to construct this ornate and articulate piece of diamond jewelry. Stressing on these facts about this necklace Henry Cheng stated, “A Heritage in Bloom embodies Chow Tai Fook’s commitment to Chinese culture, patronage of the arts, and status as a diamond expert. We consider it to be a work of art that will last the ages as the crown jewel of the Chow Tai Fook brand.”

Chow Tai Fook is a leading name in the field of jewelry in Mainland China that was established in 1929 and basically belongs to Cheng Yu Tung’s family having their headquarters in Hong Kong. Within the few years of its establishment, it started climbing the ladders of success at a very fast pace. In present day, they have their stores in Greater China, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and United States. This dazzling necklace made with diamonds from Cullinan Heritage is another glorious mark in their pages of historical memoirs.


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