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Which Ring Setting Is Best Suited For You?


Which Ring Setting Is Best Suited For You?

March 24T00:00:00.000Z, 2017

Alyssa Bruni

While selecting an engagement ring, the ultimate attention is provided on opting for the right diamond, whereas, most of us forget to bring into consideration the most important factor of a ring… the setting. What is the use of a good bling if you don’t choose the right setting to flaunt it? Not only the appearance and charm of precious diamonds or other gemstones depend on setting but also it decides the duration or the comfort ratio of the ring in everyday use. There are numerous engagement ring setting styles available which can be broadly categorized under low setting and high setting depending on the height of the basket holding the center stone. Both the settings have its own pros and cons, but relying on your prerequisites, either one of the type can be picked. Generally, high setting guarantees beauty in appearance of the ring but if you are a hyper active person often involved in manual work, then there are chances that the ring may get damaged by constant knocking and chipping on objects and also if you regularly use latex gloves, then high setting might not be the right option for you. Low settings on the other hand are very comfortable for everyday use but many don’t consider this setting to be very appealing. But, in the end it is your decision which style looks more pleasing to your eyes. A few designs of high and low setting engagement rings are discussed below to help you select the right style for you. 1   As can be seen in this low set halo engagement ring, the prongs are constructed enveloping the emerald cut diamond along the pavilion for a firm grip and it also saves space by not creating any basket to encase it. The halo created surrounding the girdle of the diamond also amplifies the debonair of the ring. The high set emerald cut halo ring on the other hand is elevated in a platform where the rectangular emerald cut diamond is placed, surrounded by halo of gemstones and diamonds. The fine display of gemstones and diamonds along the prongs and gallery of the ring showcase how bedazzling such a high setting can be.   2   The simple three stone diamond and sapphire ring portrays basket prong setting that ensures safekeeping of the diamond and the plain prong setting also offers comfort for everyday use, and the gemstones added also ignites a classic beauty admired by many. In this high set three stone ring, the three princess cut diamonds are protruded to a height in basket prong setting. Taking advantage of the elevation, fine filigree pattern is designed at the contour and a floral motif is created in the prong basket of the ring thus raising the bar of elegance.   3   Traditional and classic are the two words that spring up in mind at the look of this low set solitaire engagement ring. In this solitaire diamond ring, a small incision is made on the cathedral shank of the ring and from that base the prongs are created thus reducing the height of the ring to a great extent. The advantage of such setting is that it looks beguiling when worn in the finger and also very convenient to carry on with daily hassle without any damage to the ring. The crossover prong solitaire ring stands tall in all its glory with a round cut diamond at the center. In this high set ring, the diamond is settled at a height supported by strong prongs and the smooth curve of the cathedral shank certainly adds to its suaveness. Although the diamond is very secured in this swanky design but still someone not at ease with the higher setting may take time to get used to it.   4     In the low set side stone diamond engagement ring, the prongs are constructed at lower surface than the shank of the ring. The v prongs also cover the corners of the princess cut diamond from chipping and the combination of gemstones and diamonds along the shank acquires equilibrium in between beauty and comfort. This type of setting provides immense security to the center stone whereas it does not envelop the whole diamond reducing its shine. In the high set side stone oval diamond ring, three diamonds are elevated to a certain altitude with the help of elevated prongs. Channel set diamonds along the shoulder of the ring fetches glow and glamour to the ring. Even though gifted with such gorgeous look, this diamond ring is not a practical choice for an active person intended to do a lot of labor, the sturdy prongs may get in your way.   5   This low set emerald cut diamond engagement ring encases a rectangular shape diamond at the center within a basket decorated with tiny round diamonds and engravings. Set of diamonds at the shoulder of the ring contrasts with the fine engravings marked along the shank of the ring. Such type of prong setting provides protection to the center diamond and its vintage charm is very attractive also, isn’t it? The cushion diamond high set ring establishes the diamond at an elevated platform in prong setting. Filigree pattern is created at the gallery of the ring and a halo of tiny diamonds surrounds the center diamond below its crown. The cathedral shank embedded with diamonds and elevated setting of diamonds defines the allure of cushion diamond in a more prominent manner. Even though it is one of the common styles of engagement rings but still it is very popular and one of those ageless settings that never falls out of fame and admiration.   6   The vintage inspired round diamond low set ring holds the diamond in claw-like 8 prong setting. The thick shank of the ring imbibes fine milgrain borders and shimmering diamonds in pave setting along with filigree designs embossed throughout the shank. Even though it is low set, the thick shank provides impression of slight elevation that raises allure of the ring. The high set nature inspired diamond ring entraps a round diamond mounted at a certain height over a pedestal, supported by sturdy prongs. The endearing butterflies crafted at the shoulder of the ring along with diamonds and milgrain borders illustrate the subtle splendor of nature. This stepped setting of the ring proffers an enchanting look when observed from the top view. If you admire the traditional antique designs, then this high set ring is a very fine option.   7   This low set side stone engagement ring divulges a round diamond inside a small incision created in the thick shank. The diamond coated bars created on either side of the core diamond gives the ring a new dimension that is exceptionally refreshing in the trends of low set rings. The think shank is further adorned with paisley patterns embossed at the shank and the channel set princess cut diamonds. If one is in look out for a grand dazzling ring in low setting, then this is an amazing design to consider. Cherishing the rich feel of vintage rings, this high set traditional diamond engagement ring captures diamond at top with long prongs forming a basket, thus securing the diamond. The prongs and the basket are ornamented with tiny round diamonds redefines the modern high set ring designs with its uniqueness. The small diamonds and the milgrain borders arranged throughout the ring lures everyone with its classic appeal. Both types of settings have their own particular charm, and ultimately it is you who would be wearing it, so it must be your decision. Some people fine high settings more attractive despite the uneasiness or discomfort they may create, as with time they get used to it. Whereas, to some low settings present the comfort they are not ready to part from. And after glancing through such fascinating designs, I am pretty sure you must have set your mind already. So, move forward and get your ring in your desired setting.

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