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Who, Why And How to Reset The Ring?


Who, Why And How to Reset The Ring?

January 25T00:00:00.000Z, 2017

Alyssa Bruni

An engagement ring represents the deep bond of love, trust and understanding, which is meant to last for a lifetime. And in these long span of years, as life goes on, several junctures arrive when you rediscover your love and relation in a new light, and grow more close and intimate to each other. And to forever carry forward those lovely memories, reset or upgrade your engagement ring or wedding ring such that it lasts eternally as a hallmark of the promises you are keeping. Or simply, the ring can be upgraded to walk in parallel with the recent trends or simply because a change in design sounds like a fascinating idea. On various occasions, the situation demands upgrade of the ring. One may wonder who resets the rings when there are so many memoirs and affection associated with it. But, resetting does not change the ring completely, just a section of the ring is altered to infuse modern look and so, in a way, that ring still bears those sentiments. In daily use of jewelry, the entrancing glow of the metals as well as gems slowly loses their precious shine and visible scratches and marks take their place. The design of the ring also gets outdated with the perpetually changing trends in jewelry industry. Then why wear the same old and obsolete engagement ring even after a decade of your marriage? Walk step by step along with the altering life; as you complete a decade in your happy married life or may be half a decade (five years), celebrate the upgrade in your relation by resetting the ring to match up with the modern style. You can keep the emotions and sentiments connected with the ring intact by just giving the ring a trendier appearance that will suit the matured you even better. But again the task of resetting seems to be very tedious and time consuming as well as baffling. One can add more diamonds to the ring or redesign the ring as per the latest jewelry trends or one can also change the setting to grant a complete different look to the ring. Depending on the requirements, the upgrade or changes can be made. So, here are a few guidelines that Fascinating Diamonds suggests to teach you a few innovative tricks that will transform your ring into a remarkable one in no time.

Addition Of Sparkling Diamonds:

Addition Of Sparkling Diamonds:  

To give your diamond ring a subtle upgraded style, consider adding diamond accents on the side of your center stone. One easy way to do this is to switch the band to a setting that has diamond accents on the side like the side stone engagement rings or split shank engagement rings. This will help to add some extra sparkle to your diamond ring without having to do anything too drastic. And, you'll still be able to hold on to your original diamond.

Two More Diamonds:


If you want to increase the number of diamonds on your ring, another solution is to go for the lovely dsigns of three stone engagement rings. The resetting will be hassle free and can be easily implemented. One can add diamonds of different carat weights or same size on either sides of the center stone, also delightful gemstones like sapphires and emeralds can be installed in the ring to infuse an exotic charm.

Replace With A Bigger Diamond:

Replace With A Bigger Diamond

One perfect way to reset or upgrade your diamond ring is to replace your center stone with a larger diamond. Among the countless options in fancy diamond shapes, one can pick the favorite shape to elevate the beauty of the ring. Particularly for the designs on the solitaire diamond ring, upgrading the center diamond to a larger size is the best solution. At the start of your relation, may be you could not afford a large size but now you can so in a way the upgraded ring will also symbolize your accomplishments over the years.

Create A Halo Design:

Create A Halo Design

If you want to give your ring a different look all together, consider adding a halo of diamonds that casts a classic look as well as a grand appeal. The halo added to the diamond ring makes the ring appear larger and sparkling.

Upgrade The Setting:

Upgrade The Setting

Another good option to change or upgrade a diamond engagement ring is to change the setting. For instance, if your ring had a pointed setting like cathedral setting that can be a little inconvenient for regular use, then you can upgrade or change the setting to something completely opposite like a bezel setting, so that the diamond is less likely to get damaged and is comfortable also at the same time. Bezel settings surround the stone and keep it from getting damaged on the sides. This is also a good setting to upgrade to if you've already damaged the stone at all.

Touch Of Gemstones:

Touch Of Gemstones

Another exciting option to reset your old ring is by adding a little color. Majestic gemstones like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds make great accent stones and give the ring a more unique and interesting twist. If you are looking for a non-traditional ring style different from your current one, this may be a great option for you.

A Whole New Look:

A Whole New Look

An entirely different aspect to the design can be added by engraving exquisite floral motifs, or creating milgrain patterns or by doing filigree designs at the shank of the ring. Any lovely sequence or motif preferred by you can be embossed in the ring along with addition of accent stones along the shank generating an entirely different ring. The resetting of the ring takes only a few easy steps and VOILA…. Your gorgeous new ring will be in your hand restoring all the sentiments and emotions attached to it. The whole process of upgrade or resetting can be made very simple and easy if you find the right jeweler to suggest you right solutions and designs to increase the allure of ring manifold. Fascinating Diamonds has hired a team of highly efficient jewelry designers, who can help you out through the whole ordeal. Along with the trained designers to help you customize, design or personalize your ring,

Fascinating Diamonds

also offer thousands of designs in numerous styles to let you upgrade the ring to something exceptional that you must have always dreamt of.

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