Why princess cut diamonds are cheaper than round cut diamonds?

January 3, 2017, Alyssa Bruni

If you are planning on making all your friends jealous by flaunting your engagement ring, then the ultimate option is either round cut or princess cut diamond. Even though both the cuts are unbeatable in brilliance and sparkle, but when the price of the round cut and princess cut diamonds are compared, the round cut diamonds exceeds the budget by far. The secret behind the variation in price basically lies in their different geometric shapes. The classic round shape and the modern square shape, though both are widely appreciated for their dazzling beauty, but depending on their cut, the net worth of the diamonds varies. As both the cuts have their own flair and present transfixing glitter, one must wonder why there is difference in price.

Less Wastage, Great Saving:

The main reason behind the variation in price between these two different diamond shapes is the amount of rough diamond preserved after the diamond is cut. A round brilliant cut diamond usually saves only 40% of the rough diamond, which means from 1 carat rough diamond, 0.40 carat of fine round cut diamond can be extracted. Whereas, in comparison, the princess cut diamonds retain 80% to 90% of the rough diamond theoretically. So, after complete removal of external blemishes and cutting the facets precisely, approximately, 60% of the rough diamond is conserved. Hence, in case of princess cut diamonds, from 1 carat rough diamond, approximately, 0.90 carat to 0.80 carat princess cut diamond can be derived. Thus, the wastage in princess diamond is comparatively very less, and so, less expensive.

Discount In Labour:

In princess cut diamonds, mostly, the whole of the rough diamond is reserved, hence the symmetrical square cut takes less effort whereas, the round cut diamonds require maximized endeavours to chisel out a perfectly cut round diamond. As per the level of labour invested to acquire the precisely cut diamonds, it can be estimated that the price of the princess cut diamonds is comparatively less than round cut diamonds.

Masked Flaws:

Again, in princess cut diamonds, minor flaws at the corners of the square shaped princess cut diamonds can be covered by the prong setting, which cannot be hidden in round cut diamonds. So, in princess cut diamonds, minor adjustments in cut can be done to conceal the outer blemishes and thus, the cost of the princess cut diamonds with manageable flaws can be cheaper than the superior round diamonds.

Both round cut diamonds and princess cut diamonds are extremely admired diamond shapes, but if one is searching for a diamond shape that is utmost brilliant and luminous and also that can be easily squeezed within budget easily, then princess cut diamond is the ideal option for the modern brides.

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