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Why Would You Need A Replica For Your Engagement Ring?


Why Would You Need A Replica For Your Engagement Ring?

March 16T00:00:00.000Z, 2018

Alyssa Bruni


If you are a type of person who enjoys outdoor sports or sports in general, be it swimming, golf, boxing, weight lifting or even cooking, a replica ring is essential for you. If you wear your diamond ring while pursuing these activities then it’s inevitable that your diamond ring can be damaged. These activities are fun and eccentric, nonetheless, wearing a diamond ring and performing them, and then damaging your diamond bling, is not. We want to help you not make that mistake.

Are you someone that likes to travel? Hiking, canoeing, rowing or even bungee jumping? We highly advertise a life of adventure and free spirit and certainly feel our jewelry and designs manifest that. However, we believe in responsibility and care for ones possessions, especially if it be diamonds. We are experts in this! If you are going on an adventure or about to take part in any of the activities listed above, you seriously need to make yourself a replica. What if you lose the diamond ring? It just isn’t the responsible or wisest thing to do, so please take our advice and have your replica made today.

Are you a mother?

Are you a mother to a toddler? Or do you have a child whom you are caring for or that requires your full attention all the time? If this is the case, then we are sure that you are constantly removing or wearing your ring consistently. This isn’t great news if you are doing this with a diamond ring, as it’s prone to get damaged or even lost! This is why you need a replica. You need to make sure that your diamond ring is safe and secure and that your replica is with you at all times. Also, wearing your diamond ring all the time could be problematic for your child. It can hurt your baby, unintentionally and last but not least, if you remove your diamond ring and place it somewhere unsafe, your baby can run away with it, hide it somewhere whilst playing or even put it into their mouth. This isn’t good news at all!

Are you a working woman?

Are you a working woman? Do you use local transport? Do you feel safe and sound when travelling? If not, consider a replica. A replica is also very helpful when you have a very hands on job. For instance, if you are a doctor, a dentist or any type of medical professional, the action of removing your ring when taking gloves off and putting gloves on it problematic for your diamond ring. The friction rubbed against your ring is a red alert on its well being. Also, liquids and substances can also be hazardous and we recommend wearing a replica, when working in your designated work space/clinic.

Final thoughts

To conclude, we at Fascinating diamonds believe in value and quality above all else. When taking good care of your diamond jewelry, we know that you can count on us. This is why we strongly advise all of our lovely clients to buy a replica online with us. We want you to be careful and wise, and like always, accidents are prone. But they don’t really matter if we are careful in advance; this is where the replica comes in. We want you to keep your actual engagement ring for special occasions and wear your replica on a day to day. We believe it’s the best way to preserve your diamond jewelry and therefore enhance its durability. Talk to one of our customer care members/executives today and let them advise you on how to buy your replica, with us, now!

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