Who will carry on Designer Scott Kay’s Legacy?

December 9, 2014, Senior Editior

Renowned Jewelry Designer Scott Kay Dies

It is indeed a grave shock as well as an immense grief to the world, as a timeless legacy of exquisite and innovative jewelry making comes to an end, with the death of celebrated jewelry designer and innovator Scott Kay on 4th December, 2014. Still quite young, at age of just about 57 years, Scott Kay was every bit an enthusiast with ample of immense talent and experience behind him, one who loved to create new designs. “He had a definite vision, and that helped his business become strong over the years because he followed it. That’s the key to having a good brand, and I didn’t see that change at all over the years.” There can be no truer words to describe Mr. Kay’s zest, than by his mentor and good friend Henry Dunay, another eminent name in world of jewelry designing.

“When it comes to engagement and wedding jewelry, quality must never be compromised”; a philosophy which Scott Kay followed during his entire esteemed career. A true pioneer in jewelry designing Kay was accredited for his brilliant work with platinum. Over the years he earned quite a fan following for designing exclusive diamond rings and fine jewelry for Hollywood celebrities and renowned personalities. Founded in 1984, Scott Kay Inc., taking the namesake from this renowned artist, celebrated 30 years this year. Not only is it a great loss to the company, but the world of jewelry at large. But as the big question of who would carry on Designer Scott Kay’s legacy was pondered upon, there is still seems hope as Scott Kay Inc. reopened yesterday after the unexpected tragic event, his family vowed to continue the cherished legacy with same enthusiasm and passion that Scott Kay was recognized throughout his illustrious journey.

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