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Boston is a ‘City on the hill,’ and is unlike New York! This small city with highly-educated populace is also bestowed with name such as ‘The Cradle of Liberty’ and ‘The City of Champions.’

A powerful reminiscent of America’s glorious history, Boston has a lot to offer. While cherishing the past, the city has effortlessly molded itself into modernization. History lovers… ‘The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum gift shop’ is the stop you mustn’t miss. ‘The City of Champions’ is a paradise for those made for shopping. Invariably busy delighting visitors from across the globe; Newbury Street of Boston never goes dry. If the trendy clothing outlets promise to make you go wow, the precisely crafted artistic diamond jewelry such as wedding and engagement rings Boston is sure to mesmerize you. Highly passionate artists from array of genres now prefer Boston to showcase their love and talent. One simply doesn’t need to fret, when in Boston, over picking the ideal souvenir for your loved ones. To drive the baseball lovers even crazier, some of the store around the stadiums offer token from the Red Sox Nation, yes that’s right.

When it comes to museum, Boston is the right city for it. One can find museums in almost every area. A brief, yet very complete glimpse of city’s past and present can be smoothly experienced in Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum, and John F Kennedy Library and Museum- this museum is dedicated "to all those who through the art of politics seek a new and better world." And then of course there is the local favorite Boston children’s museum. What makes the museum more exciting is that it allows the kids to learn and enhance their knowledge in an incredibly interesting fashion. The city of Boston and its museum is a formidable combination.

Were you aware Boston enjoys the status of ‘culinary innovator?’ As we said, Boston has a lot to offer… sea foods have always been in great demands. The diversity of the city is reflected in the variety of cuisines offered. To relish the authentic flavor of Asia one can drop in at Chinatown, and the best of Italian food can be savored in the north end. You can spot delicacy outlets in every nooks and crannies.

When you talk about Boston, you must definitely talk about its rich culture. And sports are the major part of it. The favorites are Baseball, Ice-Hockey, Football and the most cherished Rugby. It is home to several major sports leagues such as The Boston Red Sox (baseball), Boston Celtics (basketball), Boston Bruins (hockey), The New England Patriots (Football) and New England Revolution (soccer) at Gillette Stadium in nearby Foxborough. A century old Fenway park is the best place to catch a baseball match, for Bostonians love baseball and claims it to be their religion. Talk of richness!

Once you begin exploring the city, your desire keeps surging. You can explore some of the best attraction sights to your heart’s content, without making a dent- rather deep dent- to your pocket. The Boston public library not only delights your reading appetite, but also promises to delight you with an outstanding art and architecture. For nature lovers, there’s soothing Blue Hills Reservation, where you can stroll, hike, as you desire- for free of charge. You can also take a quick in-depth peek into the history of Boston just by cruising along the Freedom Trails. The experience is certainly enriching.

The city of Boston is also popularly known for its rich diversity and unique accent. People from all walks of life can be seen having the time of their life and in harmony. Standing tall with pride and dignity, the city of Boston is a symbol of changing times.

Boston is the city for adventure lover, for the one who loves trying something new, every time.

You feel Boston when you are in Boston.