Los Angeles

When Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young proposed to Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, he did it with a stunning 10.43 carat diamond engagement ring. There is a thriving diamond district here apart from its booming trade, beaches, technology, creativity and entertainment. Situated in Southern California, the second largest city in the United States is known for its ethnic diversity and as a sprawling metropolis.

Los Angeles is the place to be at, if you want to catch a glimpse of a celebrity or two, or soak up some sun. The climate here is largely Mediterranean. Adding to the glory of the beautiful weather, the city is blessed with some of the best beaches in the United States like the Venice Beach, Manhattan Beach, and the historic Santa Monica Beach among others.

Shopping for jewelry here will always have something to keep you coming back for more. If you are planning on popping the question, the Jewelry District in Los Angeles is the best place to shop at. Located downtown, it is the largest jewelry district in the United States with close to 5,000 businesses and annual sales just under three billion dollars. When shopping for jewelry, head down to Hill Street, Olive Street and Broadway between 5th and 8th Streets. With plenty to offer, in the jewelry stores, finding perfect diamond engagement rings in Los Angeles for your partner is easier than ever.

The drive up to the Malibu Family Wines vineyard is worth the distance. Take a tour of the vineyard, taste a few wines, and pick up a bottle to accompany lunch at the winery’s picnic table. Feast on the best of street food in Los Angeles with the Bacon Popcorn from Black Hogg on Sunset Boulevard or tuck into a hearty bowl of Daikoko Ramen at Daikokouya on 1st Street.

There’s no better city than Los Angeles if you want to spot a celebrity. Join the paparazzi outside Kitson, a regular haunt of the celebrities or dine at The Ivy where you’re sure to bump into a few celebrities and maybe get an autograph if you’re lucky. Cliché as it sounds; no visit here would be complete without a picture of the famous Hollywood sign. Although the sign is visible across the city, the best place to get a picture of it is from 3000 Canyon Lake Drive. Also walk down Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street where stars have been immortalized on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

There are an astonishing 841 museums and art galleries in Los Angeles. The Museum of Contemporary Art has over 6,000 pieces of art and is an art enthusiast’s heaven. The Getty Centre features pre 20th century European paintings, drawings, manuscripts, sculptures, and decorative arts as well as 19th and 20th century American, Asian and European photographs. The museum also has a sprawling outdoor sculpture display on their terraces and gardens. Gallery Row houses a significant number of art galleries and if the monthly Downtown Art Walk is on, do try and attend.

The metropolitan area of the city is home to nine major league professional sports teams. Major league baseball is represented by the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers play for the national basketball association whereas the women’s team is represented by the Los Angeles Sparks. Hockey and football fans too have teams to cheer for with the Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks, and the Los Angeles Galaxy respectively.

The nightlife here is said to be among the best in the world. With funky beach pubs and snazzy lounges, there is plenty to do here after dark. Edison, an industrial style chic basement pub, serves up mojitos that will keep you sipping one after the other all night long. Bar Marmont, famous for their martinis is also a haunt of the famous. If you’re looking for something more modest, Ye Olde King’s Head is perfect. Expect dartboards, football, beer on tap, and fish-n-chips on the menu.

Despite its status as an entertainment hub, the city takes pride in its education system which includes the famous University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and several private film, acting and art institutes.

Los Angeles as a city has lots to offer. It is a beacon for countless small-town dreamers, risk takers, the open minded, and everyone else. The city has given the world plenty of legends like Jim Morrison, Serena and Venus Williams, and Quentin Tarantino; no wonder then that it has been nicknamed as the City of Angels.

Beverly Hills

Beverly HillsTo say Beverly Hills and the image of any sophisticated celebrity not forming up in your mind would be a miracle!

Internationally acclaimed for being home to some of the richest and famous celebrities, Beverly Hills is located between Los Angeles and Santa Monica. Together, the three cities form the platinum triangle and are known for its prosperity and profusion. Speaking of prosperity, Rodeo Drive a two mile long street, is decorated luxuriously with array of exclusive boutiques. Gucci, valentine, Prada and Armani and Tiffany are all here. Rodeo drive also actively organizes varieties of seasonal holiday spectaculars and luxurious jewelry festivals. The place also endows world’s finest Jewelry stores. It has much to offer from stunning engagement rings to finest quality diamond jewelry in Beverly Hills will just take your breath away.

The wide ranges of exemplary cuisines offered in the city can’t stop food lovers from being overjoyed. Where one can indulge into the flavors of Spain in the Spanish restaurant ‘The Bazaar’, the French restaurant ‘Bouchon’ leaves its customer with an unappeasable desire to have some more. And after grabbing a bite from Japanese Knife Imports one is sure to say barioishi! (That’s delicious in Japanese). It wouldn’t be an over statement if one refers to Beverly Hills as ‘cheese lover’s heaven,’ for Norbert Wabing, owner of ‘The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills,’ with 500 varieties of cheese, is ever ready to surprise his customer with exceptional service and equally exceptional cheese. In the city of the rich, where elite lifestyle is cherished, one can always take a dip into luxuries of all sorts.

Taking about all this stuff, but no mention of cupcakes? The world’s first 24 hour cupcakes ATM ‘The Sprinklers Cupcake’ is a delightful place to be at.

The affluent city resents any sort of mediocrity, and offers the finest nightlife one can soak oneself into. From wine bars to hookah bars, from jazz clubs to Asian fusion and from sports bars to hip-hop clubs, the city promises one a wonderful time.

Beverly Hills is not limited to shopping and celebrity spotting.

The city also boasts of some of the finest work of architecture. A visit to Grey Stone Mansion & Park, The O’Neil house, and The Witch’s House simply puts one into a trance and in awe. Beverly Hills has a spectacular amount of parks, as much as 14 and has been appreciated for its commitment to urban forestry.

With all the glamour and excitement that the city offers, it comes as no wonder that it’s a renowned tourist destination.