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Despite being one of the smallest states, New Jersey is the 11th most populous state and it’s easy to understand why. The state has a lot to offer in terms of sights, monuments, and shopping including diamond engagement rings. The state was inhabited by the Native Americans for close to 3,000 years with tribes such as the Lenape. It was also home to the Dutch and the Swedes during the early 17th century. When the English later seized control of the region, they named it the Province of New Jersey and was granted as a colony to Sir George Carteret and John Berkeley, 1st Baron Berkeley of Stratton. At this point, it was named after the largest of the Channel Islands- Jersey, which was Carteret’s birthplace. The state was also the site of several decisive battles during the American Revolutionary War.

The state of New Jersey is classified into five regions. The Northeasten New Jersey or the Gateway Region lies closest to Manhattan in New York City. The Northwestern New Jersey or the ‘Skylands’ contrast the northeast region and are more wooded, rural and mountainous. The famous ‘Shore’ alongside the Atlantic Coast has its own natural, residential and lifestyle distinctiveness owing to its location by the ocean. The Dellaware Valley which is made up of the southwestern regions of the State is included within the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. The Pine Barrens in the interiors of the southern part of the state are covered extensively by pine and oak forest.

New Jersey is a shopper’s paradise, with no retail tax on shoes and clothes. With plenty to pick from upscale boutiques to bargain friendly flea markets, you would definitely find the best diamond engagement rings in New Jersey. The city will not disappoint with their range of diamond jewelry. There are also plenty of antique shops and vast malls to keep shoppers busy. From big brands like Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s to value-for-money stores like Home Depot and Circuit City, there is no dearth of options around.

During the 19th century, resorts and boardwalk entertainment districts sprouted around the shore which today includes seaside bars, clubs, family oriented beaches and beautiful lighthouses. Aptly called the Garden State, it is home to more than 265 species of birds and lush green landscapes that are a far feel from a typical city.

Apart from amazing weather, the state has a number of attractions that draw crowds from all over the world almost every day. If you’re looking for fun, adventure, and an adrenaline rush, the Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach Water Park and Six Flags Great Adventure and Wild Safari are good options. Be a part of history at the Battleship New Jersey where you can explore the ship’s legendary 16 inch Gun Turret, climb and descend the steep stairs, and eat in the original mess halls. The New Jersey State Museum and the Adventure Aquarium are also places you have to visit when in New Jersey.

New Jersey also has some of the best food the country has to offer. Tuck into a hearty bowl of Market Fish Mazemen at Union Republic. The noodles, served with a cod croquette and soft boiled egg on the side is comfort food at its best. If fine dine is more your thing, Thirty Acres does an amazing Grilled Baby Octopus with chipotle, eggplant, oregano and lemon. The best way to experience food in New Jersey is at a diner. The Vincentown Diner uses locally sourced food and organic ingredients. The locals swear by the BBQ Pork Sandwich and the Philly Cheesesteak Omelet.

New Jersey is the birthplace of modern inventions such as the FM radio, the motion picture camera, the lithium battery, the light bulb, transistors and the electric train. It has also given the world legends like Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, and Lauryn Hill to name a few. With an amalgamation of urban life and rooted country getaways, no wonder New Jersey scores high with visitors.

Atlantic City

Atlantic CityA lesser known fact about Atlantic City is that it was the inspiration for the board game, Monopoly. Also known as America’s favourite playground, it is known for its casinos, boardwalks and beaches. If you are looking for some major sparkle diamond rings in Atlantic City doesn’t disappoint you with myriad of options to choose from.

There’s plenty to do here for everyone. If you’re feeling lucky, head down to one of the many casinos and try your luck. The Borgata Casino and Caesar’s Atlantic City Casino promise more than just a game, but an experience not worth missing out on.

For the non gamblers, a walk down to The Steel Pier, which was built in 1898, the amusement pier has rides, high end shopping as well as plenty of street food to keep everyone happy. Lucy the Margate Elephant is an icon to Atlantic City. The 65 foot, six story high wood and tin structure was built in the small coastal town of Margate in 1881 to attract prospective buyers to summer homes in the area. Since then, Lucy has been a tavern, a summer home and an observation deck. If you’re around, head here and walk up the spiral stairs to reach the cabin like structure on her back with a gorgeous view of the city.

Be sure to check the concert line up at the famous Boardwalk Hall. Opened in 1929, it is the city’s most popular concert and event venue and is particularly famous as the home of the Miss America finals. Here you will also find a pipe organ with 33,000 pipes, eight chambers and 1,000 stop keys, which makes it the biggest musical instrument in the world.

At the beach in Atlantic City, the sand is soft, the surf is up, and what better reason to be out here instead of cooped up in a hotel room? If you’re around the boardwalk, make sure to catch the 3-D Light and Sound Show with special effects projected on the façade of Boardwalk Hall. The show begins at 8.30pm and is absolutely free of cost.

The food in Atlantic City ranges from cheap, fried carnival stuff to the best of celebrity chef dining. Book a table at Bobby Flay at the Borgata Casino; it may be a bit pricy, but it is worth it for the Crispy Onion-Roasted Tomato-Blue Cheese Salad. After a hearty meal at Bobby Flay, laugh it off at the Comedy Club at the Borgata Casino. If you’re lucky, there will be a wicked comedian that night, who will pick on you.

Do not leave without trying their famous Saltwater Taffy. This has been an Atlantic City souvenir for over 130 years. Just a warning- the sticky toffee can be quite sticky and give you a good upper body workout while unwrapping it.

Jersey City

Jersey CityJersey City is the largest city in New Jersey. A neat blend of action-packed nightlife and amusing attractions defines Jersey City the best. The city has it all- shopping malls, outlets, museums and more. There are also wide varieties of shopping options for fashion and fine jewelry among other things. The city has the most diverse populace in the country with a mixture of many cultures and ethnicity contributing to its rapid growth and diversity.

Blessed with good weather, the city has plenty to do here. Museums, art galleries, theatres, shops, historic buildings, and parks, there is so much to do here, that you will discover something new each time you visit Jersey City.

Shopping in New Jersey can go from high end retail options, discounted brand-name fashion, and accessories at a factory outlet mall. Some of the city’s best shopping options include Tia’s place which is sure to give you plenty of good bargains and Aspasia’s Boutique which offers an eclectic blend of ladies clothing and accessories with styles ranging from contemporary to trendy. Jersey City diamond jewelry store sell such wonderful diamond jewelry from engagement rings to earrings, and other exclusive pieces.

There’s never a shortage of things to do in Jersey City- day trips, nightlife, there is something to do no matter what time of the day it is. Head to the Central Avenue Shopping District in the Heights or the Afro-American Museum in the Greenville District, the walkways along the Waterfront or the Hudson Mall on the Hackensack Riverfront. You will find plenty to do. Like take a cruise along the Hudson River or spend the day at Pershing Field- the city’s largest park with jogging tracks, tennis courts and even an outdoor pool. If you’re heading Downtown, make it a point to catch a movie at the Van Vorst Park. The screenings are free and begin around 8.30pm daily. The organizers encourage you to leave your phone at home, get a blanket and relax under the stars.

Take your kids to the Jersey City Children’s Theatre. The place is dedicated to performances by and for children. At the theatre, they celebrate the art of play and the diverse tapestry that is Jersey City. Their curriculum involves storytelling, play making and theatre games that help children to discover diplomatic ways to learn lessons in morality, courage, generosity and compassion while having fun.

Feeling hungry? Jersey City has scores of restaurants where one can either grab a quick bite or tuck into a feast for the senses. 9th and Coles Tavern, Downtown has perfected the formula of culinary delights served in a warm and intimate vibe. Enjoy their pizzas, pastas, burgers and mouthwatering desserts in the restaurant which is also pet friendly. If you’re looking to indulge your sweeth tooth, look no further than Angel Azul Bakery. Knowon for their Columbian desserts, this place is a must visit.

Besides having so many things to do, Jersey City was also the filming location for the 2012 reality television series Snooki & JWoww, a spinoff of Jersey Shore that stars Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi and Jnenifer ;JWoww; Farley, living at a former firehouse at 38 Mercer Street at Grove Streeet in Downtown Jersey City.