New York

When Frank Sinatra sang about wanting to live in a city that never sleeps he got it right with New York. The city, nicknamed as The Big Apple, is a fast-paced globally influential centre of art, culture, fashion and finance. Not only that, it has also been dubbed as the most economically powerful city in the world. It is the house of world class fashion designers like Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Chris Benz, and Diane Von Furstenberg to name a few. Each year New York City catches the attention of approximately 47 million domestic and foreign tourists from around the globe. Alistair Cooke, a British journalist once best described New York as the biggest collection of museums in the world. Also noteworthy about New York is the list of celebrities who are proud to call it home including Vin Diesel, Tom Cruise, Lady Gaga, Millard Filmore, Billy Joel and many more greats.

New York is home to over 20 million people, which continues to grow steadily; and for all the right reasons. The city has the best port in America, Wall Street, Silicon Alley which attract working professionals from all over the world. The city has also left a mark on the minds of many through various movies like Rear Window, Sweet Smell of Success and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Songs too have sung praises for the city with Cam’ron’s Welcome to New York and The Pogues’ Fairytale of New York.

Shopaholics, the city will not disappoint. There are plenty of shopping centers in New York. One of the best fashion hubs of the world, the city houses more than 2,600 independent diamond jewelers and businesses. This makes it an ideal one stop destination to indulge in shopping for exquisite diamond engagement and wedding rings. When in New York, head to midtown Manhattan which is a prime destination for obtaining all sizes and shapes of diamonds and fine jewelry at incredible rates and value for money. An interesting fact about diamonds and New York is that the United States alone is the world’s largest diamond consumer market and over 90 per cent of diamonds entering the market go through New York City. Scores of jewelry aficionados never miss a chance to buy diamond jewelry in New York for the city, is home to some of the finest jewelry brands around the globe.

All the shopping and exploring is bound to leave a person hungry, so head to some of the city’s most iconic restaurants. John’s on Bleecker Street in the West Village makes the best pizza in the city while Katz on the Lower East Side is famous for their pastrami. A New York must try snack are pretzels which are easily available at hot dog stands all over the city.

The city marks some of the world’s most recognizable landmarks. There is something for everyone here; be it food, art, music, theatre, sports, shopping, you will never run out of options and sights to see. From the world’s largest building, the Empire State Building to the striking Statue of Liberty, there is plenty to see. For art enthusiasts, a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a must. The museum is the largest in the United States of America and houses over two million works of art. For an uninterrupted view of the New York skyline, a visit to the Rockefeller Centre should be on your to do list.

While there are plenty of paid attractions, there is also a lot of free tourist attractions in New York. Take a trip to the famous Times Square and admire the billboards or the neon displays. If you want to make the most of Central Park, devote half a day here and spend it discovering the Sheep’s Meadow, The Rambles, The Bethesda Fountain, and The Strawberry Fields, which are a tribute to John Lennon or row down The Lake. Do not miss the Grand Central Station; head here around midday to catch the rays of light streaming through the gothic cathedral style windows. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge too or take the ferry ride to Staten Island.

Let your hair down with New York’s famous nightlife that includes The Red Lion, 1849- a Wild West themed bar, Slane- Greenwich Village’s best Irish bar or catch a gig at the Comedy Club in Greenwich Village.

For the sports enthusiast, New York has plenty to offer. New York is home to National Football League teams the Buffalo Bills, The New York Giants and the New York Jets. They also have two major league baseball teams- the New York Yankees and the New York Mets. The National Hockey League too is represented in New York with the New York Rangers, the New York Islanders and the Buffalo Sabres. National basketball association teams the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets do the city proud. New York is also proud of their Major League Soccer franchise, the New York City FC.

With so much to do, it is no wonder that New York is one of the most visited cities in the world.