The name of this city springs an image of power, politics in our mind. As quoted in William Armstrong’s words, “In Washington D.C, politics dominate even the most casual conversation,” but there are so many layers of this amazing place that gets concealed under the veil of all these political perception, an inseparable part of that city. This city is indeed an intriguing admixture of agricultural, industrial and high–tech influences although retaining its cultural heritage and economy. This vigorous city is also popular for its lattes, software companies, music and its extensive outdoor adventure. As in words of John F. Kennedy, “Described Washington as a community of Southern efficiency and Northern charm.”

Standing on a bridge and gazing at the crimson hued sunset in the sky reflected across the glistening water of Potomac River…what an astounding sight it must present to behold. Dinaw Mengestu in his book entitled The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears so eloquently sketched the details of Washington D.C. that one will find himself being transported in the streets of that city. While talking about aesthetic beauty of this city, the Tidal Basin requires a mention. The mellifluous beauty of this reservoir with its luminous water rimmed by sweet scented, pink cherry blossoms can replenish the soul when it is in full bloom during spring. 

The state of Washington is a haven for shopaholics consisting of outlet stores, retail malls, flea markets and antique stores that comprise of many artifacts, wine, books, music, clothes and much more. The city is one of the most- infamous shopping destinations in the country where one can find all kinds of contemporary boutiques and antique stores that showcase high end fashion and fine jewelry of Washington DC. The Washington Diamonds are very renowned for their refined quality.  Very exquisite antique or classic as well as modern designs of engagement rings in Washington DC are available at jewelry stores that include all kinds of diamond jewelry and more. 

One can travel around a national park in temperate rain forest; hike the trails at the National Volcanic Monument, and enjoy the aroma of the desert sage all in one day. Washington is home to many awesome mountain ranges like the Olympic Mountains, the Kettle River Range in the north east and the Kettle River Range in the south east. The road to these ranges are filled with ecstatic views of the pine tree forests and waterfall and cascading creeks in low lands which can rejuvenate the mind and fill it with bliss, whereas upper elevations are blessed with Alpine firs and Lodge pole pines, equally thrilling view and experience. One can also ski or hike or ride a horse high up in these ranges to the heart’s content. The Cascade Range, regarded as a part of the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire, also passes through this fabulous place. These Cascade Range contains several volcanoes, from the north to the south these volcanoes are Baker, Glacier, Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Adams. Mount Rainer is posed as a great threat in continental U.S. due to its close proximity to the Seattle Metropolitan Area. In a word, if a person is a nature lover then this dulcet city has a lot to offer. 

Washington has preserved all its prime riches of culture and heritage in its museums. These museums are filled with history and art that provides deep insight into the state’s civilization and roots. Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History, National Museum of American History, etc. are some museums that provide summarizing facts on our ancestors, our habitat and better acquaint us with ourselves. 

The art galleries in Washington reflects the true essence of art that is sure to awestruck the art lovers. National Gallery of Art, Marsha Mateyka Gallery, etc. are some of the famous galleries in Washington DC that helps in preserving the sense of aestheticism of art. 

As in quoted words of Mark Twain in The Gilded Age, “There is something good and motherly about Washington, the grand old benevolent National Asylum for the helpless.” Truly, this is a refuge to the wanderers where they can search for their destiny as well as can replenish their soul amidst the nature. So, the power kingdom is also a realm of peace and contentment for the one who seeks it. So with every turn and sign, the state of Washington is surely a mind blowing experience for people of all ages and preferences.



Olympia, the state capital of state Washington is a splendid city surrounded by Olympic Mountains in the northwest and Mount Rainer at the southwest along with Capitol Lake flowing beside. Mild winters and warm summers mark itself as a sunny place where the art is very much appreciated. This city is an ideal tourist destination for alfresco activities and attractions throughout the entire year. St. Augustine said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page,” so you see one should complete reading the whole book by visiting different destinations and do not forget to include this wonderful place as a page in your book. All over the city there are hiking trails that pass through evergreen lush forests and lead to salt water breaches. 

The down town zone proffers an eclectic mix of shopping and dining experiences, while the West side area is a local shopping destination where numerous national and branded outlets are available, there are some distinguished stores to buy diamond jewelry in Olympia that provide its residents and tourists with a wide array of shopping prospects for the latest in fashion and fine jewelry. The jewelry stores in Olympia are an obligatory stopover. 

The dinners in Olympia offers a resource of versatility to the people, one can satiate the urge to eat seafood or the craving for authentic continental cuisine in this city. Gardner’s Seafood & Pasta, Basilico, Lemon Grass Restaurant, Aya Sushi, etc. are some restaurants that will provide the delicacies whose taste will savor in your mouth ever after. This city is ideal to taste the Pacific Northwest cuisines.    

This place is adorned with ecstatic monuments that take the breath away. Overall there are 18 such wonderful art installations and monuments in this glorious city. The Winged Victory Monument, The Tivoli Fountain Replica, Du Pen Fountain, etc. must be listed in the number of monuments that will definitely appeal to your sense of aestheticism. 

Along with these the major attractions of this city are Olympia Marina, Capital Playhouse, Hands on Children Museum, etc. and these spots must not be missed. All these marvelous monuments will transport you to an era of historical period that gives profound joy to the soul. The natural beauty of this place is as captivating and soothing to the eyes.



Tacoma is a mid-sized urban city which is also known as the “city of destiny”. This city has a remarkable view as this city is a harbor surrounded by water. It is a city where one can indulge in a wide array of creativity and culture as it is an ideal place for those with a passion for the arts. 

In its numerous districts one will find themselves surrounded by a number of galleries where one can explore the illustrious glass art and other history. Tacoma Art Museum, Museum of Glass, Washington State History Museum, etc. are some museums that will take you to the pages of history and also will reap the seed of creativity and arts in the heart. These places reflect the ability of human beings in creating such monuments that emphasize the elegant taste.

The city is lined with antique stores and boutiques, retail outlets, specialty shops. The Tacoma jewelry stores have been gaining admiration for the unique design and the gems utilized for crafting superior as well as exquisite style of jewelry. They provide the visitors with an amazing range of shopping from vintage to modern day fine jewelry and of course the latest desire of the women, the custom diamond jewelry in Tacoma is sure to charm all.

How can one forget the most enchanting secret about Tacoma is the view of the sunrise, when the bright ray of sun falls on the Mount Rainier eliciting an iridescent aura and its reflection on the sparkling water; one must witness this enthralling scene to be mesmerized by it. 

The theatrical culture is also alive in this charming city. The Broadway Centre for Performing Arts manages many theatres like Pantages, The Rialto Theatre, etc. that quenches the thirst for extraordinary performances. These kinds of experiences are sure to attract the theatre lovers in this city. 

Tacoma is an amazing place with ocean, mountains and rainforests. The climate of Tacoma is very pleasant that favors the tourism and green parks and rows of trees throughout the city increases the natural splendor of this city even more. In a single statement, Tacoma is a city worth experiencing as there are plenty of activities one can take pleasure in, no matter their preferences or choices.