Rocky Romance

Rosalyn and Mark

Dating a public-relation manager has its pros and cons. One can always be devoted to their work, so this can put a little pressure on the relationship but the best advantage is that I get to travel along with my beau. Usually it can’t be classified as a romantic getaway as Mark has to work and so I thought that the trip to Guatemala will be no different.

Two days after we checked into a hotel in Guatemala, Mark told me that we were leaving. That was a bit shocking as I wasn’t expecting such a short trip. I become incredibly excited that instead of boarding a flight back to Chicago we take a detour to Jamaica. There we check into a luxury resort aptly called The Caves as it sits on a system of caves and rocky-extensions. It is almost twilight, when Mark suggests we take a tour of the various attractions that the resort offers.

We weave through the stunning and aesthetic architecture of the resort and honeycomb cliffs, and finally halt at a nook of a crag. The view through the opening in the rock-face is nothing short of amazing; stretches of clear blue water and exquisite sunset hues. The alcove is breath-taking; every furnishing is carved out of the sea-cliff and it is lit up with a hundred small lanterns and in the middle, overseeing the water mass, is a perfectly laid out dinner with a wine bottle. I am absolutely amazed and besotted by the sheer beauty and serenity of it all that I fail to observe the jewellery box, which is placed in the middle of the table.

When, finally I do see the box, which holds an astonishing cushion cut diamond engagement ring, words fail me. I look at Mark trying to make sense of it all, he seems nervous as he bends down to ask me, “Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?” I am so overwhelmed by it all that I burst into tears and yet I manage to nod and hug him.

We sit sipping wine at the backdrop of sunset and I admire my beautiful ring as sunlight reflects off it. Mark tells me he had selected it with help of Fascinating Diamonds and to them I am truly grateful. It is perfect!

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The water fountain and the wish.

Rupert and Selena

I literally just moved to New York and one fine evening, possessed by an exploratory whim had decided to take a tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was weird as I had nothing to do or any friends to meet on an evening in New York. I decided, well I didn’t really have a choice but to be in solitude and so headed to the museum. I guess a little bit of intellectual stimulation does no one any harm. Selena was a guide in the museum and she was a sight to behold; tall, elegant, and passionate about art history. I was mesmerized by her and had followed her around trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. It had been only after a few more visits to the museum that I had mustered the guts to ask her out.

We had been going steady for 3 years, when I’d decided to ask her to marry me. Rome was her dream city and that is exactly where I wanted to propose. Selena was simply delighted at the prospect of going on a romantic getaway to Rome.

We checked into a premium suite in Hotel Delle Nazioni and after a delectable dinner, I had suggested that we take a stroll through the beautiful town of Trevi. We made our way to the magnificent Fontana di Trevi popularly known as the wishing fountain. Selena was thrilled and started to relay the history and the myth about the fountain. I placed a penny into her palm and asked her to make a wish. She turned her back to the fountain, closed her eyes and threw the coin over her shoulder making a wish. At that very instant that she had closed her eyes, I got on my knees and had held out an opulent emerald cut solitaire engagement ring. A range of emotions crossed her face when she had opened her eyes; shock, surprise, and finally sheer joy. Before I could ask her the question she had hugged me and whispered “I can’t believe my wish has come true. Thank you.”

Shopping had never been my forte so I had no idea what kind of ring I should buy for Selena. Therefore, I would like to thank Fascinating Diamonds for guiding me in selecting the perfect ring for my beloved.

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A Masked Proposal

Rosalyn and Philippe

I had met Philippe Maison over an interview regarding his donations towards restoration of the old architectural foundations in Paris. I was a student in my final year in an architecture school in Paris and he was a self made business man and a philanthropist. I couldn’t say that we’d hit it off instantaneously as in that first meeting he seemed to be an uptight and a shrewd business man, who thought that the interview was a waste of his precious time. So I was quite surprised when he asked me out for coffee a few days later and over a few more dates he had completely won my heart.

It was our first valentine as a couple but when I walked into his apartment early that morning to wish him, I found a note from him instead, apologising for his absence and also a parcel which contained an air ticket to Venice. When I reached Venice there was a car waiting to escort me to San Clemente Palace. There in our grand suite, I was thrilled to find another parcel waiting for me; this was a big one, which contained a magnificent Victorian styled dress and a carnival mask.

I felt like Cinderella as I got ready and was escorted to a bridge and down the stairs towards a beautiful gondola where my prince charming was waiting for me. He too was dressed in a matching Victorian dress robe complete with a mask. With a flourish he bowed and held out his hand and saying “Mi Lady, after you”, as he helped me climb on to the gondola. We floated through the beautiful city in all its carnival glory, his arms draped around me, sipping champagne and at the back drop of the setting sun he proposed me with an ostentatious vintage engagement ring. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

He later told me that he had immense help from Fascinating diamonds to select this glorious ring and I am truly grateful to them.

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A Parisienne Proposal

Josh and Liz

I worked as an assistant in a doctor’s clinic, which is where I saw Liz for the first time. She had come in for a checkup with her mother. The moment she walked in and looked up at me, I saw the most sincere and sweetest smile that took my breath away and in at that moment I knew, she was a special one. I could tell she was interested in me, but I thought there was no way this girl was single. Luckily, I was wrong!!

We spoke about almost whatever we could while her mom waswith the doctor and it turned out we had more in common than I would have thought. Before she left, I told her that I would look her up on Facebook so I added and messaged her that same day, since then I have been utterly head over heels in love with her.

On our 2nd anniversary I decided that it was time and I knew she was the one for me, since the very beginning and now I had to make it official. Both of us love travelling, since the time we started dating we tried to squeeze in as many trips as we could. Although this time I thought I’d take her somewhere she always wanted to go, so I took her to France. Together we visited many places in the whole of France, Paris being our final destination.We covered as much of Paris as we could in the last two days, The Notre Dame Cathedral, The Louvre, The Palace of Versailles, and I purposely left the Eiffel-Tower for our final evening that we spent in France. We went up to the last floor of the tower and enjoyed the breathtaking view of the beautiful city.

Once backdown, I insisted that we take a walk down the Champs de Mars. With the Eiffel Tower in the background and the beautiful shimmering lights of the city, I knelt down in front of the love of my life with a beautiful round cut diamond halo engagement ring with a platinum band and asked her to marry me!

I was ecstatic that everything had panned out as beautiful and special as I had hoped it would be and I am eternally grateful to the wonderful team of Fascinating Diamonds for the help and assistance they provided me with.

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