Reliving Old Love

Nicholas and Emily

“Aged love is like aged wine; it becomes more satisfying,refreshing, valuable, appreciated, and much more intoxicating.”

Emily and I have been married for almost 30 years for now,but our marriage had drifted apart since few months, so we decided to liveseparately to give ourselves some time. I still loved her and I know that shedid too; though we lived apart we never got a divorce. I couldn’t take thatfinal step and after five years of solitude, all my reason for staying awayfrom her had dissolved when we crossed each other while taking a stroll inCentral Park.

It was a fine day and all we did was talk and spend hoursrekindling the love and life we had together and when we weren’t. Stilleverything about her was new, exhilarating and magnified ten times and finallywhen it was time to leave her, I just couldn’t do it.

At that moment I realizedall I wanted to do was to spend the rest of my life with her and even though wewere already married, I wanted to marry her again and renew our vows. For thisnew beginning I decided to get her the perfect ring and with immense help fromFascinating Diamonds, I got her a vintage engagement ring as precious as myEmily.

A week passed by and on our next meet, I took her out for a picnicto our regular spot Central Park and in middle of the conversations, I lockedher hands with mine and asked her to marry me again swearing not letting her goever till the rest of my life. With a chocked voice and tear eyed she softlyreplied Yes!!

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A Winter Romance

Selena and Andre

I’vealways loved winters, especially coming from a tropical region; I have alwaysimagined snowfall to be something magical and ethereal. But I never had achance to experience it for real as me and my fiancé Andre have always beenbusy to take a leisure trip to the snow-clad places. We had been in a relationshipfor two years when he finally proposed and that had been the most memorable instancein my life.

One causal evening, I came back home after a tiring day at work to find him all dressed-up for a night out. He informed me that we were going out somewhere, but he won’t tell me where. “It’s a surprise”, he said and surprised I was!

As I got out of the car, I realized it was his friend’s apartment we were headed to. Puzzled and turned to ask but instead he came around, covered my eyes and led me in. He asked me to wait and keep my eyes shut. I did have a slight hint as to where this was going, but when finally was allowed to open my eyes I never could have imagined the spectacle that lay in front of me.

The walls of the studio apartment were an array of videos of snow falling on snow clad grounds while the floor was adorned with a thick white fur rug. To complete it all, there was flurry of white confetti floating like snowfall around and the whole room was lit up by what seemed like a million fairy lights.

Andre was on his knee and in his hand he held a pristine oval shaped halo engagement ring as beautiful and immaculate as a snowflake. “Sorry babe” he said, “this will have to do for a romantic winter night but our honeymoon will have real snowfall, I promise you.” A sob escaped me “No, this is perfect”, I said and it was

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A Coastal Proposal

George and Kirstin

I was in my last year of architecture school when I met Kirstin; one weekend I was invited out by my classmates and when I got to the location I realized that it was a party for all the new students to meet the others. That’s when I saw her, it was her beautiful bright red hair that stood out among the entire crowd and captivated me. She had just moved into town to start her semester, we spoke almost the entire night and that was two years ago.

When I decided to propose to Kirstin, I knew I already had an idea of how I wanted to do it. I wanted to involve my best friend and very talented photographer, James to capture those beautiful memories as it happened. I had asked Kirstin to accompany me home this year for thanksgiving and to my luck she agreed. At the photo shoot we were having on the beach the day after thanksgiving, we held each other close and took some gorgeous pictures.

When James told us to take a stroll down the beach, I had butterflies in my stomach as ‘stroll’ was the code word for its time! We held hands and joked around as we walked down the beach and that was when I stopped and told Kirstin that she was the love of my life and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

I will never forget the look on her face when I slipped on a ruby and diamond engagement ring that I got for her, it was surprise, shock, happiness, and joy all emotions together. I would like to thank the co-operative and helpful staff of fascinating diamonds that helped me pick out the perfect ring for her.

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Clicked and Captured!!

Harry and Erin

My Fiancé Harry and I met few years back on a photo shoot and hit it off instantaneously, that was when he asked me out on a date. It was once of those days when he informed me that there was a commercial shoot, the following day. I reached early that morning, so as to pep myself up before the shoot.

I entered the studio and was awe-struck as the set was all decked up with candles, balloons and flowers it was indeed a spectacular view! Sometime later I met harry and he gave me a beautiful gown designed by his friend and asked me to wear it. I felt pretty confident in the dress as it fit me perfectly it seemed as if it was designed exclusively for me. Gearing myself up I stepped outside the dressing room towards the set and couldn’t stop wondering how beautiful everything was, as if it was a dream and I was following a FAIRYTALE.

The shoot started and after we had got ample of pictures, Harry asked me to stand still, he came near me and bent down on one knee and proposed with this stunning heart shaped diamond engagement ring with red rubies on the sides. Everything was so quick that it took me some time to sink in the events….

In that very moment I screamed “yes”. I felt like a princess and I hugged Harry, it was pleasant surprise and for that I would like to thank you guys to have helped him pick my engagement ring.

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